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Chapter Twenty Two )

AN: And there ends this most recent book of the Of Flesh universe! : ) For a while there I wondered if I would every finish it when it started creeping from something fun and playful into something much more serious. I am working on changing Of Flesh over to an original character fiction with all original characters. I have someone who will work with me to publish it as an ebook so there are a lot of prospects there for that. I'll probably be spending most of the summer working on that, but no worries! This universe is far from done! Let me know what you guys think!
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Chapter Nineteen

Over the years Heechul had experienced quite a few different forms that the inner subconscious of a person could take, but none of them were quite as fascinating as the mind he was in now. Before him stretched a massive garden, that seemed to go for as long as he could see. As with all subconscious planes, he couldn’t exactly wander out of it or find the end of it. It would seem to magically wind back and double on itself. Scattered through the garden, were flowers in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the smallest daisy to the tall arching patch of sunflowers. Here and there bushes were scattered as well as a few trees, but none as massive as the large oak tree that stood in the middle of the garden. Out in the real world he had never seen a tree grow as massive as this one, and he could hazard a guess that would be where the memories Onew didn’t even realize he held were. If he was to find the knowledge he was looking for, that would be it.

Carefully he brushed his fingers against the soft petals of a crimson rose. Immediately he was greeted with the image of a kiss in his mind and the feeling of passion powerful but fleeting. As soon as he pulled his fingers away the memory faded. The next was full of childlike laughter and joy. The larger the plant, he discovered as he pressed his fingers to the leaf of a shrub, the more complex and lengthy the memory.

Once he was certain he understood how to access the memories, he kept his hands to himself. No need to stir up memories if he didn’t have to, especially when the witch was asleep and he might be affecting his dreams with them. Instead he carefully skirted around the fauna in order to keep his distance from the memories.

He was halfway to the large tree when he found something invisible that halted his progress immediately as he ran right into it. Stepping back and rubbing his nose, he glared at the space before him. Onew’s mind had in no way been blocked from him before, and this didn’t feel like the doing of Hankyung. If the witch had purposefully put something into place to thwart him, then he likely would have made it electrocute him or something to that effect just out of a vindictive spirit.

Extending a hand, he pressed it against the barrier. It shimmered a rainbow of colors that seemed to be encasing the entire center of the garden in a dome but did not budge. With both hands pressed against it he could tell that it didn’t originate from within Onew’s mind but from somewhere else. It wasn’t until he glanced up that he fully understood exactly what he was up against. Standing within the dome, with his hand pressed against the ancient tree and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, was Minho.

“Drop it,” Heechul snarled, not pleased that his own vampire was working against him.

“No,” Minho said simply, tilting his head towards the tree as if listening. “You have no need to be here and will do more harm than good.”

“Let me in,” Heechul intoned, dropping his voice to threatening levels.

“No,” the form of Minho repeated. “He is ours to protect.”

Snarling, Heechul pushed against the barrier. He could break it if he tried hard enough but he wasn’t certain how much of the barrier was Minho and how much was Onew on his own. If it was only Minho that was protecting his mind, then it would be relatively simple to shatter the barrier without any negative effects. If even a part of it was from Onew, however, then it could very easily damage the witch’s mind so much that he might not be able to get anything from it.

“As your Master I command you to let me in,” he growled, barely managing to contain his irritation.

Inclining his head in consideration, Minho paused for a minute before shaking it as a negative. “I don’t have to listen to you,” he said consideringly, “not like this. You have no power here.”

AN: So.... looking back I realize it has been almost two months since I have updated this. I'm so sorry guys! Then when I finally do update I give you two super short chapters. ^^;;; The good news is that the next two are longer and they are already written! This thing is nearly done. Only 22 chapters. Stick with me! The next one should be up Saturday or Sunday (or tomorrow if you all spoil me with comments. Yes I'm able to be bribed like that).
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Chapter Eighteen

“Zhou mi, you really don’t have to help,” Leeteuk told him as he carefully coiled a strand of tinsel for storage.

“I want to,” Zhou mi replied, wrapping another fragile ornament from the tree in tissue paper.

He was offered a grateful smile. “It is probably good you are. Last year they tried to use the wreath as a frisby. It didn’t entirely survive the process.”

Zhou mi tried to keep his grin to himself. That would certainly explain why, instead of using the help of all of the many hands of the pack, Leeteuk had ordered them out of the house until he was finished. “I imagine it wouldn’t.”

