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In Math Class )

AN: ... That was a request fic and that is the only reason you will ever read something like that from me... Anyway, moving on! For all of you SHINee lovers have you checked out [livejournal.com profile] shineebigbang yet? There are a ton of fics posted over there all over 10K in length. All the authors worked really hard to write them and get them finished on time so please take some time to go read them! Then you can vote on your favorite one! Also there is [livejournal.com profile] kpop_olymfics where you can read and rate every single piece of fiction. So if you have some time head over to one or both and enjoy!
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Dance with Me )

AN: Um so I have no idea where this came from? My mom was listening to random 80's love songs and I just got the image of Key loving them... Then downhill it went. I swear sometime in the very near future I will update the things I need to... well after I write them of course... ^^; *is fail*

One Step

Nov. 26th, 2010 08:16 pm
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One Step )

AN: Look at me go! lol. And please don't get me started about what I think is really going on. Or you can if you want, but I might sound kinda crazy or something. Now off to obtain some tea for my throat!

For a While

Oct. 8th, 2010 08:08 pm
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For a While )

AN: For anyone who has read this far and might be confused, this piece was written based on the time in Donghae's life when he lost his father. Although I have never lost a parent, I have lost a good number of relatives and one more was added to the list very recently, that more then anything is why I have not been very active these past two weeks. This fic stems directly from that. The grammar and flow may seem off and choppy and it is on purpose that it was left that way. But don't worry, I am doing well and hope to have time to devote to my writing this weekend. ^_^
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Author’s Note: This was loosely based on the show Firefly. A Cycle refers to a length of time equivalent to a month and a Period refers to a length of time equivalent to a week.

Finding Nothing )

Masterlist - Chronological Story List or Written Order Story List

AN2: So this was my entry for the colorstained fic contest, which I won third place with. I could not wait to post it for you guys! This is a universe that I created because I was a bit bored one day (I really need to find something better to do then create universe). I am going to try a 500 fic challenge and I thought it would be fun to have a whole universe to write 500 fics of any length from, so I created this. I plan to write in it as whim strikes and kinda bounce around all over the place time wise revealing different things. So anyone that wants more there will be more. ^_^
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The Sleeping... Beauty? )

AN: I have no other explanation then this just popped in my head and I went with it... Hope you liked it...

Request post here
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The Look )

Always Keep the Faith )

The War )

AN: Here's a bit about these three pieces. I recently participated in the kpop_olymfics challenge. I was part of team cannon and proud of it. We took dead last in the competition but we fought with all we had. It is difficult to win when approximately half of the team drops or simply disappears. As it was we took two zeros because we didn't have fics to go with those prompts since we had no idea where the writers went. After that the rest of us started grabbing whatever we could just to avoid zeros which left some of us writing for groups we weren't particularly skilled at with only a day or so to produce something. I am very proud of my team and we didn't loose by that much. I ended up writing three pieces for the competition and I decided to share them with you here as well. They are all just as they were for the competition as I decided to forgo editing them from what I turned in before posting them here. I have to say it was quite the adventure for my first time participation in any challenge of any sort.
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For [livejournal.com profile] hoshi14

Bubbly Kisses

The first time they went to Japan they were young, crazy, and just a bit stupid. When that was added with all levels of home sickness and a few too many cocktails, the resulting games were questionable to say the least. Every questionable game resulted in an equally questionable penalty for one or more members.

There were, of course, the punishments of having to eat whatever the members decided to throw in the blender, or rather drink since it had a tendency to turn into disgustingly colored ooze. Then there were the penalties that resulted in the loss of a members clothing, often times all of it. There were pain penalties, torture penalties, embarrassing moment penalties, and generally anything else that they could think of at the time. One of the most dangerous penalties had been the kissing penalty.

If they were asked, no one would be able to remember what game they were playing exactly, although Yoochun would swear up and down it involved rhythm and the mixing of drinks, but the end result they would all remember. The losers of the first and only round of this particular game were Yunho and Jaejoong, much to their dismay.

They laughed as they looked at each other and then their members who had taken up to chanting the word “kiss” in as many languages as they knew it. Jaejoong looked indecisive so Yunho, never one to back down, leaned in and pressed his lips to Jaejoong’s.

Jaejoong giggled as he pulled away and Yunho was confused as to why a tiny kiss like that would produce that noise from the other man. He didn’t have to wait long before Jaejoong boldly said, “Your kiss is bubbly.” Yunho looked confused but had nothing to say to that and by the time he had figured out something to say, the group had moved on to a different game that didn’t involve any sort of kissing.

