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I realized, this morning after talking with someone, that I don't really have a welcome or introduction post where people can comment and ask to friend me or just talk to me in general. So I am now creating one... Kind of... lol.

Hello to all of my readers and visitors. Here you will find the archives of my writings, both fanfiction and a few original pieces. I love all of my comments and don't mind any bit of constructive criticism if you don't like or don't understand something. Please feel free to speak your mind as long as you are respectful of the fact that I have my own opinions and ideas as well. Anything that I post on here that you can read I fully expect people to comment on so if you can read it then don't worry about feeling bad about commenting on it!

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I'm not certain what else to say in this, lol. If you have any comments, questions, or strange noises to make feel free to shoot me a comment or a message. I'm friendly and I don't bite, most days. ^_^

Feel free to comment here with any
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Reminder Kisses )

AN: The muses grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. I totally love/hate my Leeteuk and Kangin muse all at the same time. lol. I cannot wait until this graduation thing is over so that I can relax and have a good chunk of freetime. Does anyone know what it feels like to have a day where you don't have to do anything? I don't! lol
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Make Up Kisses
For [livejournal.com profile] jhana555

Make Up Kisses )

AN: This little thing just came to me one night, including the idea of having it from a cats point of view. I think I rather enjoy this and although the pairing was something different for me, it was fun to write. So I'm not dead guys. lol. Busy but not dead. I have a graduation ceremony in the beginning of May, then I should have some more time to write.
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AN: Takes place after the events of Dragon Prince. It is not necessary to read that story to enjoy this drabble but things would certainly make more sense.

Sneaky Kisses
For [livejournal.com profile] renichifreak

It wasn’t cheating, he decided, to use the magic that was at his disposal to dodge his insistent guard. Even if he was technically borrowing his mate’s magic to cloak himself with the shimmering water technique that Youngsaeng had showed him a few years ago, it was still enough his for him to not feel too bad about it. Besides, the meeting that he was avoiding was a silly one, something about harvests and what not.

It wasn’t as though he didn’t find that important, he did, he simply didn’t know the first thing about it. Jungmin and Hyungjoon would be miffed at him for leaving them to deal with the Agricultural Masters by themselves but they would eventually get over it, not to mention that they would do a much better job than he ever could.

The King stifled a laugh as the guards ran through the courtyard frantically searching for him. He would let them know, in an hour or two, that he wasn’t kidnapped or anything. Until then he felt it was healthy for them to be just a touch frantic, it kept them on their toes after all.

Stealthily he crept from what was the public portion of the large castle to his own private quarters. Upon turning the corner into his garden, he saw his daughter Haneul, seated on the back of what she had deemed as her dragon. The little white dragon was no larger than a dog but seemed happy to carry the child wherever they went. The King might have worried more if the dragon had been able to fly, but Youngsaeng assured him that it would be a few years before Leeteuk’s wings were strong enough to do more than flap playfully.

Beside the dragon and it’s rider walked Yunho, captain of his personal guard, with a frown fixed on his face. “Where is the King? Leeteuk, you should be able to find him,” Yunho instructed softly.

The young dragon chirped softly and swung his head to look directly at where the King was standing. He had been afraid that the little one could see through the magic he was using and he made a gesture to the dragon. There was a moment where he wondered if he was going to be found out, then the dragon laid down where he stood with a soft noise.

On his back Haneul frowned, “It is not naptime,” she scolded her best friend. At six years of age she was talking up a storm recently, something that always warmed his heart to hear.

If Leeteuk answered her, he did so in her mind alone because she simply smiled and shrugged up at Yunho. “Leeteuk is sleepy, but he is sure that daddy is fine. Maybe he will show up in a few hours,” she offered as she climbed from the dragon and laid down on the warm stones beside him.

Yunho released a frustrated sigh and scanned the garden. “Well when your daddy shows up, I might have to give him a spanking,” he grumbled, to which Haneul giggled. “I have to go look for your daddy, I’ll send Uncle Yoochun along to look after you in a moment. Don’t move from this spot until he gets here.” Yunho ordered. He didn’t wait for an answer before he strode out of the garden at a brisk walk.

The little girl and her dragon exchanged a look, then at the same time they rose to their feet and took exactly ten steps to the right. Once again the settled onto the warm stones of the pathway and then dissolved into giggles. The King supposed that he was lucky that neither one felt the need to get up to more mischievous behavior.

Quietly he crept forward, until he was crouching in front of them, leaving the spell surrounding himself active. “Haneul,” he whispered, “where is your papa?”

Haneul didn’t seem surprised to hear his voice even though she couldn’t see him, and he figured that Leeteuk had very likely told her he was there. “Leeteuk says he is sunning on his rock up top,” she told him.

“Thanks baby. Be good for your Uncles alright,” he told her.

Her smile was lined with unspoken trouble, “I’m always good daddy.”

He reached out and ruffled her hair affectionately, “I know you are.” Then he rose and moved away from them, leaving the little girl leaning against the side of her dragon.

Youngsaeng would be up on the top of the highest tower if what Haneul had told him was true. The tower was made primarily from dark stone, and on days like this one when the sun was out and high in the sky, it would become a warm surface that the dragons loved to relax on, although the larger ones could hardly fit. When he reached the base of the tower, he thought about calling Youngsaeng to get him, but that would defeat the entire purpose since Youngsaeng was likely hiding here himself.

Instead he began to climb the many stairs on the inside of the tower. Every once in a while a door would appear beside the stairs and was an entrance to a room that could hold any number of things. By the time he reached the top of the tower, he had to pause for a moment to slow his breathing. Youngsaeng would probably hear his approach anyway, but there was no sense in giving the dragon an unfair advantage.

When he was breathing normally, he eased open the door leading onto the roof of the tower. It swung open silently and he was thankful that the caretakers of this castle did such an excellent job with it. Youngsaeng was immediately visible on the roof, stretched out in a straight line from nose to tail tip. His wings where spread lazily open so that the warm sun could soak into the black surface. Dragons weren’t cold blooded like their lizard cousins and Youngsaeng could even control his own body temperature through his magic, but the King had yet to meet a dragon who didn’t like to lay in the sun like a giant lazy cat.

As quietly as he could, he crept to the side of his mate. A single touch would be all that it would take to alert Youngsaeng to his presence and he debated on just where to touch the dragon. Eventually he settled on the soft skin where the dragon’s wing joined the rest of his body. It was the only space that he had been able to find that wasn’t covered in the protective scales that served as armor for the dragon and it seemed to be one of his most sensitive areas.

With a wicked smile on his face, he reached out and stroked his fingers over the area. The reaction was an immediate purr and the dragon’s wings shuddered. Encouraged he repeated the action and wasn’t surprised in the slightest when he felt a tug on the back of his clothing. Youngsaeng was easily strong enough to lift him any number of ways and he did so now by simply holding the King’s clothing between his sharp teeth.

Gently he was set down in front of the dragon and Youngsaeng offered him a lazy look. ‘Only a crazy man tries to arouse a dragon,’ he purred.

“Or a man who loves the wings on his dragon mate,” the King returned.

A pleased rumble flowed through the dragon, ‘Your disguise needs some work, my love.’

The King grinned and let the illusion hiding him fall away. “It fooled my guards, but clearly not our children.”

‘Good,’ Youngsaeng’s voice in his mind carried a hint of pride, ‘I would hope they could see through something as simple as that.’

Humming in agreement, the King stepped forward and ran his fingers over the smooth scales along Youngsaeng’s large head. “Yes,” he agreed and then kissed the end of the dragons muzzle softly. “Now are you going to change for me, or are we finally going to figure out how to make love like this?”

Youngsaeng chuckled warmly. ‘No matter how much you want me in this form, my love, that would never work.’ Before he had even spoken, Youngsaeng’s shape was already shifting and shrinking, scales giving away to soft human skin.

It only took a moment or two before Youngsaeng was standing before the King in his nude human form. “Better?” he asked, offering his mate a grin.

“A bit,” the King returned stepping forward and wrapping an arm around Youngsaeng’s waist to tug him close. “I am rather fond of your wings though.”

“I know,” Youngsaeng grinned running his hands down the King’s back. “Someday I’ll leave them out for you while we make love. You would love that wouldn’t you?”

The King’s eyes were sparkling with mischief. “I love every part of you equally.”

“I’m sure you do,” Youngsaeng agreed leaning forward and pecking his mate lightly on the lips.

“You can do better than that,” the King challenged, dropping his other hand to Youngsaeng’s ass and squeezing lightly.

“So I can,” the dragon agree, as he leaned back in. He kissed his mate, long and deep, forcing his tongue past willing lips and rocking his hips into the King’s equally eager ones. “Hyunjoong,” he murmured against his mate’s lips.

“They are looking for me,” the man told him. “It won’t take them long to come looking here, where you normally are.”