“Unfortunately, for all the things we are, gentle is not one of them,” Leeteuk admitted.

“I don’t know about that,” Zhou mi challenged. On more than one occasion he had witnessed the Alpha, with all of his strength, displaying a very carefully chosen tenderness.

“Kangin is the exception,” Leeteuk told him, as if he had read his mind, “and that is only with great effort that he manages to pull that off. Our strength comes natural to use and the more dominate we are the more we are driven to show off that strength.”

That was something that Zhou mi was all too familiar with and he nodded as he continued to carefully remove ornaments from the tree and wrap them up. The past few days he had been spending more and more time with the pack. In the absence of his mother, Leeteuk had taken on a pseudo-parenting role, one for which Zhou mi was grateful. At times he felt ashamed that he still felt the need for a parent since he was nearly grown, but he missed the steady reassurance of having someone there. “Thank you,” Zhou mi said softly.

“For what?” Leeteuk questioned, rolling another strand of garland.

“For being there, for understanding,” Zhou mi shrugged, not certain how to voice what it was he was feeling.

“Oh, Zhou mi,” the older werewolf offered him a tender smile. “That is what a pack is for. If we can’t do that for you, then who possibly could?”
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Sixteen )

AN: Since 15 was so short, I decided to post two lol. I know I have also been slacking on my nightly writing but I have had some seriously tiring days. I'm hoping to pick that back up tonight and crank out another drabble before bed. Hope you are enjoying this journey!
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Of Seasons and Spots
Fourteen: Lights

“What are you brooding about?” Leeteuk asked as he moved about the kitchen putting dishes back in their proper places.

“What do you think?” Kyuhyun growled, flipping over the paper he had been writing on and continued to do so.

“You can’t exactly blame him,” Leeteuk paused as he shoved a stack of plates into the cupboard. “You did, after all, kill his father.”

“I was protecting him,” Kyuhyun snarled. “You would have done the same.”

Leeteuk fixed him with the practiced stare of dominance before he had a moment to think about it. For a long moment their eyes locked and with a grumble Kyuhyun looked away. It wasn’t lost on either of them that he only did so because he didn’t wish to push the issue any farther than that, not because he felt a true need to do so.

“I would have if it were Kangin in his place, but that doesn’t change the fact you killed his father,” Leeteuk told him gently, turning back to the sink. “No matter what your intent was, it is still someone important to him, but more than that Kyuhyun, Zhou mi very likely understands exactly why you did what you did and probably hates the fact that even he can’t blame you for it.”

“Then why is he acting like this?” Kyuhyun asked miserably.

“That isn’t the right question,” Kangin told him as he moved into the kitchen, causing Kyuhyun to leap from his chair and spin in surprise. That he had so easily slipped up behind the other werewolf without notice, spoke volumes as to just how distracted Kyuhyun was. “The right question is ‘What can I do to apologize and make things better.’ To which the answer is, a lot of groveling and begging.”

Grinning, the Alpha slipped an arm around Leeteuk’s waist and kissed him on his cheek. With a smile lighting his eyes, Leeteuk elbowed him in the ribs. “Zhou mi isn’t a woman to be groveled before. Kyuhyun, you simply need to do what you think you need to in order to smooth over the issue you have caused.”

“Thanks for nothing,” Kyuhyun mumbled in a tone that wouldn’t have been heard if not for the presence of supernatural ears.

“Instead of sitting there and brooding, why don’t you come and help with the dishes,” Leeteuk told him gesturing to the pile of dirty dishes waiting for the space to be washed. It wasn’t an order exactly, but Kyuhyun took it as one, standing and deftly catching the towel Kangin tossed to him. If nothing else perhaps the task would keep him from stewing over the same thing over and over again.


A day spent shopping with Ryeowook hadn’t been horrible, but it hadn’t been exactly the healing balm for his trouble that he had hoped it would be. The young man and himself were good enough friends, but as the day progressed, Zhou mi found himself longing for the presence of his mate. That longing only caused him further irritation because he didn’t particularly want much to do with the werewolf at the moment, much to his Beast’s displeasure.

By the time darkness had fallen and Ryeowook had dropped him off in front of his own home, he was both anxious and dreading seeing his mate. Perhaps it made him a coward, but he found that he wasn’t yet ready to face the fact that Kyuhyun had done nothing wrong by the laws that governed werewolves. Even his own Beast had tried to convince him throughout the day that Kyuhyun was within his right and only protecting them.

