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Thank you guys for the kind comments on the last post (which I have since deleted). Lack of sleep has a tendency to bring out my emotional crazy side which I would normally not share with anyone and post it for all to see. Rather embarrassing if I do say so myself, and I am more mature than that.

On a complete side note I have been watching far to much British television (BBC shows like Sherlock and Doctor Who will be the death of me) and reading to much fan fiction of the same. I used the word 'shag' with my sister yesterday and have developed quite a fondness for it. (as well as the 'bloody' used as a curse of sorts not to mean that needed red stuff being smeared all over the place). American English sounds so dull and lame in comparison lol.

In other news I have a bit of writing going on. Saanrio and I have been working on a co-written piece that fits into the OFFF universe set four or so years into the future. We will probably finish writing it or get very close to done before posting that way both of our muses don't go, "meh we don't care anymore". I still have the UKISS one to finish in that universe and, as everyone knows, of Season and Spots (which I hope will be done soon!) I'm also working on revamping the universe with the goal of publication since the muses seem agreeable. If you have any help as to how to go about that, I will take any knowledge I can get my hands on.

I hope everyone's weekend treats them well!
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Hey guys. I just wanted to notify you that my sister has just had the first kid in my family and I am officially an aunt! Landon was born this evening coming in at 6lb 14.9oz. I'm so excited and even more so that I was able to sneak out of work and be there for it!

Needless to say updates could be shaky for awhile, but I don't expect them to be disrupted too badly (obviously this killed me 'write every night' plan).

But!! All hope is not lost! Spring break starts on Friday so I will have a week with no plans, between being an aunt, that I can write during! Hopefully I will be able to finish up Of Seasons and Spots and work on I don't even know yet.... maybe Of Calescence and Chroma for any UKISS/Jay's seethe fans out there? But no promises on anything (okay we all know by now to nod and smile and wait till something appears before cheering when it comes to my writing).
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I realized, this morning after talking with someone, that I don't really have a welcome or introduction post where people can comment and ask to friend me or just talk to me in general. So I am now creating one... Kind of... lol.

Hello to all of my readers and visitors. Here you will find the archives of my writings, both fanfiction and a few original pieces. I love all of my comments and don't mind any bit of constructive criticism if you don't like or don't understand something. Please feel free to speak your mind as long as you are respectful of the fact that I have my own opinions and ideas as well. Anything that I post on here that you can read I fully expect people to comment on so if you can read it then don't worry about feeling bad about commenting on it!

You can find my masterlist of fiction here. Feel free to browse and explore, read and comment until your heart is content.

I'm also on Twitter with mostly nonsensical things.... feel free to follow me!

I post fanfiction news and snippets, along with a lot of randomness on my Tumblr. Jump over there if you would like to keep up to date on that and feel free to follow!

I also hang on on AIM most days and I'm more then willing to chat with anyone who wants to drop me a line at just about anything. I'm karinachildoG@aol.com if you would like to message me.

I'm not certain what else to say in this, lol. If you have any comments, questions, or strange noises to make feel free to shoot me a comment or a message. I'm friendly and I don't bite, most days. ^_^

Feel free to comment here with any
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Well first things first. [livejournal.com profile] saanrio did this voice meme and I wanted to too... do I did. lol. You can download my recording below. It is a wma file because of the way I recorded it but drag and drop to itunes and it will play there too if you want (after it converts of course).

My Voice Meme

And for all of you visual people, here is the list of questions:

1) What's your name?
2) How old are you?
3) Where are you from? Are you living there right now?
4) What's the time?
5) Is it cold where you are?
6) What are you wearing?
7) What was the last thing you listened to?
8) What was the last thing you ate?
9) What was the last thing you watched on TV?
10) What's your favorite TV show? Why?
11) Quick! Find a book, or something with text on it! Flip to a random page and read some of it! GO!
12) What was the last movie you saw? How was it?
13) Do YOU think you have an accent? Talk about that.

Alright now that that is out of the way... it is time for an explanation I feel. So as some of you may know, I have been student teaching this semester (late August to mid December). Most teachers in public High Schools teach the same class a couple times a day so they only have two or three different classes. I am in a private school where I teach six different classes everyday. So every week I have to plan thirty different lessons. It is a lot of work and now that I am teaching full time I have next to no time. However I knew this was coming.

