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AN: So after taking a long hot shower (that does wonders for stuffed sinuses) I remembered that I had this on here ready to go. I know I'm way behind (I blame my family who is all congregating for the holidays) but I will write every one of these! I am so determined to do this! I have two more done that I need to edit still and will post tomorrow and hopefully I can finish some more after that. Thanks for sticking with me those of you who have!
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So I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] saanrio and have decided to work on the periodically when the mood strikes me. So to that end this post will be updated with them whenever I get the chance to do so. Enjoy!

Step 1: Write down the names of 10 characters.

Step 2: Write a fic of [at least] twenty five words for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. DO NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

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The Cape Of Storms
For [livejournal.com profile] saanrio

The sound of shattering glass welcomed him home, a noise which he was wholly responsible for as he lifted the picture from the wall and cast it violently to the floor. It had been a framed photo of his brother and his group displaying an award proudly, something he had aspired to do with his own group. That aspiration was gone now, forever lost to him.

He had never thought to even plan for what would happen if he ever heard the words he had just minutes before but all he wanted to do was break something, anything in an expression of his irrational anger. He would be thankful later that their awards were kept at their practice room where all of them could enjoy them, but at the moment he would have liked nothing better than to smash them as well.

The door opened behind him and another young man walked into his small apartment. He wasn’t irrationally angry, but there was a deep sorrow clinging to him. “Kibum,” he murmured as he stepped further into the place, took in the broken glass and the man panting above it.

For a moment his anger was directed at the other man, the other former member of their group. It was unfair and that injustice fueled his anger. Why did this man get a swan song, a last performance with the members they all loved when all he received was ‘termination effective immediately’? What had that man done to deserve it that he hadn’t? After all he had been acting as a pseudo leader and protecting all of them for so long. How was there any justice in that?

Then, just as it always did, his anger was pushed aside by the very compassion that had caused him to take on the role as leader in the first place. “Alexander,” he said softly, stepping carefully over the glass and pulling the young man into his arms. Alexander sagged against his body, taking comfort from his strength.

They didn’t need to speak; they understood each other perfectly in this moment. They felt the same sense of loss, same sense of hurt, same sense of desperation. As such, it was hardly surprising when Alexander’s head tipped up and their lips met in a wet kiss.

Something that they had discovered one night overseas after too much of the foreign version of Soju kindled back to life in him, fanned into flames by a sense of desperate loss. There kisses were desperate, their hands scrambling for something to hold onto when everything seemed to be slipping away. They had never been on his bed before, not like this but they sank there together anyway, both searching for something that perhaps they could not find, and secure in the fact that in their loss at least they had each other.

Song Drabble Masterlist

AN: If you like fanficiton (which clearly you do if you are here) jump on over to [livejournal.com profile] kpop_olymfics to read all the wonderful options and cast your vote on each and every fic with more being added! Then if you are in the mood for something longer you can skip on over to [livejournal.com profile] shineebigbang and look at all of the wonderful SHINee fics then vote on your favorite (voting is open to Sunday). I have works in both of the communities so please go read all of the authors hard work and vote!
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AN: So I decided to archive the comment drabbles that I have been writing here. If you have no idea what I am referring to, you can jump over to this post to find out all about it and request your own. Or you can just read these below. Check back for more as more people request (I will add their stories here).


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First Kisses

“What are you doing?” Kibum asked him in only slightly accented English as he loomed over head.

“Practicing our dance,” Alexander answered in the same language, as his feet and arms continuing to move despite the face he was sprawled on his back on Kibum’s bedroom floor.

Kibum’s nose wrinkled as it always did when he was trying to figure out the proper phrasing of what he wanted to say in English. For a moment Alexander thought to take pity on him and switch to Korean, but it had been Kibum’s request that they practice English together in the first place that had got the man into the situation. Instead he continued to move his arms in the patterns for their latest song, careful not to bang his elbows against the floor.

“Why?” Kibum said finally, clearly not what he had originally wanted but close enough.

“I need to practice our choreography but I’m too tired to stand,” Alexander replied.

“You look like you are swim,” Kibum told him.

“Swimming,” Alexander corrected. “I look like I am swimming,” then he grinned, “No I don’t this would be swimming.” He started to flail his arms and legs on purpose using both to scoot himself across the floor while laughing in a way that would have made Kevin proud.

“You look silly,” Kibum managed, smiling as he said it.

Alexander figured that he was probably correct since he could feel that one of his pant legs was bunched up to his knee, the other down where it was supposed to be, his shirt was mostly gathered up under his armpits where his travels across the floor had shoved it, and he was pretty certain that one of his socks was only half on his foot. All in all Kibum was correct, so he stuck his tongue out as the man and wildly swung a leg out towards him.

It probably wasn’t his brightest move of the night, since his leg catching Kibum’s sent the other man sprawling on top of him with a grunt. He didn’t care what people though, it never felt good when someone’s elbow landed on his abdomen, and he wiggled in an effort to rearrange it. “You’re heavy,” he whined.

Kibum watched him for a moment, clearly not caring in the least that his elbow was probably ruining Alexander’s spleen before he narrowed his eyes and murmured, “약올리고 약올려 날 자꾸.”

Alexander’s face morphed to an expression of confusion as Kibum spoke one of the lines from their most recent song. “내가 그렇게-렇게 만만하니,” Alexander countered, singing the first line and then grinning. “Now say it in English,” he challenged.

Kibum looked at him for a long moment and then, before Alexander could really realize what happened, he leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth. Alexander barely had time to process what had happened before Kibum had broken the kiss. “You keep teasing me,” he said in English, his lips still close enough that they brushed Alexander’s with every carefully pronounced syllable.

“Am I that easy?” Alexander returned, translating the line he had spoken, still not certain what was happening.

“Yes,” Kibum purred, and kissed him again.

AN: Not a pairing I would typically write but still fun... No idea where this came from either. lol. Request your own kiss drabble here.

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