Dec. 26th, 2010 11:00 pm
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I am currently not a very happy author... I skipped over to Super Legacy this evening to check and see if they had any more subbed goodies and discovered that they had moved their required post count to access said subbed goodies from 30 to 100... Since I am not an avid forum goer (I find it ridiculous to muse about what I would do if locked in a closet with Leeteuk for a hour or whether I would stick my tongue down Donghae's throat or try to molest him on first contact, on a forum, I do that very well on my own thank you (and the real answer that I have is that if I was in a closet with Leeteuk for an hour he would be under strict orders to nap while I kept everyone out and if I ever got to meet Donghae I would do neither. I would likely shaake his hand, tell him I respect him and am praying for him and let him know that if he has time I would love to have a conversation because there is a laundry list of questions that I have)) I simply pop into those things for the downloads... I am not pleased.

Yes I understand that they may have had a problem with people stealing their links and posting them else where. Will this stop them? No.

Yes I understand they only want people who are active in their forum to be able to download their subs. Isn't that what making me reply on every single download thread in order to download it is about... I mean I am forced to thank you (not that I wouldn't anyway) and that doesn't even count towards my total post count...

Now I could spend 4 - 5 hours (it takes me that long to simply pick what dumb thing I'm going to respond to!) responding to threads on "how nice Sungmin's ass looks in those pants" or I could put those 4 - 5 hours to good use but actually doing something productive, like writing the next universe.

But no. If I want my nice subbed goodies so I can really really understand why the hell Eunhyuk just fell on the ground holding his side in laughter while I take my break from the daily grind. I have to go through torture that makes me gouge my eyes out or pay money on stuff that is supposed to be NON-PROFIT.

Just one more reason why I am getting closer and closer to starting my own team. Just need some reliable bilingual people to join the crew I already have and be our translators.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programing...
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My college had a brilliant idea to reformat the way they do housing. I live in an apartment style dorm on campus. This means that I get my own kitchen living room and there are two bedrooms in our room. It used to be that you would fill out a form online with who you wanted to live with and where, then they would take things into account like year, leadship positions, credit count, ect.

Now they have sign up sheets for tonight only. There is a sign up table out in the lobby where you can sign up for the room. The catch is that you have to have four people to sign up for one of the apartments. If you don't you can't sign up on the sheet. According to the people present at the table, if you sign your name on the sheet it is your room.

Basically my roommate and I are going to be 5th year seniors. All of our friends are either graduating or getting brilliant and living off campus, so it is just her and I. The two of us are not able to sign the sheet. This means that her and I, who have probably enough credits between the two of us for four junior level students, might lose our room because we were not able to find two other people to room with us. I might lose my room to a freshmen. Thank you college community for all of your wonderful benefits. It is so good to know that I have been paying you all this money and you are doing your best to do things the just and right way...

Sorry about the random rant guys... I am not pleased....

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