On the front step he nearly turned and walked away, to where he didn’t know. Anywhere would be better than inside the house where he would have to face both memories and his mate, neither of which he wanted at the moment. Running, as pleasing as it sounded, was not an option. Not only would Kyuhyun tear the area apart looking for him, but the rest of the pack would help as well, and he didn’t want to face them either.

Silently he shifted his bags to one arm and slipped the key into the lock. It gave easily beneath the press of his fingers and he swung the door open, stepping into his house and kicking it closed behind him. The interior was lit in a soft glow as he bent to untie his shoes and place them in the proper place. When Zhou mi straightened again and reached for his packages he froze.

The soft glow that he had mistaken for a lamp or candle light, was in fact produced by thousands of tiny twinkling lights strung throughout the house. Somehow they had been strung so as to not look like the strands they were but more like distant random pinpricks of light, mini stars just for his eyes. He took it all in with his mouth open as he just stood there and stared at them.

“I remember you saying that you liked the lights,” Kyuhyun spoke softly from the living room.

Vaguely Zhou mi remembers telling him of times when he was younger, with his father and mother, of hours spent walking and enjoying the twinkling Christmas lights. They were times that hadn't happened in years, and wouldn’t, he realized suddenly, ever happen again. Before he could stop it a broken sob was escaping his lips as the loss hit him anew and his eyes sought out his mate on reflex.

Kyuhyun stood there looking incredibly guilty and uncertain of what he should do. “Kui Xian,” Zhou mi murmured and had barely lifted a hand towards him before Kyuhyun was there and gathering him into his arms.

“I’m so sorry. So so sorry,” the older wolf muttered as he lifted Kyuhyun off his feet and carried him into the living room. “I was only trying to do something nice for you, and I’ve upset you again.”

With his face buried in Kyuhyun’s chest, he couldn’t see the man’s face, but he could hear the distress there. His mate was as apologetic as Zhou mi was hurt, and holding it against him, he realized at last, would only hurt both of them more. Reaching inside himself he found their bond, and was surprised to find his end of it as tightly closed as he had been able to make it. Gingerly, he grasped it and slid it open letting his mate have access to himself once again. A choked off noise was the only response he got from his mate, but he could feel the pure relief and love flow down the bond to them.

“I’m sorry, too,” Zhou mi told him softly. Kyuhyun’s arms tightened around him as the werewolf arranged them both on the couch. He couldn’t tell his mate that he forgave him yet, but that would come with time, they both knew.

Kyuhyun said nothing, simply moved his hands over the fabric covering Zhou mi’s body and pulled them off. The other man let him until they were curled together skin against skin with the werewolf’s hands drifting over his body in a comforting caress. Zhou mi never had imagined he would be able to lay against his mate without clothing and not feel arousal, but he didn’t feel any now. Kyuhyun’s touch wasn’t sexual in nature, but soothing. This touch, just as intimate as when they had sex, was more comforting than he would have thought possible. Slowly, he relaxed into his mate’s body and allowed himself to express his sorrow. It wasn’t the first time Kyuhyun’s skin became wet with his tears and likely wouldn’t be the last.

Later, when his tears had dried, and his fingers played over Kyuhyun’s skin returning the comfort he had taken, he found it in him to smile softly. “Thanks Kui Xian,” he murmured. “I really do like the lights.”

“Any time,” was the deep rumbled response of a man calmed to near sleep. With a sigh that was somewhere in the ballpark of contentment, Zhou mi closed his eyes and let his mind drift off to the feeling of fingertips moving against his skin and the deep love he could feel within.

AN: Look another chapter so soon! Yay!! But I discovered that since I refuse to waste my money that I don't have on a paid lj account I had to delete over half my icons. That makes me sad even if I only use some of them every once in a while. lol
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Of Seasons and Spots
Thirteen: Tidings

“What is that?” Minho asked as he set his lips against Jinki’s neck and pressed a kiss there before nipping at his skin.

“A card, I think,” the witch told him, turning the stuffed envelope in his hands. It had been dropped off by Jessica in the early hours of the morning when she had arrived with a load of stuff for Key. Despite the events that had occurred to him less than twenty four hours ago, Key was too stubborn to let that dissuade him when Jonghyun invited him to live with him. Jessica, who had been awake for reasons that she wouldn’t discuss, had been agreeable when Key had texted her to bring over some of his things that he would need right away. Shortly after she had arrived, everyone else had cleared the room leaving Minho and Jinki alone again.