My original plan was to finish Of Flesh, Fur, and Fang before or shortly after student teaching started and then go on a semi-hiatus until December. Several things popped up unexpectedly, including a death in the family that made that impossible. So now I'm stuck with little time and you are all left with no current conclusion to the story.

However there is hope! I have written the next chapter (I found some time this weekend that I could use for that) but I'm not giving it to you yet. It could be a month before you get the one after and I don't want to string you along month by month. So when I have the story complete, which will only take a few more chapters, I will begin to post them. In the mean time I may post something small and random if I have the time to write anything but I honestly doubt that I will. Thanks so much everyone who has been so understanding about all of this already. I love writing for all of you and I will finish this story and continue writing, don't worry about that. ^^;
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Since I happen to be bored out of my mind, I have come to a decision! I shall take requests for fanfiction and then I shall attempt to write them. So if there is something that you want to see but have never seen it written here is the place to request it.

If you have a request please comment with the following information:

Pairing/main character: (if any)
Rating: (since I wouldn't want to write something rated p-13 when you were expecting a G story.)
Scenario/Prompt: (Please give me an idea, since that is the whole idea of this thing)
Anything Else:

Please try to number your comments so that I have a nice orderly number system to work with. I'm not going to limit the number of requests but know that I will write them in the order I get them. So if you are number 134 it will be quite a while until I can get to your story. I will reply to your comment to let you know when I am starting your request. At that point it will be anywhere from a day to a few hours until your fiction is up.

I think that is everything important. Ok ready go!
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Hello invisible readers of my everyday blah blah blah. It makes me giggle that I have people commenting on my fanfictions and never on my everyday posts. Although it did take me forever to get comments on my writing. *Snickers* Then I post a phone smut fic and get like 15 separate comments on it. That is very awesome and exciting to me. My little sister hadn't read it because she said it might be a little awkward reading smut written by someone she knew but she laughed at me when I got all bouncy on the bed due to comments.

Speaking of fics... Donghae is saying rather loudly that he would like the sequel to the one I wrote involving his Kibum, physical contact, and a shower... Then Kangin is now pestering me with the idea of him taking care of his Leeteuk... I'm not sure who is going to win first writing rights... they both had advantages in the battle... and then they are both screwed if Heechul decides to get noisy about his fic... *sigh* The places my brain goes. And for the love of pete I cannot figure out why I was dreaming of Yesung! I don't even like him that much! He's like 2nd to last!

Speaking of dreams... I had a strange one the other night... For some reason I was a national park with Super Junior... we had to change into different outfits and apparently even though I was female there was no problem with me changing with them. Then we split into two teams and went random places. There were wooden bridges over water with really really big koi fish in them and then there was a man with lots of little dogs that was shaving off their hair in interesting patterns. Then we for some reason lost our pants and ran around in white boxers. I had a white t-shirt on with my white boxers... they all had white tanks... I don't even know where my mind was going with that one. Seriously if a bunch of hot Asians loose clothing why can't they loose their shirts completely... darn my mind... I don't even have dirty dreams! My dreams are always rated PG! *cries a little on the inside*

Ohh class is almost done so I can stop not paying attention to the professor and go home!


Apr. 3rd, 2009 02:23 pm
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Well one of my faithful reviews asked me to change my layout because it was hurting their eyes. Since they are a steady reader I don't mind doing that for them...

So this afternoon I began the battle... Why is it that the layouts I liked did not have the side bar and the ones that I didn't like did? I don't know how to code my own as of yet... so I chose one I liked and then attacked it. I had to add the sidebar using the code for my last layout and get it to lay right... then I found out all the font was gray on white... So I had to figure out how to change that to black... Good lord was it a battle. I won in the end and it turned out not too bad... Although if anyone has a site where they find good layouts for videogames or music stars or anime or anything kinda artistic and cool please let me know... Maybe I will just sit down and learn html soon....

In other news I'm not sure weather to kill my stupid proffessor or commit suicide (kidding on both accounts). I totally do not have any clue what is going on in my 400 level math class. He just keeps talking about I don't know what... Then we have tests including things we have never seen before. I can't wait till this class is done and I can go on vacation!