“Well then let’s make it difficult for them shall we?” Youngsaeng said with a grin. He lifted a hand and held it out towards the door the King had entered through as he kissed the man again. When they broke apart this time, the King looked towards the doorway and saw it sealed closed with ice so thick he couldn’t see through it.

“That should hold them for a while,” he said with mirth in his voice.

“Mm,” Hyunjoong agreed. “Now if only you could make us a nice bed.”

“I’ll work on that,” Youngsaeng replied with false sincerity as he pulled the King down onto the warm stone.

“You do that,” Hyunjoong ordered, then lost himself in the kiss of his mate.

AN: What do I do when gas prices are shooting through the roof, teachers pay (my pay in the future) is getting hacked to bits, and I'm in a grumpy mood? I write fluffy request fics that is what.
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Breathless Kisses

For [livejournal.com profile] snoorella

They will kiss first thing in the morning if they happen to be in bed together. It doesn’t happen often, since more times than not Zhou mi is doing his own thing, Kyuhyun is doing his and if they are resting at the same time, let alone in the same country, then they call it a great feat just to wish each other good morning through the phone. The best times are when Super Junior M promotions are in full swing and they are hopping from Chinese city to city like crazy men, but at least at the beginning of the day they can wake up in one bed together in a hotel room, smile at each other, and then kiss.

Often, even when near each other, they can’t wake up together so they settle for their morning bathroom kiss. It’s the kiss when Kyuhyun has just gotten out of the shower and Zhou mi is getting in. When they pass each other in the tight confines of the bathroom and Zhou mi’s hand always slides to Kyuhyun’s still damp waist as he pulls him close and kisses him deeply. The Chinese man always manages to get a handful of Kyuhyun’s ass, usually beneath the towel, before they are through and Kyuhyun is certain to get in a grope of his own, since fair is fair after all.

They don’t always ride in the same vehicle to whatever the schedule for the day is, but if they do, they kiss there too, or at least Zhou mi calls it a kiss. Their fingers will tangle together on the seat between them, and it is just as intimate or – if Kyuhyun’s thumb happens to do the slow unconscious rub against the back of Zhou mi’s hand – even more so then a kiss, so it counts too. Kyuhyun disagrees, but then again he calls Zhou mi a hopeless romantic and he is right.

Kissing during hair and makeup is not only dangerous, it is also rather impractical. They tried it once, when every kiss was still new and Kyuhyun was pretty sure he would have tried to maul Zhou mi on stage if he had though he could get away with it. All they had done was spread lip gloss everywhere, which they had to take more time to wash off and then come up with something to tell their stylists when they needed more, because the truth just wouldn’t cut it – Kyuhyun was not going to ever explain to anyone that they would find some of the gloss from his lips somewhere beneath the fabric below Zhou mi’s belt.

Once had been more than enough for them to decide that that had been a bad idea, but it had never stopped them from trying for a kiss when they were on camera. Zhou mi secretly thought there must be a competition going on that he didn’t know about, because every time Kyuhyun leaned close and whispered in his ear – which counted as a kiss as far as they were both concerned due to the amount of tingles it sent down his spine – he would then look over and grin at Eunhyuk. After which Eunhyuk would drink from his water bottle and pass it to Donghae who would drink after him – a kiss in its own right – and then grin right back at Kyuhyun.

Really, if Kyuhyun was honest with himself, most days he would love to grab Zhou mi and kiss him hot and long right there on stage in front of all the fans and all the cameras. He’s certain that half of the fans would die from heart attacks and the other half would die from horror, because although they mostly like to pretend it would be nice if their favorite idols were gay, they would be appalled to find out that they were. So he doesn’t, because as hard as it is, he likes his job and Zhou mi likes his too.

The only exception, which isn’t really an exception since there are no cameras and they are hidden back stage, is at their concerts. It’s when their blood is high on adrenaline and depending on how the night is going, Zhou mi will sometimes get a look in his eyes that Kyuhyun would love to kill him for because it takes so long for them to sneak off for just a kiss. Kyuhyun makes sure that he gets a nice handful of one of his favorite parts of Zhou mi in retaliation, and then they break off, returning to the stage.

It’s nothing like the fanfictions he has read in the past. There is hardly enough time for them to change outfits most of the time, and the moments where they have more moments, they are spent catching their breath and reviewing what is next, not sneaking off to a room somewhere backstage for a quick bang.

Yet by far, Kyuhyun’s favorite kisses are when they return home for the night from whatever promotions they have been doing for the day. Zhou mi will always tug him into the nearest closet, or bathroom if that isn’t available, anywhere for them to have privacy, and kiss him until he is breathless and panting. A minute or two is all it takes, and then they will separate, going to wash up and get into bed.

The last kiss of the day always happens when they have fallen into bed. If they aren’t together, then they kiss through the phone, usually through text message, although it is never something obvious, but they both know and that is all that matters. If they do happen to be together, then they will share soft kiss, slower and slower, until they are just too tired to move anymore. Kyuhyun fell asleep kissing Zhou mi’s lips once, and woke up kissing his elbow and he is fairly certain it was one of the best times of his life.

Only very rarely, when they are willing to chance total exhaustion, do they kiss with their entire bodies. Then Zhou mi’s limbs will slid with Kyuhyun’s until they have no idea whose is whose anymore and everything becomes one long kiss that is more a sharing of air then kissing.

They know that one day their kisses will probably end or at least change, they aren’t naive enough to imagine this is forever. Possibly someday they will both be sharing kisses all day with a pretty woman that they have fallen in love with. Maybe Zhou mi will kiss his daughter good night, and Kyuhyun will kiss his son good morning. Someday, perhaps, their kisses will be nothing more than a memory, but they both think that they might be alright with that.

It isn’t as though the kisses don’t have meaning to them now, they do. Each kiss speaks of friendship, companionship, and maybe more. Possibly more importantly then that, if their kisses mean nothing else to anyone in the future, at least here and now they are something that is theirs and theirs alone. Something that makes Kyuhyun open his eyes in the morning so he can teasingly arch into Zhou mi’s touch and mouth in the bathroom after his shower. Something that makes Zhou mi want to go on stage, just so he can see that look in Kyuhyun eyes and know that the other man wants what he does almost as much if not more.

Somewhere, in their heart of hearts, both men know that one day they will look back on these days full of their kisses and if nothing else will remember one thing, when everything else in their lives was forcing them to breathe in any number of things, Zhou mi and Kyuhyun could always leave each other irrevocably breathless.

AN: Not exactly what I had in mind at first but it works... I think... lol. Hope you liked it dear! Request your own kiss drabble here.
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First Kisses

“What are you doing?” Kibum asked him in only slightly accented English as he loomed over head.

“Practicing our dance,” Alexander answered in the same language, as his feet and arms continuing to move despite the face he was sprawled on his back on Kibum’s bedroom floor.

Kibum’s nose wrinkled as it always did when he was trying to figure out the proper phrasing of what he wanted to say in English. For a moment Alexander thought to take pity on him and switch to Korean, but it had been Kibum’s request that they practice English together in the first place that had got the man into the situation. Instead he continued to move his arms in the patterns for their latest song, careful not to bang his elbows against the floor.

“Why?” Kibum said finally, clearly not what he had originally wanted but close enough.

“I need to practice our choreography but I’m too tired to stand,” Alexander replied.

“You look like you are swim,” Kibum told him.

“Swimming,” Alexander corrected. “I look like I am swimming,” then he grinned, “No I don’t this would be swimming.” He started to flail his arms and legs on purpose using both to scoot himself across the floor while laughing in a way that would have made Kevin proud.

“You look silly,” Kibum managed, smiling as he said it.

Alexander figured that he was probably correct since he could feel that one of his pant legs was bunched up to his knee, the other down where it was supposed to be, his shirt was mostly gathered up under his armpits where his travels across the floor had shoved it, and he was pretty certain that one of his socks was only half on his foot. All in all Kibum was correct, so he stuck his tongue out as the man and wildly swung a leg out towards him.

It probably wasn’t his brightest move of the night, since his leg catching Kibum’s sent the other man sprawling on top of him with a grunt. He didn’t care what people though, it never felt good when someone’s elbow landed on his abdomen, and he wiggled in an effort to rearrange it. “You’re heavy,” he whined.

Kibum watched him for a moment, clearly not caring in the least that his elbow was probably ruining Alexander’s spleen before he narrowed his eyes and murmured, “약올리고 약올려 날 자꾸.”

Alexander’s face morphed to an expression of confusion as Kibum spoke one of the lines from their most recent song. “내가 그렇게-렇게 만만하니,” Alexander countered, singing the first line and then grinning. “Now say it in English,” he challenged.

Kibum looked at him for a long moment and then, before Alexander could really realize what happened, he leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth. Alexander barely had time to process what had happened before Kibum had broken the kiss. “You keep teasing me,” he said in English, his lips still close enough that they brushed Alexander’s with every carefully pronounced syllable.

