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"I would ask what you are in for, but I guess that is pretty obvious," the young man said lightly as he settled at a table. Across from him the man whose name tag read 'HOYA' adjusted the doll in front of him so that it was positioned more comfortably.

"Ignore him Dongwoo," Hoya murmured to the doll and then paused for a moment as if listening. "No, I agree."

"Who are you talking to?" the young man asked him.

Hoya scowled at him as if it was a stupid question to be asking. "Dongwoo says I have to be nice because you are new here. I'm Hoya."

"Who is Dongwoo?" the other man asked.

"He is," Hoya replied, gesturing to the doll. "I introduced myself now it is your turn."

"I don't know my name," the young man admitted with a shrug.

"Your name tag says Myungsoo," Hoya informed him pointing to the piece of plastic attached to his shirt.

Glancing down, the young man touched it with curious fingers. "So it does."

"Nice to meet you Myungsoo, but I will call you L," Hoya announced.

"Why L?"

"Because that is A," Hoya pointed to a man across the room, "B, and C and the rest up to L are around somewhere. So you are L."

"Oh," L murmured, trailing off as he gazed around the room at the other people there.

"Now L, you can go away. Dongwoo and I were having a date before you so rudely interrupted," Hoya ordered harshly.

"Okay," L agreed. "Nice to meet you," he paused for a moment to read the other man's name tag again, "Hoya."

The other man grunted and mumbled softly, "Don't scold me. That was being nice."

As he rose from the table and moved away, L wondered if perhaps he should feel a bit hurt at the treatment by the other man, but a minute later he was distracted by a strange man that seemed to be talking to a doll.

AN: Look at all of you, four things posted for you in one day! Spoiled I tell you! Spoiled! *mumbles* I had better get a lot of comments on all this stuff! lol jk!


Aug. 8th, 2012 06:09 pm
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For: [livejournal.com profile] renichifreak
Song prompt: Within Temptation - Somewhere

Somewhere )

AN: Boy is it good to be writing again. I don't think I realized how much I had missed it until I picked it back up. This was supposed to be much shorter but the muses did not want to be reigned in. So it turned into this. It could have gone much much longer, but I am going to let it be right here. Let me know what you think.


Jun. 16th, 2012 04:45 pm
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Heat )


May. 20th, 2012 04:23 pm
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AN: The following story contains what I would consider mild blood play and finding pleasure in pain. The characters are a werewolf and a vampire so no permanent harm comes from their play but I just want everyone to be warned. *mumbles* I can't be believe I wrote this...

To read the other parts of this universe Follow this little link here.

For [livejournal.com profile] saanrio to help her muses get out of their funk.

Read at your own risk )
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I realized that I have several people trying out my stories that may not know all of the characters, so I have decided to organize a picture character guide. The characters are listed below by group.

Beware image heavy! )
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I realized, this morning after talking with someone, that I don't really have a welcome or introduction post where people can comment and ask to friend me or just talk to me in general. So I am now creating one... Kind of... lol.

Hello to all of my readers and visitors. Here you will find the archives of my writings, both fanfiction and a few original pieces. I love all of my comments and don't mind any bit of constructive criticism if you don't like or don't understand something. Please feel free to speak your mind as long as you are respectful of the fact that I have my own opinions and ideas as well. Anything that I post on here that you can read I fully expect people to comment on so if you can read it then don't worry about feeling bad about commenting on it!

You can find my masterlist of fiction here. Feel free to browse and explore, read and comment until your heart is content.

I'm also on Twitter with mostly nonsensical things.... feel free to follow me!

I post fanfiction news and snippets, along with a lot of randomness on my Tumblr. Jump over there if you would like to keep up to date on that and feel free to follow!

I also hang on on AIM most days and I'm more then willing to chat with anyone who wants to drop me a line at just about anything. I'm karinachildoG@aol.com if you would like to message me.

I'm not certain what else to say in this, lol. If you have any comments, questions, or strange noises to make feel free to shoot me a comment or a message. I'm friendly and I don't bite, most days. ^_^

Feel free to comment here with any
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Of Truth )


AN: So there were a few people that wanted the "Sungkyu meets werewolf" scene expanded, and my muses live to please. lol. Anyway I hope all of you have enjoyed these! For some unknown reason there were only 24 prompts posted so this is what I'm going to do. You may suggest a 25th prompt. I would need to know "Of __________" but you may also chose the pairing and situation that you might want as well. I will pick the one that my muses like the most to write. ^_^
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Of Ribbon )


AN: And this is the reason I don't wrap presents with ribbon...
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Of Eyes )


AN: I just had to do it. This will end up being the pack that is infamous for babies! ^_^ The female wolves, of course have a few glaring issues with pregnancy at the moment, but just to let any of you who are wondering know, Jia will be the mother of five before she decides she has had enough for a few hundred years. Kudos to anyone who can figure out how she will do it and live. ^_^
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Of Santa Claus )


AN: This concludes today's posting. Please stayed tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of the program and the discovery of where this author left her mind. Current locations in suspect: the living room, the couch cushion, her car, and South Korea possibly in the apartment of Super Junior. Off to check each place!
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Of Giggles )


AN: Uh no one saw the original post where I pasted this drabble 3 times on accident right?
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Of Red )


AN: Really brain?! This is what you came up with? What about 'Roses are red'?
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Of Beds )

AN: I couldn't resist expanding on this idea. ^_^
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Of Falling Leaves )


AN: I just couldn't resist... I love the way these boys interact!
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Of Fairytales )


AN: So I was watching the show that Infinite is now on with the dogs. When they put the boys in the room with the dogs everyone was like "ohhh dogs!" and excited. Poor Sungkyu was like "Ah I'm going to die!!" So the muses got this idea from there and the idea for the rest of his story line from the fact that he was willing to try to get to know the dogs despite his fears. (I still need to watch past the 1st episode to see how that goes).
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Of Energy )


AN: Well this is the only one I am going to be posting tonight. May I just say that SME pisses me off more and more day by day and LJ does the same.... ggggrrrrrrrrrr.... Guess who is getting a Dreamwidth up and running just in case this thing goes anymore to crap...
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Of Hugs )

AN: And the second one for the night. This was just so cute to me.
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Of Stars )


AN: I enjoyed this one in its conception but I'm not sure if I like it quite as much now. Ah well...

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