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I realized, this morning after talking with someone, that I don't really have a welcome or introduction post where people can comment and ask to friend me or just talk to me in general. So I am now creating one... Kind of... lol.

Hello to all of my readers and visitors. Here you will find the archives of my writings, both fanfiction and a few original pieces. I love all of my comments and don't mind any bit of constructive criticism if you don't like or don't understand something. Please feel free to speak your mind as long as you are respectful of the fact that I have my own opinions and ideas as well. Anything that I post on here that you can read I fully expect people to comment on so if you can read it then don't worry about feeling bad about commenting on it!

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I'm not certain what else to say in this, lol. If you have any comments, questions, or strange noises to make feel free to shoot me a comment or a message. I'm friendly and I don't bite, most days. ^_^

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Beside You

Jul. 15th, 2011 04:19 pm
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Beside You
For [livejournal.com profile] lady_yang

He wasn’t certain what woke him from his sleep, but once he had opened his eyes, he noticed that something was off. The rest of the members were still caught in slumber, but the space where their leader usually rested was empty. Silently he rose and padded from the room through the darkness.

Sure enough, there in the living room standing in front of the large window overlooking a portion of the city, was Seungho. The man’s back was to him, but he could see tension in his bare shoulders and he could imagine well enough the emotions playing across the man’s face. Their first comeback stage was coming tomorrow and they needed all the rest they could get. He wasn’t incredibly surprised that Seungho wasn’t sleeping.

“Hey,” he said softly as he crossed the room to stand behind the young man. “You should be sleeping.”

“I can’t Seungho murmured. “I can’t stop thinking.”

“About what?” he prompted.

“About our group. About promotions. About the ‘what if’s? What if we don’t do well? What if our album doesn’t sell? What if I say something wrong or can’t do the job that we need to do?” he rattled off quickly.

“What if everything goes great?” he countered their leader. “What if things go so well we never saw it coming? What if you do everything perfectly and then some?”

The man turned, so they could look at each other through the darkness. “What if I fail the group?” he whispered softly. “What if I fail you?”

That brought a gentle smile to the man’s face and he moved forward wrapping the troubled Seungho in the gentle hold of his arms. “Then I will be there to help you make it alright,” he whispered.

There was a moment during which it seemed as though the leader might contradict him, pull away and argue against the point. Then, as if some of the worry had left him, his body relaxed, leaning into the hold, his arms rising to return it by fitting around his neck. “You will. I know you will. You’re always there when I need you.”

“You won’t fail,” he said with complete confidence.

Seungho, thankfully didn’t try to argue the point, he smiled softly, leaning forward and pressing their foreheads together. “Thank you, Byunghee” he breathed, “for being there when I need you.”

Smiling, said the only thing he could, “Always, Seungho. Always.”

Song Drabble Masterlist

AN: My first time attempting MBLAQ.... *hides*

Also if you like fanficiton (which clearly you do if you are here) jump on over to [livejournal.com profile] kpop_olymfics to read all the wonderful options and cast your vote on each and every fic with more being added! Then if you are in the mood for something longer you can skip on over to [livejournal.com profile] shineebigbang and look at all of the wonderful SHINee fics then vote on your favorite (voting is open to Sunday). I have works in both of the communities so please go read all of the authors hard work and vote!

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