“Am I that easy?” Alexander returned, translating the line he had spoken, still not certain what was happening.

“Yes,” Kibum purred, and kissed him again.

AN: Not a pairing I would typically write but still fun... No idea where this came from either. lol. Request your own kiss drabble here.
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For [livejournal.com profile] real_veta

Trying On Kisses

“This is probably one of the dumbest things we have ever done,” Siwon hissed as quietly as he could.

Donghae muffled a giggle with his hand, “Possibly.” They were sharing a small dressing room inside a clothing store, in a rather large shopping district in Korea.

“What would ever have possessed us to think that coming out and shopping in the middle of the day would be a good idea?” Siwon lamented.

“Creativity and possibly Heechul,” Donghae replied.

“I heard that!” Heechul’s sharp whisper came from the stall beside them.

There was a muffled noise as Hankyung’s voice whispered hurriedly. “Will all of you shut up!”

Donghae stepped closer to Siwon so that he could whisper quietly in his ear. “Do they expect the fangirls to just forget we took refuge in here?”

Siwon smiled and wrapped an arm around Donghae’s waist. It was the easiest way to help the other man to balance so that they could talk as quietly as they could. “With Heechul being noisy and crammed in a room with Hankyung, there is not a chance.”

“You’re right,” Donghae agreed. “When they leave the fans are going to be examining them for love marks or something.”

“If you are talking about me over there you had better stop,” came Heechul’s whispered threat.

“Do you think he has us bugged,” Siwon whispered as quietly as he could to Donghae.

Donghae laughed lightly. “Naw he’s just an alien. He can read our minds.”

Siwon blinked. “I wouldn’t put it past him.”

They fell silent for a moment before Donghae sighed and shifted against him. “Do you think they are still out there?” he asked, darting a glance to the door.

“I don’t know,” Siwon answered, straining to hear any sort of sound.

“Hold on let me check,” Donghae declared. Siwon tightened his hold on the other man to prevent any unnecessary sacrifices but it turned out to be unnecessary.

“Hey Heechul, get your hand out of Hankyung’s pants! That is gross!” Donghae yelled. There was an answering sound of shrill screams and the pair winced. “Yep they are still there.”

“Lee Donghae,” Heechul’s angry whisper flowed through the wall. “When we get home you are so dead. Kiss your manhood goodbye.”

“Geez Heechul isn’t Hankyung enough for you. Leave me out of it,” Donghae said loudly enough for everyone outside to hear. There was another set of screams.

“Shut him up!” Heechul hissed.

Siwon, frantically pressed a hand over Donghae’s mouth. “You are going to get us killed,” he whispered. Donghae simply blinked at him as if he was entirely innocent.

They stayed like that for a minute, then suddenly Siwon felt something warm and wet run across his palm. “Donghae!” he whispered, jerking away his violated hand. “That is completely-” his tirade was cut off as Donghae leaned in and pressed their mouths together.

When he pulled back he was grinning at Siwon’s completely puzzled look. “You were getting to loud,” Donghae whispered innocently.

“Oh for the, Donghae quit molesting my church boy,” Heechul hissed. Siwon’s eyes widened.

“He is an alien,” Donghae whispered completely convinced then he leaned in. “What do you say we leave the alien here to fend for himself?”

“Don’t you dare, Donghae,” Heechul answered.

Siwon smiled and nodded. Donghae stepped back and took Siwon’s hand. He held up his free hand and began putting down fingers as a countdown. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Go.

They burst out of the small room and straight into a group of gathered girls that instantly began screaming. Donghae pushed fearlessly through pulling Siwon behind him. “Heechul and Hankyung are in the one on the left!” Donghae yelled just as they broke through the crowd.

“Lee Donghae, you are so dead!” they heard Heechul scream as they tore out of the store at a dead run on their way to Siwon’s car.

AN: So that is the last one of the kissing drabbles. I hope everyone has enjoyed these things. Look for another drabble request post in the future. ^_^
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For [livejournal.com profile] takchik

Betting on Kisses

It was a bit strange, Henry had to admit, to countdown to the new year not on the actual eve before the clock rolled over but on the actual first day of the year. He had been assured that it wasn’t some strange Korean custom that he hadn’t known about, it was simply driven by the fact that they rarely ever were all together for that countdown. Instead they welcomed in the New Year together the next available time. This year it happened to be noon on the first day of the year.

“Happy New Year!” rang the chorus of voices. There was the clink of glasses before everyone took a sip of what was inside each one, which happened to be a variety of things from a variety of alcohol levels. Henry had stuck with Eunhyuk on this one and went with the sparkling cider. He was sipping it quietly when Hankyung spoke and nearly made him choke on it with his words.

“So I think it is time for our tradition. You all know. The one where the maknae has to kiss someone to welcome in the New Year,” Hankyung said casually.

“And I’m not the maknae anymore,” Kyuhyun said with a smirk. Several eyes glanced towards Henry and he froze.

There had to be something he didn’t understand, after all his Korean was still a bit choppy. A confused look towards Zhou mi, produced a translation in Mandarin that confirmed that he had indeed been hearing correctly.

”It is tradition,” Zhou mi told him in Mandarin.

Henry didn’t understand all the traditions that came with being in a group, not yet at least but he didn’t want to ruin any of them by his refusal to participate. “Alright,” he answered.

Hankyung nodded, “This year it is Yesung’s or Heechul’s turn to receive the kiss.”

Henry’s gaze flicked back and forth between the two men. Yesung looked bored. Heechul looked predatory. Henry had watched Heechul kiss at least three men on stage and he wasn’t certain that he really wanted to kiss a man with that much experience, not that he really knew if Yesung had experience or not. “What kind of kiss?” he said hesitantly.

“A proper one,” Heechul told him with a smirk. ”On the lips.” Henry noted that the last three words were spoken in English so there was no way that he could have misunderstood that.

“Ok,” he agreed, it was time to suck it up and just do it. “I’ll kiss Yesung” He crossed the room to the man who was sitting comfortably on the couch and leaned down. Henry didn’t give himself a chance to chicken out; instead he pressed his lips to Yesung’s quickly and decisively. There was a moment of silence before the room erupted into noise.

“Who had Yesung on that one?” Donghae called.

Heechul smirked. “I did.”

“Why would you bet against yourself,” Eunhyuk asked miserably.

Heechul shrugged. “I knew I could get him to not want to kiss me.” Yesung looked smug.

Henry blinked. His Korean wasn’t that horrible and he was pretty certain that the act of Donghae walking around collecting money meant that there had been a wager on who he would pick. He was willing to even go so far as to wager money that the whole thing about it being a tradition had been made up as well.

“Ryeowook, who did you pick?” Donghae asked as he reached the man.

“Myself,” Ryeowook replied, smiling and taking a sip of his wine.

“You weren’t even in the running, you can’t do that. Not to mention you lost anyway,” Donghae protested.

From his pocket Ryeowook produced a sheet of paper that he unfolded and laid on the table. Henry edged closer so that he could read it. At the top it said, ‘Person that received Henry’s first kiss:’. Beneath that member had listed their name and who they had picked, everyone one either said Heechul or Yesung. At the very bottom of the list was Ryeowook’s name and his own name again beside that.

“Ok so I guess there is nothing saying you can’t put your own name, but Yesung still won. Cough up the money,” Donghae said holding out his hand.

“No,” Henry said quietly. “Yesung didn’t get my first kiss. Ryeowook did.”

Everyone in the room froze and blinked in confusion. “His first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and well you all get the point,” Ryeowook said with a smirk on his face. The silence was broken as Heechul burst out laughing and immediately fished in his pocket for his wallet.

“I believe,” Ryeowook said, pausing to take a sip of his wine, “this means that I win and you all owe me ten dollars apiece.”

AN: So when I read your prompt I got really excited because I love writing them betting on each other and pulling practical jokes. I hope you like it. ^_^
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For [livejournal.com profile] solitaryanguish

The Why of Kisses

There are many reasons, Kangin decided one afternoon after having a bit too much time on his hands, that he loves to kiss Leeteuk. So many in fact, that he is not sure he would ever be able to list them all. Every time he tried there would inevitably be more and more added to the list.

One of the many reasons he enjoyed was because of the other man’s reaction. Leeteuk’s mood would determine the entire feeling of the kiss. If he was happy, Kangin would get to see dimples and hear that classic laugh. If he was sad or worried, there would be a quiet sigh followed by the relaxation of tension from the other man’s body. If he was playful there would be much teasing while Kangin fought for what he wanted.

When Leeteuk stormed into his small apartment that afternoon interrupting his thoughts, he was anything but happy, sad, worried, or playful. The other man was downright furious; to a point that Kangin wasn’t sure he had ever seen him reach before.

