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I realized, this morning after talking with someone, that I don't really have a welcome or introduction post where people can comment and ask to friend me or just talk to me in general. So I am now creating one... Kind of... lol.

Hello to all of my readers and visitors. Here you will find the archives of my writings, both fanfiction and a few original pieces. I love all of my comments and don't mind any bit of constructive criticism if you don't like or don't understand something. Please feel free to speak your mind as long as you are respectful of the fact that I have my own opinions and ideas as well. Anything that I post on here that you can read I fully expect people to comment on so if you can read it then don't worry about feeling bad about commenting on it!

You can find my masterlist of fiction here. Feel free to browse and explore, read and comment until your heart is content.

I'm also on Twitter with mostly nonsensical things.... feel free to follow me!

I post fanfiction news and snippets, along with a lot of randomness on my Tumblr. Jump over there if you would like to keep up to date on that and feel free to follow!

I also hang on on AIM most days and I'm more then willing to chat with anyone who wants to drop me a line at just about anything. I'm karinachildoG@aol.com if you would like to message me.

I'm not certain what else to say in this, lol. If you have any comments, questions, or strange noises to make feel free to shoot me a comment or a message. I'm friendly and I don't bite, most days. ^_^

Feel free to comment here with any
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My totally awesome cousin created a T-shirt for the lovely people at Eat Your Kimchi (if you don't know what that is then educate yourself!) She has posted this shirt on Threadless, but the problem is that unless she gets some votes it won't be made. Here is where you come in! (and don't worry there will be bribery).

What you need to do:

Hope onto Threadless (this pretty shirt here) to vote. The important part is to also click the box that says notify me if this becomes a tee. (This doesn't sign you up for anything, just shows your interest. Once that is clicked then along the right (for those of you who are new) is the 1 through 5 voting bar. You may vote for the shirt (even though I want to tell you to push 5). If you are not a member of threadless you will need to create an account first but it is free and painless.

Now here is where the bribery comes in. As one of my readers or people that are seeing this. You may leave a request for a drabble or one-shot here. Every time the rating of the shirt jumps up by .4 I will write another request [it is currently at 1.90]. If the shirt gets printed I will write every request I have here. That means that not only will the few of you that see this need to vote, but you may need to spread the word and encourage others to vote as well.

So here is what I need for your request:

Fandom/Original: Any is acceptable
Characters/Pairing: Any is acceptable
Preferred rating/Max rating: Please include both pieces.
Guiding word: Can be anything and may end up involved in the title
Universe: any of my universe are free game as well as anything you want to think up, including real world.
Prompt: any ideas you have would be helpful for me. The more detailed you are the more you will get exactly what you want...
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Because I am bored out of my little mind (is it possible to go crazy from listening to classical music being played in a resturaunt?) I'm going to take some drabble requests. This, unfortunately, is also code for my muses will not work on what I tell them too and I have newly naughty muses who are joining the fray... So here is what I need from you.

Morning Word: (could be something that you do, something that happens in the morning, ect.)
Group: (Choose from Super Junior, SS501, SHINee, Big Bang, DBSK (all 5 thank you very much), and Infinite (yes I write them now /dies))
Max Rating:
Universe: (Either one of my existing ones, real world, or something you would like to see)
Prompt: (a brief idea that I may or may not actually incorporate, depending on the muses...)

There you go. Go! Request! in the mean time I'm going to play games on facebook and try to drown out the bad classical with the kpop in my head...

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