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Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:57 pm
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Ok gang here's the deal. I'm sure a few of you have heard about the whole facebook thing by now. I was out for a couple of days so I'm just hearing about it now. Since it hasn't gone away, I have decided to address the issue.

I don't like it and think it is an aweful idea, because of this I have to please ask you as readers to do a couple of things for me. Please never ever use the little facebook twitter repost chioce in your comment if it is a friend locked entry of mine. I'm not real clear on the details of how much will be reposted, but clearly if things are friend locked I want them that way, including the comments (yes even the ones you make to me). I don't typically lock very many entries so this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Also if it is a regular non story post, please ask before you cross post a comment. Most I won't care about, but since I do sometimes share a bit about my personal life with you, I would rather that not be plastered anywhere but here (yes I understand it is the internet and all that jazz). Finally if you would like to cross post comments on my fiction, knock yourself out, just make sure that proper credit is given for any quoting or anything. If you are lost on what I am saying you can go here and read what has been done to see for yourself, and of course lodge a complaint.

Ok moving on...

Sorry to all of my faithful readers that I have posted nothing on the fiction front for what is two weeks now I believe. I meant to have some time before college started back up to really get some writing done, but then my migraines started flaring up and I got sick and super busy. So I have nothing for you and I do not want to make any promises as to when I will again. All I will tell you is soon (I have three pages of the next chapter written...). No matter what happens, I do not plan to abandon my story/universes and will get to them as time provides. Thank you so much for being patient and it makes me very glad to know that I haven't had problems like some authors who get readers who message them with demands for the next chapters (not that I would mind messages, but demands would be ignored, lol).

And this weekend looks like it is going to be just me and my apartment and my screwy internet so everybody keep your fingers crossed!
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So I just finished an evil evil term paper for my American Literature class. I've been working on it and more homework for college then I can possibly count in the last few weeks. Good news is that in roughly 4 weeks I will be on break where I plan to vegetate and well do nothing (except for what I want to do).

Needless to say I haven't gotten any one my stories done...U.U;; Thankfully thus far the only one who seems to be interested in my writing is my little sister and she can just wait patiently.

I have to write a piece for my creative writing class that is between 1000-1500 words. Short and sweet and shouldn't be a problem. However there is a large problem.... I have nothing to write about!!! Every time I start to sit and think of something Zephyr one of my Elemental Kids pops up and demands to be written. Of course then I have to explain to him, in detail, how that simply will not work. For starters I'm positive his little piece will turn out much larger then that. The other issue is that I am pretty sure my nice little college would have a problem with his uh sexual tendencies. He of course sees no problem with his life revolving around sexing up a certain male vampire, but somehow I am sure my professor would... he and the group of peers I have to read it to.

The only other idea I had pop into my brain was a first person piece from the eyes of a lunch tray.... I think I am major trouble here...

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