“What the fuck were you thinking!?” Leeteuk screamed the moment the door closed behind him.

“Teukie calm down I can explain,” he said quickly.

“You,” Leeteuk hissed angrily, “Don’t get a chance to explain. Not anymore. And I am done being calm! I was calm when they told me you got in a fight while intoxicated. I was calm when they told me you would be going to court for that. I was calm when I was told as a leader it was my duty to keep a better eye on you. I was even calm when I heard you now have a DUI. I was calm when I went with your manager to defend you to our company. I was calm when they slapped me with a fine for failing to keep you controlled. I was calm when they told me that they had decided to suspend you and await the legal trial. But now, now that I am here, I am done being calm.”

“Jungsoo,” Kangin said desperately as he rose to his feet. “I didn’t mean to I was just –“

“You were just what,” Leeteuk said bitterly throwing his hands in the air. “You were just upset over one violation so you decided to go out and drink your sorrows away. Did it even occur to you to call one of us?!”

“Yeah but I thought you all had schedules,” he said sheepishly.

“Then call Heechul!” Leeteuk practically screamed. “He knows like 8 billion people I’m sure he could find at least one free soul to pick your sorry ass up.”

“Jungsoo, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it Kangin. You could go to jail for this. The group needs you. Now we are going to have to redo all of our choreography, and change the lineups of several shows. I hate to put extra burden on Eunhyuk but I have to because I can’t be everywhere at once and I need someone to fill the spots. We needed you Kangin. I needed you.”

“Jungsoo, I –“ Kangin stepped forward and reached for the other man.

Leeteuk jerked his arm sharply out of the way. “No! You don’t get to touch me. You don’t get to pretend things are alright between us. I’m not finished being angry.” The older man’s body was shaking faintly and Kangin could tell how close to a mental break he was.

“Jungsoo,” he said softly stepping forward again. “I was stupid, and I’m sorry. I didn’t think at all. I was being stupid and selfish and I don’t even deserve you coming here to talk to me,” as he spoke he walked slowly forward and Leeteuk backed up step for step. When Leeteuk’s back hit the wall he met Kangin’s eyes and refused to look away.

“Thank you Jungsoo,” Kangin said gently as he closed in on the man. “Thank you for giving me what I don’t deserve and you must,” he swallowed back a lump in his throat, “you must be so disappointed in me. And that,” he couldn’t stop the tear the leaked from his eyes, “that is worse than any punishment that the court could give me, to know that you are disappointed in me.”

Leeteuk swallowed thickly, “Youngwoon, if we were anything other than who we are I would still, as your friend be pissed, but this means so much more because of who we are. I,” he fought his own tears as best he could but he was certain at least one escaped. “need you Youngwoon. I don’t like to admit it but you are my strength and I,” Leeteuk choked back a sob as Kangin instinctively pulled him into his arms.

The leader of Super Junior buried his face in the stronger man’s body and let his tears flow. “I am so tired all the time and I hurt all the time. I need you there. I need you to be with me because it is a little better when you are and now you can’t be.”

“You’ll manage Jungsoo. You always do,” Kangin said softly.

“Maybe I don’t want to manage,” Leeteuk said angrily as he pulled away so that they could look at each other. “Maybe I just want to be done with all of this. Maybe I just want to be finished with being a leader. Maybe I just want to be finished with this job.”

“You don’t mean that,” Kangin said softly, confidently.

“Maybe I do,” was the defiant reply.

“Well for tonight you can be done with all of that,” Kangin said as he leaned in.

“I am supposed to be angry and disappointed with you,” Leeteuk defended weakly.

“You can be that later,” he replied before he fit their lips together. At the first touch Leeteuk melted into his arms and his kiss, and all the reasons why Kangin loved kissing him came flooding back. Yet the reason that stood above everything else was the simple fact that the sobbing, quivering mass in his arms had kept them all together and had loved him when no one else would. Leeteuk had loved him enough to yell at him, to show him he was disappointed in him, to lower his guard enough to let Kangin see that he wasn’t a strong and solid leader all the time, to let him see that underneath it all he was simply a man.

Kangin gently lead Leeteuk to his bedroom and began to strip away the burdens and the pain, one piece at a time as if each was a simple layer of clothing. Each space that was made empty he filed with himself, giving Leeteuk all the strength and love he could, filling the man where he was empty. For those moments all of Leeteuk’s responsibilities fell away until he was simply a man, nothing more and nothing less. Then they made love.


Kangin gave Leeteuk’s slumbering form one last look before slipping from the room and grabbing his cell phone. It was a bit risky doing what he was planning to do. He knew any of the members would probably lay into him and give him a relatively good tongue lashing at the moment, but that was something he was willing to face.

He dialed the first number quickly and held the phone up to his ear before he could change his mind. It rang twice before, much to his surprise, it was answered.

“Yesung,” he said quickly before the other man could say a word. “I need to talk to you about taking care of Leeteuk in the next couple of months.” Kangin realized, as Yesung cut loose with his own brand of lashing, that he would be willing to withstand a thousand lashings from any of the members. Strangely enough the reason was the exact same one for why he liked kissing Leeteuk so much: unchangeable, unshakeable, unbreakable love.

AN: So I know you sort of wanted a kinda of event based chronological peice kinda like some of the earlier ones I did. However when I started thinking about your prompt this is what popped in my head and I couldn't not write it. I hope you like it anyway.
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AN: Set in the same universe as From the Soul to the Song which can be found here if you have not read. Reading it is not completely necessary to understanding this fic but it would help.

For [livejournal.com profile] redbird_13

Lazy Afternoon Kisses

Kibum was careful to make sure that Donghae was well involved and would remain so for the entire afternoon, before he made his way back to their shared room. The room had, at one time been Donghae’s, but since he and Eunhyuk had jointly agreed on a relationship, Donghae’s room had become a neutral meeting ground. When he opened the door, no one was inside. Kibum found himself instantly puzzled.

He was certain that Eunhyuk wasn’t training in the weapons house since Chanita had been on rampage that morning and everyone had left as soon as they could safely get away. He wasn’t in the workout room, either of their music rooms, or their dance practicing room. That left one place that he thought Eunhyuk could be.

Slowly he opened the door to Eunhyuk’s personal bedroom, a room he hadn’t used for a while. Sure enough Eunhyuk was inside. His room was designed much like the other rooms in the building, yet at some time the entire structure of the window had been changed. His window, instead of being a small one, was significantly larger. Instead of having a small sill at the end of it, it was actually built as a bump out of the room so that there was a large padded bench set into the wall in front of the glass panes.

It was on the bench that Eunhyuk sat, his back pressed against one of the walls and the window open to his side, sun streaming in on him. His leg closest to the open outdoors was bent and his toes were tapping out the beat of some music that only he could hear. His other leg hung free inside the room and swayed lazily. In his hands was a book that he was intently focused on.

Kibum smiled and moved to the bench. He sat on the small open space by Eunhyuk’s foot and pulled the man’s tapping appendage into his lap. If Eunhyuk was startled by his appearance, he didn’t show it. His toes continued to tap the air and his eyes still scanned the words on the page. Kibum smirked and set his thumbs on the arch of Eunhyuk’s foot where he began to press and move them small circles.

He continued the process, moving up and down the other man’s foot and watching Eunhyuk as he did so. He was fairly certain, after a few minutes, that Eunhyuk had read the same line several times only to move on and do the same with the next one. In fact it had been quite some time since he had seen a page turn.

“What are you reading?” Kibum asked softly.

Eunhyuk made a show of finishing his page and placing the book mark where he had been. He closed it and set it on the bench beside him. “I was trying to read a fantasy novel. Vidyagauri got it for me. She said there are a lot of writers here.”

“Really?” Kibum smirked. “Was it the kind of novel you like? The hot,” he punctuated the word by pressing on a particularly sensitive spot on Eunhyuk’s foot before continuing, “kind?”

“N-no,” Eunhyuk stuttered, blushing. Kibum was very pleased that without all the makeup they were used to wearing he could see the other man’s face color.

“To bad,” he set Eunhyuk’s foot down beside him and climbed to his knees so he could crawl forward. “I would have been willing to act them out with you.

Eunhyuk laughed slightly. “Where is Donghae?” He shuddered as one of Kibum’s hands landed on his bent knee and began sliding slowly down his leg.

“Busy. I made sure Kyuhyun would keep him busy all afternoon,” Kibum leaned in closer to Eunhyuk placing his other hand by the man’s hips so that he could support himself as he leaned forward.

“Why would you do that?” Eunhyuk asked, pretending that he was at a complete loss and couldn’t feel how dangerously close the hand on his leg was getting to him.

“Oh I don’t know why I would do something like that?” Kibum palmed him suddenly and squeezed, not enough to really threaten but more than enough to let Eunhyuk know his intent.