In fiction news my partner has the next chapter of RIP so I'm just waiting on her to get it back.
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So have this brief felling that I'm going slightly less then sane. It may have something to do with the fact that I spent the morning looking at pictures of asian boys and producing the noises "ooh", "awww", and "mmmm"... The when lunch time came around I squalled like a little kid exclaiming "Lunch time!!!" I then proceeded to blink and wonder where my mind has escaped to because I really would like to find/retrieve it now...

So this week is looking rather ugly. Tonight I have crap until 9:30ish. Then tomorrow I have to work on my gift for my roomie. Then Wednesday I'm taking her out to dinner, because everyone should at least have dinner out on their b-day. Thursday I have to work on my paper and hopefully write one of them. This weekend I would really like to write the other so I won't have to worry about it next weekend... but my fangirl will be visiting and that is not helpful to working.

In other news... I was commenting back and forth with [livejournal.com profile] 2metaldog this morning and made a comment about my fiction... So time to take stock...

Rest in Peace: is coming along quite nicely. My partner and I write at least half a page every day. When I last collected it we had 8 chapters. That was a month or so ago. I simply have to take the chapters and arrange for a bit better coherency and then spell and grammar check and it's all set.

All Wrong: Well I have a layout for where this is going but I haven't even started the next chapter. I have a problem with not being able to start and stop when I am writing, and I haven't had the time to simply sit and write an entire chapter.

(insert title here): This one is another KH fiction that I was roleplaying with my once best friend. Our friendship, however, has been dissolved due to her desire for such to happen. Since it was co written I don't think I could justify writing it by myself, however it bugs me to no end that this is just hanging there.

NPC: This one hasn't really even begun to be written but the characters and plot are created. I pretty much brings to light ideas from role play video games and takes the idea of a character who is highly unimportant, becoming a driving force for the events that happen.

Armor: I have three chapters written about this one. It's about a girl who can see the spiritual side of things. As it is in the Bible the spiritual side of things is terrifying to her. People who embody the armor of God are drawn to her for a greater purpose that she knows nothing about yet.

Dragon: I have an idea and plot for a fic involving dragons. One gets captured by a king but set free by the prince when his father dies. His magic, however, is bound and he is helpless to change out of his human form. He takes the prince as his mate to regain some magical abilities through their bond. Things are as good as they can be but suddenly get incredibly worse when his dragon mate shows up to rescue him.

Star Wars: This is a story based in the star wars universe somewhere between the first 3 movies and the second 3. The four mains are all original characters, and pretty much all that is used from the Star Wars universe is the setting and a few bad guys. It is all based off of our table top gaming sessions from last summer, so there is a ton of stuff to write. It's been pestering me a lot lately but I don't have time to write it.

An Alter and a Plant: This is another role play turned fiction, in this case an original one. I have just been to busy to give this my fair attention. It is the series that the short piece Elemental Winds comes from. I'm playing 10 or so characters so it is a bit time consuming when we get going.

That is 8 stories and no time to do any of them! *cries* I wish there were more hours in the day!
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It happens to be day 2 of my Christmas/Winter vacation from school and I am bored out of my mind! I already cleaned my room (which never happens) and did some chores around the house. There are 5 weeks I'm going to have to fill with stuff...

See what I found while cleaning )

In Fiction News )
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Here begins my attempts to use this space as a reasonable adult and for the up keep of the status of my fiction.

So college life is on the down swing of midterms and finally leveling out. About time.

In fiction news:

I have a new original story in process. Three chapters have been written and I am waiting to discuss with my second beta before posting. Roses and Wolves (RW) has been put on hiatus until I can bring my self to feel like writing it again. The second chapter of Swords Spells and Little Baby Elves (SSLBE) is writing in raws in my note book. It still needs to be translated and typed then betaed. I have another new original in the works. No title yet but it is going to be about a relatively crazy family of elementals. They should be lots of fun.

On the fanfiction front I have the second chapter of All Wrong, Yet All Right (AWAR) complete but I think I hate it and will have to scrap it and start again.

The primary holding back has been that I had lost my creativity. Some very big events happened to me in my life, primarily a very important person stepping out of it, and once I got through it I found myself getting overly creative again. I hope I will be able to return to writing shortly.

Feel free to leave comments if you have found your way over here.

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