The second time they were in Japan was also the second time they kissed. This time there was no alcohol in their systems, just them. Jaejoong was in the kitchen preparing dinner, when Yunho walked in and wrapped his arms around the other man’s waist. Jaejoong had always allowed the contact and even welcomed it as long as it never interfered with his cooking, those that did tended to get a firm smack with whatever utensil was at hand.

Yunho observed the batch of something that Jaejoong was mixing - he had no idea what it was and had learned long ago not to ask – and, on impulse, he gave the other man a light kiss on the cheek. Jaejoong said nothing in response as he finished his mixing and pulled out of Yunho’s arms to move further down the table. Only when he was spooning the mix into various containers did he smile and say, “Your kisses are still bubbly.” Yunho laughed at that and tried to swipe some of the mix with a finger.

The third time they were in Japan was the third time they kissed. It wasn’t until halfway through a series of playful kisses in Yunho’s room one night that they realized there must be something strange in the water here. Jaejoong had only laughed and once more murmured, “Your kisses are still bubbly,” before proving that he didn’t really mind that at all.

The rest of the times they had been to Japan blurred all into one, yet no matter how short of a stay it was, it had become something of a tradition to share their kisses and so many had occurred that they hadn’t been able to keep track of them.

Then the lawsuit happened and the kisses came to an abrupt stop. Now it seemed that instead of the five of them it was the three of them and the two of them. None of them would have said it was going to be easy, they knew it wouldn’t be, but it was alright because as Jaejoong figured, it was much more important than bubbly kisses anyway.

The night of one of the performances at the end of the year, was the worst for Jaejoong. He saw how haggard Yunho and Changmin looked on stage, how their whole bodies carried weariness. Jaejoong had never thought he would wish that they could go back to the time when they were barely know and struggling just to be seen, but now he thought he might. At least that way they would all be together.

“Jaejoong,” Yoochun said gently that night after they returned to their hotel rooms. “Yunho slipped something in your bag. I wanted to make sure you knew.”

Jaejoong nodded, and picked up the bag. Quickly he riffled through it, trying to find what it was that Yunho had put there. When he found the items he curled his hand protectively around them and immediately excused himself from the room. Yoochun gave him a few moments to himself out on the balcony before opened the door and joined him.

“Jae?” he asked, his experience telling him that Jaejoong was happy yet not at the same time. Wordlessly Jaejoong opened his hand to display what Yunho had place in his bag. There in his palm was a small bottle of bubbles and a Hershey's kiss.

“His kisses are always bubbly.”

AN: So I wasn't really sure where to go with this and then I was driving home and this popped in my head and I ran with it. It's been so long since I have done anything DBSK focused I don't even know if I got their characters completely right....
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AN: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] yunsias for the Secret Santa event. She said I could share it with you all. Enjoy! ^_^

Lost and Found )

AN: I am very happy with the way this came out. When I got what my secret santa wanted I was sure that it could be epic and that I could never write it the way it should be. So my little sister and I sat down and started writing down ideas. This is sort of a mash up between all the cop shows I have ever seen. A little 'Black and White' with some 'Bones' and a touch of 'NCIS' rolled up in a lot of other odds and ends. I may find myself continuing this little piece when From the Soul to the Song is put to rest and a few other odds and ends are finished, but I make no promises. Let me know what you think!
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Thank You for Waking Me Up

Waking Up )

AN: I am so unbelievably excited that I get to update my masterlist with a SS501 category! There is a lack of fiction for them and that makes me sad. I'm still relatively new to the fandom but I'm learning quickly I hope. This little bit was inspired by a re-watching of the first episode of Thank You for Waking Me Up in which the baby was clearly against waking up Jungmin. Let me know what you thought! -cries- I just discovered I don't have a SS501 icon! I must fix!
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Well I can't believe that I jumped on the fandom bandwagon and actually wrote something about the groups I am totally addicted to. Oh well it was bound to happen. Thanks to Kibum and Donghae I am officially no longer a SuJu fanfiction virgin.... *grins* Heechul you are on my list.

(And apparently I need to load up some suju icons I have saved...)

Written for the smut meme. Found Here

Disclaimer: I don't own them... only the ideas... and extensive secret plans to capture all of them... and then proceed to keep them in my closet... but that is a secret...shhhhhhhh...

Warning: Uh well... written for a smut community so there is smut... over the phone... between boys (although you probably aready know that if you are here...) Oh yeah and not betaed sorry...

Rating: I'm a gonna go NC-17... What can I say Kibum is dirty... Apparently Heechul rubs off on him too...

Without further ado:

Long Distance

Long Distance )

A/N: That's all! The end! See the commentie button! Now you shall press that and leave me commenties! Do as you are told! Please? Oh lord I make a horrible seme... anyway I am off to write that ten page paper that is do tomorrow, that I haven't started... *dies*

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