Eunhyuk let his body rock up into Kibum’s hand, all pretenses of being confused forgotten. “Just us then?”

“Just us,” Kibum agreed, leaning in to nibble at his neck. The other man groaned and tipped his head back offering more skin to Kibum’s exploring mouth. His hands moved to Kibum’s shoulders where they fisted in the fabric there. Despite the hold Eunhyuk couldn’t figure where exactly he wanted to try and direct the other man. Kibum smirked into his skin and painted a trail of kisses down his neck without direction. When he hit the line of the other man’s t-shirt he frowned.

“Kibum,” Eunhyuk half gasped as Kibum flexed his fingers in answer to another hip roll. “Please?”

“Please what?” Kibum asked, pulling away to smirk at Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk met his eyes with an intensity that most people wouldn’t know he possessed.

“You know what,” Eunhyuk growled.

“No I don’t think I do,” Kibum returned.

Eunhyuk practically snarled and shoved. Kibum let him press him backwards until he was leaning back against the other wall, his legs straightened in front of him. Eunhyuk immediately filled his lap and batted his hand away in favor of pressing their hips together. He rolled his hips into Kibum’s and the other man was reminded just how skilled at that motion Eunhyuk was.

Instead of answering immediately, Eunhyuk leaned down and pressed their lips together. Kibum allowed the initiation but he immediately took control and deepened the kiss to his satisfaction. His hands fell to Eunhyuk’s hips, encouraging the man to rock into him harder, and his hips lifted slightly to meet the rolls, although his position didn’t allow for more than a little shift.

Eunhyuk ripped his mouth away, panting a moment later and Kibum was amused. Who knew the little dancer had so much passion in him when he let it go? Then again, Kibum had seen Eunhyuk dance and his dances were always filled with passion so he supposed he should have expected this.

“I want,” Eunhyuk said his voice low and his eyes dark with lust. “You to show me just how much you really want me.”

“I won’t tell you I want you more than anything, because I don’t,” Kibum replied honestly.

Eunhyuk laughed then and stilled his hips so that he could press another kiss to his lips. This one was much slower and gentler then their first and they took their time exploring each other. “I know. There is a lot I want too, but right now, you are all I need.”

“That sounds like a sickeningly sweet drama line,” Kibum protested.

“If this was a drama I would be changing my mind and acting confused for at least ten more episodes,” Eunhyuk countered.

Kibum laughed then. “I guess I should do what I came here to do then.”

“And what is that?” Eunhyuk gave a lazy roll of his hips as if remind Kibum exactly what they should be doing.

“Care to find out?” Kibum replied, pulling his body closer. Eunhyuk leaned in and kissed him with enough passion to mirror the first kiss. That was answer enough.

AN So I was super thrilled that you wanted this set in my universe. That said I really did plan for this to be cute and fluffy and then it turned well... higher rated.... I don't know where it got away from me at. lol.
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For [livejournal.com profile] hoshi14

Bubbly Kisses

The first time they went to Japan they were young, crazy, and just a bit stupid. When that was added with all levels of home sickness and a few too many cocktails, the resulting games were questionable to say the least. Every questionable game resulted in an equally questionable penalty for one or more members.

There were, of course, the punishments of having to eat whatever the members decided to throw in the blender, or rather drink since it had a tendency to turn into disgustingly colored ooze. Then there were the penalties that resulted in the loss of a members clothing, often times all of it. There were pain penalties, torture penalties, embarrassing moment penalties, and generally anything else that they could think of at the time. One of the most dangerous penalties had been the kissing penalty.

If they were asked, no one would be able to remember what game they were playing exactly, although Yoochun would swear up and down it involved rhythm and the mixing of drinks, but the end result they would all remember. The losers of the first and only round of this particular game were Yunho and Jaejoong, much to their dismay.

They laughed as they looked at each other and then their members who had taken up to chanting the word “kiss” in as many languages as they knew it. Jaejoong looked indecisive so Yunho, never one to back down, leaned in and pressed his lips to Jaejoong’s.

Jaejoong giggled as he pulled away and Yunho was confused as to why a tiny kiss like that would produce that noise from the other man. He didn’t have to wait long before Jaejoong boldly said, “Your kiss is bubbly.” Yunho looked confused but had nothing to say to that and by the time he had figured out something to say, the group had moved on to a different game that didn’t involve any sort of kissing.

The second time they were in Japan was also the second time they kissed. This time there was no alcohol in their systems, just them. Jaejoong was in the kitchen preparing dinner, when Yunho walked in and wrapped his arms around the other man’s waist. Jaejoong had always allowed the contact and even welcomed it as long as it never interfered with his cooking, those that did tended to get a firm smack with whatever utensil was at hand.

Yunho observed the batch of something that Jaejoong was mixing - he had no idea what it was and had learned long ago not to ask – and, on impulse, he gave the other man a light kiss on the cheek. Jaejoong said nothing in response as he finished his mixing and pulled out of Yunho’s arms to move further down the table. Only when he was spooning the mix into various containers did he smile and say, “Your kisses are still bubbly.” Yunho laughed at that and tried to swipe some of the mix with a finger.

The third time they were in Japan was the third time they kissed. It wasn’t until halfway through a series of playful kisses in Yunho’s room one night that they realized there must be something strange in the water here. Jaejoong had only laughed and once more murmured, “Your kisses are still bubbly,” before proving that he didn’t really mind that at all.

The rest of the times they had been to Japan blurred all into one, yet no matter how short of a stay it was, it had become something of a tradition to share their kisses and so many had occurred that they hadn’t been able to keep track of them.

Then the lawsuit happened and the kisses came to an abrupt stop. Now it seemed that instead of the five of them it was the three of them and the two of them. None of them would have said it was going to be easy, they knew it wouldn’t be, but it was alright because as Jaejoong figured, it was much more important than bubbly kisses anyway.

The night of one of the performances at the end of the year, was the worst for Jaejoong. He saw how haggard Yunho and Changmin looked on stage, how their whole bodies carried weariness. Jaejoong had never thought he would wish that they could go back to the time when they were barely know and struggling just to be seen, but now he thought he might. At least that way they would all be together.

“Jaejoong,” Yoochun said gently that night after they returned to their hotel rooms. “Yunho slipped something in your bag. I wanted to make sure you knew.”

Jaejoong nodded, and picked up the bag. Quickly he riffled through it, trying to find what it was that Yunho had put there. When he found the items he curled his hand protectively around them and immediately excused himself from the room. Yoochun gave him a few moments to himself out on the balcony before opened the door and joined him.

“Jae?” he asked, his experience telling him that Jaejoong was happy yet not at the same time. Wordlessly Jaejoong opened his hand to display what Yunho had place in his bag. There in his palm was a small bottle of bubbles and a Hershey's kiss.

“His kisses are always bubbly.”

AN: So I wasn't really sure where to go with this and then I was driving home and this popped in my head and I ran with it. It's been so long since I have done anything DBSK focused I don't even know if I got their characters completely right....
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For [livejournal.com profile] saanrio

After Show Kisses

“Hey,” Kibum’s calm voice called to him as soon as they stepped off the stage and into the back room area.

Hankyung waited until the rest of the group had filed past before stepping close. “Hi,” he replied, running his hands up over Kibum’s chest. “How was filming?”

Kibum’s rich laughed filled the air. “Fine,” he paused. “Kiss me,” he ordered in Mandarin.

The Chinese man laughed, but complied anyway, fitting their lips together in a rough press. They stayed that way for a moment, lips touching and hands exploring. Then Kibum pulled his head away just enough so that they were still sharing breathe. He closed his eyes and listened to the fans chanting for yet another encore, the fourth of the night.

“You miss it?” Hankyung asked trailing his fingers up the smaller man’s neck.

Kibum laughed and opened his eyes. “They are sure that I have quit the group anyway.”

Hankyung grinned. “Well in a few weeks they'll probably be saying that I betrayed the group.”

“We make the perfect pair then,” Kibum replied as he slipped his fingers under Hankyung’s sweat soaked T-shirt and began to trace patterns on the warm skin beneath. Hankyung laughed at his comment before fitting their lips together again.

“Are you two just going to stand here and make out all night?” Heechul’s voice called from beside them. Both men grinned into their kiss and took their time to finish it. “Oh please. I am not impressed.”

“You are just grumpy,” Hankyung said with a grin when he pulled away from Kibum’s mouth. “That we are making out with each other and not you.”

Heechul snorted. “As if I would want either of you. Despite what fans think, I don’t. Now come along and have a beer.

Kibum glanced at the bottle in his hand suspiciously, “I thought Kangin was here to support you all tonight too. Didn’t Leeteuk ban him from all alcohol until the end of time?”

Shrugging, Heechul took a sip of his own drink before answering, “Probably but he will have some by the end of the night I’m sure even if he has to drink it straight from Yesung’s mouth.”

