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Twelve - Sled )

AN: There you all have it! Three chapters and I'm still behind... *head desk* For those of you that may have forgotten, or simply never read the first time around, Heechul was doing a Sharing with Hankyung. It is a process where the vampire shows whomever they are connected with their memories. They can't control the exact memory but they can direct the process. For example Heechul wanted to show Hankyung memories of Zico and that is what it brought up.
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Of Seasons and Spots
Four )

AN: I am so behind... I'm going to try and write lots to get caught up to where I am supposed to be.
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Of Seasons and Spots
Two: Mistletoe )

AN: I don't know where my muses are going with this.... lololol
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AN: 25 of you (last I check) voted and your voice has been heard. The majority of you chose my Of Flesh, Fur, and Fang universe so here we go! I promised to write in the universe but I never promised who! Enjoy this little bit of fun that will last for the next 24 or so days!

[If you have not read the beginning of this you can find it here. For now you are alright to not have read it if you want to dive in, but you will get more out of it if you read that first.]

Of Seasons and Spots
Together )

AN: So there you have it! For my old readers, this begins a few months after Of Blood and Brooms, and we will be seeing some old friends and adventures from that. For any new readers welcome! This looks like it could be a trip. I swear I intended to do some silly little drabbles for 25 days and then the muses said "PLOT" so here we are... Comments are love?

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