“I’m not so far from humanity that I don’t know what a card looks like,” the vampire told him with a chuckle.

Jinki elbowed him gently at the teasing and slid open the flap of the envelope. From within it, he pulled out a card with a pastel depiction of a forest covered in snow across the front of it. Inside was the elegant scroll that he recognized as his mother’s. “Jinki,” he began reading despite the fact that Minho could probably see the separate fibers of the paper let alone the actual words. “I hope that this card finds you well and taken care of. My Coven was worried for you as we had seen a lot of darkness surrounding your current present, but we also notice some bright spots of light. We are uncertain what meaning the reading has for the future as we have never seen this particular combination before, but we hope that you are well.

I met a man a few months ago and we are taking things slow, but it appears as though something may come of it. Sometime, if you are feeling up to it, I would like to you meet him. I think you would like him, and he would like to meet you, too. Bring Key with you when you visit.

I miss you both. Love, your mother. P.S. I feel as though something huge has happened to you recently. I hope it was good!”

“You haven’t told your mother?” Minho asked him softly as he silently scanned over her words again.

“No,” Jinki replied. “I couldn’t figure out how to tell my friends let alone my mother.”

“That you are with a man?” Minho quipped.

“If only it were that easy. Somehow, I don’t think they will quite understand the bloodier part of our relationship.”

Minho grunted his agreement, and slipped chilled fingers beneath the hem of Jinki’s shirt. His fangs slid into the witch’s skin, barely noticeable flashes of pain amongst the curl of desire. ‘Don’t take too long to tell her, love,’ Minho spoke into his mind, the words carrying with them a wealth of emotion. ‘You now number your days in centuries, but she still does in years.’

“I know,” Jinki agreed. With a sigh he closed his eyes and relaxed back against the vampire that was taking shallow, lazy sips of blood from his neck. “If I went to visit, would you come with me?”

‘Of course,’ Minho agreed instantly and Jinki could feel the faint echoes of happiness that the question produced. ‘You are mine, and I yours. I will go anywhere you would like.’

“Thank you,” Jinki whispered, enjoying the roaming hands that slid low on his stomach and teased with the promise of going lower.

‘Come to bed with me,’ Minho urged.

It wasn’t until he heard those words that Jinki realized just how tired he was. As arousing as it was to have the vampire’s teeth in his neck and hands moving over his skin, he felt drained from everything that had happened that night. He doubted very much that he would be awake for more than a few moments after his body hit the mattress. Still, it sounded like an incredibly pleasant idea. “I’d love to.”

A quick swipe of Minho’s tongue closed the bite marks on his neck, before he scooped Jinki into his arms. It was a testament to how tired Jinki really was, since he didn’t protest the motion. Carefully the vampire carried him to their bed and laid him there, taking the card from his hand to place it upon the side table.

AN: I know it has been ages since I have updated and I feel really bad about it. I don't enjoy writing any less than I always have it has just been a few crazy months. I'm hoping to jump back into this now and get rolling again because I miss sharing my stories and I miss hearing from my readers!
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Twelve - Sled )

AN: There you all have it! Three chapters and I'm still behind... *head desk* For those of you that may have forgotten, or simply never read the first time around, Heechul was doing a Sharing with Hankyung. It is a process where the vampire shows whomever they are connected with their memories. They can't control the exact memory but they can direct the process. For example Heechul wanted to show Hankyung memories of Zico and that is what it brought up.
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Nine - Gifts )

AN: Well that didn't go the way I intended... Thanks muses! I'm going to try to get more of these done today... I'm so behind. T.T
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Bells )

AN: Well that had nothing to do with the word that was supposed to be the prompt... ^^;;;
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Evergreen )

AN: The words that are the title are supposed to be the guiding prompts but I seem to be having an increasingly hard time using them to guide the story. The muses want to do their own thing. No one is complaining yet though! lolol
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Of Seasons and Spots
Five )
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Of Seasons and Spots
Four )

AN: I am so behind... I'm going to try and write lots to get caught up to where I am supposed to be.
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Of Seasons and Spots
Icicles )

AN: And this is where everyone needs to have read the previous stories to really get the exchange. I guess you could go with it, and I'm willing to answer any questions you have if you are not sure what is going on, but really it is better, I think, if you just read the previous two! How this went from just fun holiday times to something serious... I have no idea...

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