Kibum’s face wrinkled in confusion and Hankyung laughed. “You’ve missed a lot.”

“Yeah like the fact that Shindong and Henry ambushed Kyuhyun three weeks ago while he was playing StarCraft,” Heechul said. “They say they have been playing video games. Videogames don’t leave hickys. Oh and don’t forget about Sungmin comforting Leeteuk in his time of leadership crisis. Then there are the sweet Siwon and Ryeowook who are just exploring the wonders of a relationship and Donghae and Zhou mi who explore a bit more loudly.”

Kibum blinked. Hankyung narrowed his eyes. “Heechul don’t you have your own skinny dancer to molest?”

“Eunhyuk demanded time with his friends before I turned his brain to mush,” Heechul replied nonchalantly.

“And you gave it to him?” Kibum asked, somewhat shocked.

Heechul shrugged. “For now. I can use the fact later when I am really turning his brain to mush with my talent, and besides I wanted to bother you two.”

“Bother us later,” Hankyung ordered. “We are busy,” he turned Kibum’s face back to his own and pressed their lips together.

“If you don’t come with me I am going to start counting down and when I reach one I am pulling out my camera and taking a picture for my Cyworld,” Heechul threatened.

Kibum smiled into the kiss and pulled Hankyung’s hips firmly against his own.

“Fine. You asked for it. 10…”

AN So uh this just turned strange and random, and when you said you liked strange pairing I think I took it a little too far. Although I must say these pairings are all pretty strange (my little sister helped me draw out little slips of paper to create everyone but the Hankyung/Kibum and the Heechul/Eunhyuk). I hope you like it alright though. I is fail.
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For [livejournal.com profile] tranqaos

The Meaning of Kisses

Twenty one years of life had taught him a thing or two about kisses. They start with those cute ones that every toddle walks around and gives various objects and people while their family coos at the pure adorableness. Those are the kisses at their most innocent, in the very purest form.

Then there are those kisses when a boy has just entered school and is playing with a girl on the playground. They get married, as married as two six year olds can get, and he kisses her on her cheek. It is border some mischievous because he knows she will make a happy noise and run to tell all of her little friends, but still, at heart, it is innocent.

It’s those kisses that happen a year later that are the real mischievous ones. Those are the kisses just after the girls have discovered that boys have this disease called cooties and that it is very, very catching. The boys take shameless advantage of this by puckering their lips and chasing the girls around the play equipment mercilessly.

Eventually the girls figure out boys are truly not diseased and the boys become puzzled when they no longer run from the puckering of lips but accept it. The kisses then, are awkward and nothing seems to want to fit the way it seems it should and it certainly doesn’t work out like it does in dramas. Still it’s not too horrible and is defiantly a repeatable experience.

Those kisses slowly meld, at some point, to hormonal teenage kisses. These are the land of stolen kisses when he thinks her mom isn’t watching them. They aren’t more than a press of lips and possibly a bit of teasing because there is a clear line and although these kisses flirt with it, they will never cross it.

The most astounding kisses are when he kisses another man for the first time and finds out that it isn’t repulsive and it isn’t disgusting. In fact it might possibly be the best sensation he has ever felt. He doesn’t have to worry about being too rough, the one he is kissing is certainly stronger than he is anyway, and he doesn’t have to worry about doing something wrong, because really neither one of them have done this before and they are exploring together.

Then there are the kisses that aren’t the simple touching of lips. One night in their shared bedroom he finds that there is a way to kiss with the entire body. Over and over again they press their skin together starting at their lips and ending at their toes and it doesn’t matter that his toes are further down the bed then the man he is kissing, the kiss is still wonderful.

When he discovers the farewell kisses, he figures that one horrible kiss in the whole bunch isn’t too bad. The kiss itself is pretty nice; it’s the fact that it is going to be the last one for a very long time that makes it less then happy. It’s a memory kiss, and although it stays with him he can’t really seem to want to wait until he can get back again and make it a not memory kiss.

Then he finds that there really is a kiss worse than a goodbye kiss, it’s the fan written kiss. That kiss in itself isn’t too bad, since he knows that fans will do what fans will do, but it’s the picture that comes with it that is truly troublesome. He thinks the picture has to be a fake because he can’t see those lips ever kissing anything other than his skin, but still it bothers him. This is the first kiss he truly hates.

His stupid kiss comes a few days later on a program recording. It is a cheek kiss and really the most innocent kiss he can do, but still he feels slightly guilty afterwards. The other man was too tall and although the Chinese man smiles mischievously, he certainly knows exactly what is going on. It doesn’t change the fact that his legs are just so long and his arms to thin. It makes the whole kiss wrong, because the person he is kissing is wrong, but it is too late. The fans are already screaming and the cameras have surely caught it.

The dream kisses are the worst. Kisses that he remembers and kisses he has never had all wrapped into one sequence. They are nice while there are there but when he wakes up, they are gone and he feels worst then he did before. They become something he hopes not to dream about.

When his roommate, the one he longs to kiss, is coming to China at last, he discovers the anticipation of kisses. It ties a knot tight in the pit of his stomach while butterfly flutter their way across his heart. He doesn’t know what to expect but he can’t wait to feel that again. He can’t pick them up at the airport, it would be dangerous for them all. Instead he is forced to wait in his hotel room for his roommate and the one he wants to kiss more than anything.

The door opens and he thinks that the knot in his stomach is going to tear him in half and the butterflies are going to explode because there in the doorway is his roommate. If there was a more intense form of an anticipation kiss, he thinks he might have found it. Then his roommate is closing the door and setting down his suitcase before opening it and beginning to go through it.

“Sungmin,” he breathes, hoping it will move the anticipation kiss to a reunion kiss, a kiss that he has never had but he thinks it might be the best of all.

“Hi,” his roommate replies, lips moving but still not looking at him.

“I missed you,” he tells his roommate, when what he really wants to do is yell about kisses and the need for them.

“I bet you have, but Zhou mi did fine at replacing me,” his lips say shortly.

Well that isn’t fair at all. He should understand that the stupid kiss was just that and nothing more, but of course he doesn’t. He has never been told. He might think that the stupid kiss was really a playful kiss given the day after a body kiss. Really he has no room to talk. “Just about as good a job as Eunhyuk did replacing me.”

His roommate turns on him then with anger flashing in his eyes and his lips press in a tight line. “That was a stupid fan made picture and you know it.” There is the threat of violence surround his roommate and he is a little shocked that for a moment he ponders what a violent kiss might feel like.

“Well the Zhou mi thing was just fan service,” he tells his roommate.

“You sure seemed happy enough,” his roommate disagrees and turns back to his suitcase.

He gets up and steps close. His hand runs up his roommates back in a kiss all its own. “What was I supposed to do? Scream to the cameras that I really wanted you there so I could kiss you? Don’t be an idiot Sungmin. You know what our job entails, how secretive we have to be.”

A growl slips past those lips then and his roommate pushes him roughly. His roommate may be stronger then him, playing the computer all the time doesn’t really build muscles anywhere but his fingers, but he only gets him flat on his back because he lets him do so. His roommate hovers over him, and growls angrily, “That doesn’t mean I have to like it when you kiss him.”

The one flat on his back laughs, and reaches up to run his fingers through hair that has grown since he felt it last. He rather likes the kiss of it against his fingers. “It’s not a kiss Sungmin,” his roommate starts to protest but he cuts it off. “It’s not a kiss if it isn’t with you.”

His roommate clearly doesn’t know what to say to that. “Kyuhyun,” he starts, giving it his best effort.

“Shut up,” he orders the one above him. “Sungmin just shut up and kiss me.”

His roommate smiles then, his lips turning up in such a pleasing way, and does as he is told for once. They press their lips together, then tongues, then fingers, then chests, then hips until they are doing one of his favorite sort of kisses, the full body kiss. This body kiss is layered with a reunion kiss that is just as good as he thought it would be. He might be willing to suffer countless goodbye kisses as long as they all came with a reunion kiss.

“You’re right Kyu, it’s not a kiss if it isn’t with you,” his roommate says as his lips spread into a smirk.

“Of course I’m right. What did you expect?” he asks. His roommate doesn’t answer. Instead he leans down and begins a kiss that might possible encompass all of the kisses he knows into one, only the good ones of course, and he is reasonably certain that he just found another kind of kiss, the forever kiss.

AN: So I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. For one it's written in present tense which I virtually never do. Second it has this strange feel overall that is kinda confusing but I think that is what I wanted but I'm not sure. That is what happens when I let my muses off their leash at 1:00 in the morning. So I'm not sure what I think of it but let me know what you do, will you? ^_^
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For [livejournal.com profile] truedove_13

Morning Kisses

Mornings in any singing group were a chaotic matter, mornings in a thirteen man group even more so. In the upper dorm it was always a competition to see whose alarm clock would scream first and chase its owner from the warmth of blankets. The first alarm clock to scream would typically also be the first to steal the bathroom, if of course the screaming wasn’t overheard by someone other than the user. If it was, then there would be a race to see who could stake their claim on the cleaning space first.

The lower dorm had a much more orderly system. The ones who needed to leave first would have to get up and take the use of the bathroom first. The rotation would start from there, making ample use of all the time available. Their mornings had become somewhat of a routine, much unlike the chaos of the upper dorm.

Kyuhyun, usually the first to need to leave, was the first up. He entered the bathroom with towel and fresh undergarments in hand. Ten minutes later, Sungmin crawled out of bed and grabbed his own towel and undergarments.

He slipped into the bathroom and found Kyuhyun at the sink brushing his teeth after his shower as per routine. Sungmin paused for a moment, taking his time to admire the man’s half naked form and still dripping hair while giving Kyuhyun time to spit out his mouth full of tooth paste and rinse both his mouth and his brush before putting the object away. Then Sungmin leaned in and pressed their lips together in a chaste good morning kiss that spoke of greeting.

When he pulled away, Sungmin headed to the shower, while Kyuhyun continued to take care of the very base necessities. When Sungmin was done with his shower, Kyuhyun was gone from the room leaving Sungmin to have just finished brushing his teeth before Eunhyuk entered. They shared a morning node and continued with their routine.

Finished in the bathroom, Sungmin gathered his pajamas and slipped from the bathroom into his own room. Kyuhyun was seated on his bed fully clothed with a mirror in hand applying his makeup. Dumping his clothing in the basket at the end of his bed, Sungmin crossed over to Kyuhyun’s side of the room. He presses a quick kiss to the side of Kyuhyun’s neck, the only place not yet covered by makeup. It was followed by a quick teasing swipe of his tongue against the skin before he completed his trip to the dresser and closet to obtain his clothing.

He was dressed and applying his own makeup when Kyuhyun finished. Kyuhyun slipped to Sungmin’s bed and returned the kiss on the other man’s neck, fully completed with a playful nip. They exchanged smiles and he slipped from their room, presumably to grab a quick bite of breakfast.

When Sungmin joined him only a few minutes later in the kitchen, Kyuhyun inevitably had a piece of toast in his mouth and was in the process of tying his second shoe securely onto his foot. Laughing Sungmin crossed the room and snatched the toast, taking a bite for himself. He waited until the younger man had finished with his shoe and swallowed before leaning in to crash their lips together. Kyuhyun’s head always tilted up to meet him eagerly and their lips would meld in a goodbye of the morning and a steamy promise of the night to come all in one.

Kyuhyun pulled away, and like always his lip gloss was smeared. Sungmin’s tongue swiped his own lips cleaning the last hint of vanilla shine that had never been his from them. As always, Kyuhyun would just manage to reapply his gloss before their manager came and collected him.

Sungmin always watched him go, a smile on his lips, and only when the door had closed, did he turn back to finishing Kyuhyun’s last piece of toast and discovering something else to eat. A few minutes later, he was be joined by Eunhyuk, then Ryeowook and finally Yesung.

Eunhyuk grabbed what he could and bounded out the door as quickly as he could to meet up with Leeteuk upstairs for their daily schedule. Yesung, when he thought no one was looking, trapped Ryeowook against the counter and give him a brief but passionate kiss as if the other man’s squeak of protest could never give them away.

It didn’t matter to Sungmin, who by this time had found something else to eat. It was their version of a morning routine, but he like his and Kyuhyun’s better, their stolen morning kisses that were small promises of things to come. In the end though, those kisses couldn’t hold a candle to the stolen kisses that they would share when they arrive home and began their bedtime routine, the time when all of the promises held in their morning kisses would always, without fail, come true.

AN: So all I could see was them having this normal series of morning hello kisses that they would give each other and that would be so very cute. ^_^
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For [livejournal.com profile] tees2mai

Ending and Beginning Kisses

“Was there something you needed, Youngwoon?” Leeteuk asked with a book in hand.

Kangin eyes were focused towards the ground as if he was nervous. “Could you help me find a book on American History.” The answering smile that the other man gave him made his heart soar.

“Of course it’s right this way,” Leeteuk said leading the way. “You’ve been hanging out in the Library for what, four months now? I’m surprised you don’t know where it is.”

The fact of the matter was that Kangin did know, all too well, where the book was located in the library. At the age of seventeen he had started coming to the library a few months ago for a paper he had needed to complete. When the paper had been finished he had continued coming but not for any book. The reason he returned, afternoon after afternoon was for the man who was the afternoon Librarian, Leeteuk.

That wasn’t the man’s real name, but he had never gotten up the courage to ask him what it was. What was worse was that the man knew his real name, the only other living person besides his parents who possessed the knowledge. Kangin had no idea why he had blurted out his given name when Leeteuk had asked him for it, but he had and he didn’t regret it.

Leeteuk led them to a corner that was tucked away from any sort of normal travel. If he had to guess he would say that it only saw people once or twice every week. There, the man ran his finger gently along the bindings, searching for one that would be helpful. He pulled one off the shelf with a noise of triumph and held it out to Kangin.

“Here,” he said brightly. “This should help you.”

Kangin nodded and accepted the book from the other man. Instead of moving backward and thanking him, he moved forward. He darted in and barely managed to press his lips to Leeteuk’s. The kiss, if it could be called that, was quick and over before it began, but it was enough for Leeteuk to take a step back in shock. “What are you doing?!” he asked in a hissed whisper, half panicked.

“I think that is obvious,” Kangin replied looking at him for the first time. “I like you.”

“You can’t,” Leeteuk said firmly. His eyes behind his glasses were hard, stern, but edged with a look of something wild that Kangin couldn’t place. “You are only seventeen. I am nearly thirty. You are just a child. You don’t know what you want.”

“I want you,” Kangin argued taking a step forward.

Leeteuk stopped him with a hand to his chest. “No you don’t. You can’t want me. I’m at least ten years older then you and a man besides. You don’t want me, Youngwoon. This can’t happen.” While he spoke, Leeteuk’s eyes danced everywhere but into his own in an attempt to hold himself together.

“I’m old enough to know what I want,” Kangin insisted.

“No,” Leeteuk met his eyes at last and Kangin was startled by the emotion he saw there. “No. This can’t happen. Please leave before I have to call the police.”

Kangin stepped backwards, shocked at Leeteuk’s words. He gave the man one last look before turning and fleeing first around the corner and then from the library itself with the memory of their first and last kiss burned in his mind.

~Five Years Later~

“These need to be shelved,” one of his coworkers told him as she set a pile of books on the desk beside him. Leeteuk nodded absently and typed in the last line of the document he was working on, before rising from his chair and gathering the books into his arms. A normal librarian might take time to order the books so that they could put them back the way they found them on an orderly fashion, but in his six years of working in this library he never had. He enjoyed following where ever the books may bring him.

The first took him to fantasy section, an area full of other realms, of magic and beauty that didn’t exist in real life. The second took him to the self help section, a section that was laughable in itself for all it tried to do to help while it probably did more harm than good. The third took him to the section that contained all the books on animals, a section filled with so much life and fun that in six years he had never had time to read it all.

The final book would take him to the history section, a place he hadn’t been in the last few days. In his hands, the book looked vaguely familiar, some volume on American History, but he couldn’t place where he remembered it from. He rounded the corner into the proper section and stopped cold. There, with his hand on one of the shelves and looking at the books in front of him, was the unmistakable form of Youngwoon, the boy that had clearly grown into a man.

Leeteuk must have made a noise because Kangin’s head lifted and he smiled at seeing the man again for the first time in five years. “My name,” he started, gently, evenly, in a voice so deep and smooth Leeteuk couldn’t do anything but listen, “is Kim Youngwoon. I am twenty two and a college graduate with a degree in Music and Acting. I have my own apartment and a dog. Tomorrow afternoon I have an interview for a hosting position on a popular television show. However none of that is what I want. What I want is you Leeteuk and I have come to see if maybe you want me too.”

“I don’t,” Leeteuk breathed, shocked. “I don’t understand.”

“You once,” Kangin said softly, stepping closer, “told me that I was just a child and didn’t know what I wanted. Now I am a man and I know exactly what I want. The question is, what do you want Leeteuk?”

Leeteuk stood there studying the man in front of him. He was certain that his face showed such a mix of emotion that Youngwoon would never be able to make out what he was feeling. “Jungsoo,” he said softly, finally.

“Jungsoo,” the name rolled off Youngwoon’s tongue as if it was the best thing he had ever been able to say. “What do you want, Jungsoo?”

“I don’t know,” Jungsoo answered him very quietly.

Youngwoon smiled. “I’ll take that.” He tipped Jungsoo’s head up with gentle fingers, leaned in and pressed their lips together. The kiss was sweet, fleeting, but sweet nevertheless. Youngwoon was still smiling as he pulled away. “Would you like to go out with me for dinner?”

“I,” Jungsoo paused thinking, “I’d like that.”

If it was possible Youngwoon’s smile widened. “I’ll pick you up out front at six,” he said before he walked past Jungsoo and disappeared around the corner. Jungsoo was left clutching the book that had started it all and the memory of their, last first and beginning of many more, kiss.

AN: It isn't exactly what you asked for, but I couldn't just leave it all sad and whatnot. I hope you like it anyway. ^^;
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For [livejournal.com profile] snoorella.

The Beauty of Kisses

If Donghae had to list all of his favorite kisses, the list would go on forever and ever. He wasn’t sure that he would be able to count a single one that wasn’t his favorite. If he had been asked to categorize them, that would have been marginally easier, yet he would have been forced to make an undefined category in order to account for half of them. If he had been asked to rank his top kisses that may have been even easier, only of course, if multiple kisses were allowed to count for one place. It would be better still if he could count only the kisses from one person. But no one was asking him to do so, not really. Still it would be good to know in the event he ever got asked it on a variety show, and so he spent the entire plane ride to China deciding on his top five.

Number five had been a kiss just after they had debuted. They had been in a park filming for some show, he couldn’t remember which now, and commenting on all of the passing couples. It had been, he remembered, near some romantic holiday in the spring and it seemed as if couples were out in force.

The members, at least the ones that were there, had been on a brief filming break and Donghae remembered looking forlornly at the couples. Sungmin had laughed and told him that it would be a long time before any of them were there like that. He had just smiled, nodded, and made some comment about how it would be nice to be kissed in the spring.

Eunhyuk had looked particularly mischievous a moment later as he pranced over and pecked Donghae lightly on the cheek. He had then squealed in childish delight at Donghae’s completely startled look and took off at a run. Donghae couldn’t have resisted that taunting if he had wanted to and had followed, much to the dismay of their body guards.

Number four had been when he and Eunhyuk had returned to the English Village to revisit the small coffee shop they had, at one time, filmed at. One of the girls behind the counter remembered them and was thrilled to see them again. After a bit of struggle to convey their orders, they had settled at small table in the back of the room.

There they had talked about life, their real life beyond their stage personas. They had laughed and smiled and drank their drinks away to nothing. Then Eunhyuk had grabbed his hand and playfully lifted it to his lips. He had kissed the back of it slowly, carefully, and then laughed as if it was a big joke. It didn’t matter though, Donghae knew the truth. The laugh was for any fans that might be watching. The look in Eunhyuk’s eyes however, that had been his alone.

Number three had been just after the first stop on their Super Show tour. They had bounded off the stage after their first encore, full of energy that they, by all rights, should no longer have. Donghae had caught Eunhyuk up in his arms and instantly fit their lips together.

The kiss had only lasted a moment, for they broke apart when Heechul walked by and commented loudly about them getting a room, but it was a wonderful moment. They had broken apart laughing and full of joy, before Leeteuk had herded them all onto stage for another encore.

Number two had happened at his father’s funeral. It was the one point that he could remember from the tragic few months of his life with startling clarity. They had been a room that was secure from any prying eyes that could have been watching, protected on all sides by body guards. Donghae had stumbled up to Eunhyuk and through his tears begged him to kiss him, anything to make the pain stop.

Eunhyuk had willingly stepped up to him and pressed their lips together, while simultaneously enfolding him in his arms. It had been everything Donghae had needed: sweet, caring, and simply loving. It had reminded him that everyone who cared about him was not gone. It had reminded him that he would always be cared for. More than anything, it had reminded him that he was still alive.

Number one, and by far his favorite, had been on the night that they had returned from their first extended round of subgroup promotions in China. There had been a happy celebration of the reunion of the group, but it had been later that night that he really remembered.

Eunhyuk had pulled him into his bedroom and kissed him. The kiss had been desperate, as if Eunhyuk had been a thirsty man searching for the water that was Donghae’s lips and was terrified it might be taken from him again. It had contained all of his feelings and Donghae had melted into it. He had eagerly followed when it had turned from desperation, to greeting, to caring, to desire, and then all the way back again.

It, and the ones that followed, had been some of the most memorable kisses of his life. So memorable that nothing had really ever seemed to amount to them, although they had put for quite an effort to match and surpass them every now and again. Those kisses were his favorite.

Donghae closed his notebook where the list of kisses resided, tucked it safely in his bag, and followed the other members off the plane and through their screaming fans. Only when he was safely in his hotel room did he take out the list again and flip it open.

He dialed the phone number on his hand phone from memory and smiled when it was answered. “Hey,” he returned the greeting on the other end of the line. “Want to hear the top five kisses we have had?” he asked softly.

“Yeah I picked them on the plane ride. Want me to tell you?” he asked again and then spent the next hour doing just that.

AN: I love the idea she gave me and I hope it turned out alright. I like it. Sorry I added an extra one then just the ones you requested. ^_^

If anyone would like to make a request for another kiss mini-shot the post with the information and invitation can be found here.
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For [livejournal.com profile] mochi_501x.

Coffee Shop Kisses

It was all Hyungjoon’s fault, really. This entire thing had been his idea and if it got them kicked out of the coffee shop well that would be his fault too, although if that happened he would lose by disqualification. It couldn’t be Jungmin’s fault anyways. It wasn’t his fault that couldn’t keep himself from rising to the challenge.

The coffee shop itself was small, quaint, and tucked into a small square of the shopping block downtown. Still when they had entered it, he had half cringed waiting for screaming to start. When it didn’t he sighed a little, disappointed. Beside him Kyujong sighed as well, although very likely for an entirely different reason.

Together they made their way to the counter and placed their order in broken English. Jungmin helped to translate for everyone except for Hyunjoong who insisted he could speak for himself. If the girls behind the counter had been bothered by their lack of English skill, they hadn’t shown it. Instead they had prepared their drink and handed them to the boys with sweet smiles.

Drinks in hand they made their way to a corner. Jungmin sat on a couch just big enough for two and pulled Kyujong down beside him. The other three settled on the couch across from them. If anyone wondered about the untypical three-two split they didn’t say anything.

While they sipped at their drinks they began to talk, first in broken English before they gave up and switched to Korean. The people here might think then a bit strange, speaking a foreign language in a little town just outside LA but they were alright with that.

Kyujong was in the middle of saying something, when Jungmin leaned over and brushed his lips briefly across the other man’s cheek. Kyujong stuttered mid sentence and everyone else smiled. Jungmin met Hyungjoon’s eyes with challenge. A second later Hyungjoon leaned over and pressed his lips to Hyunjoong’s cheek. Their leader continued talking as if nothing had happened.

Jungmin smiled and squeezed Kyujong’s hand where it held his own before lifting it and kissing it lightly. A second later Hyungjoon placed a kiss on Hyunjoong’s neck. The game was on.

Jungmin waited a reasonable amount of time, an entire minute and a half, before leaning in a nibbling lightly at Kyujong’s ear. The other man jerked away, giving him a half panicked look. The woman at the table beyond them smiled at him knowingly before returning to her book.

Conversation had turned into something that was more to keep them seeming somewhat normal as Hyungjoon rained kisses on an entirely accepting, Hyunjoong. Jungmin felt that was entirely unfair. It was rather hard to kiss something when the thing you wanted to kiss was ducking and weaving constantly.

After a few minutes, in which Youngsaeng had entirely given up talking in favor of watching the other four, Hyunjoong placed his cup on the table. Without preamble he turned and grabbed Hyungjoon’s head firmly. The youngest member wore a look as if he thought his world was just about to end before Hyunjoong leaned in and pressed their lips roughly together. The kiss lasted more seconds then any of them would have liked to see before their leader pulled back.

“You should get an extra point for use of tongue,” Hyunjoong commented in a completely serious and bored voice as if he were talking about the weather, before he picked up his cup again.

Kyujong’s eyes widened as he realized what was going on. Jungmin looked at him pleadingly. “Please?”

The other man’s eyes thinned into a glare. “You might as well suck face with the one you started this stupid game with and find yourself another boyfriend while you are at it,” Kyujong told him in short, clipped Korean. Then he rose stiffly and stormed from the shop. Jungmin winced slightly as the door to their van could be heard slamming even through the glass of the shop.

Hyungjoon snickered. “I think I win then.”

“Do not,” Jungmin replied calmly. He nodded at the woman beyond them. “I get five points for having a satisfied viewer.”

AN: I swear I cannot write anything serious concerning this pairing! I hope you like it anyways dear, and I promise I will get to that longer SS501 fic as soon as my other one is finished.

If anyone would like to make a request for another kiss mini-shot the post with the information and invitation can be found here.

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