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Of Blood and Brooms
Chapter Four )

Chapter Five


AN: So a portion of this was not in the original plan or even the revised plot plan.... My little SHINee muses were grinning at me and I suppose that should have been enough warning for me, but then they go and pull this out on me, leaving me wondering where exactly that came from. lol. Oh well it still does what I wanted and I don't think it is a bad addition, although I will leave that up to you as readers to decide. One of my big side projects is finished and you will all be able to see that in early March I think, so that has given me a bit more time to write this again and somehow I don't think I'm going to be able to avoid this growing large on me.... why muses? why?
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I just had my final interview where I presented all of my information for student teaching. This means that I am finished with college! I don't even really know what to think about that at this point. (Although my body clearly knows what to think, it thinks it is time to bleed... or something).

What this means is that I am back! There is nothing that can keep me from writting. Although now that I type that, I can think of about a million things...

So in order to celebrate, I shall take 5 requests. The first 5 people may comment with their requests within any group in all of fandom, the only stipulation is it must be holiday themed in some sort with a little twist. There must also be an item that relates to the theme of holiday and a word chosen by the requester to be used in the fic. (and don't think I have forgotten I have one prompt hanging out from last time, I'm working on it).

Here is a little direction:

Pairing (if any):

So go for it!
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Here's the first chapter of my newest series called Elemental Winds. It is the story of five siblings with elemental abilities and their single father. For the first 6 chapters, each will depict how each hooked up with their mate. First on the list is Zephyr, the youngest of the family.

Special thanks to Nami Aoiumi on Gaia. Without her these characters wouldn't even exist.

Warning: I'm gonna rate this one NC-17 just to be safe. So read with care. Oh and there be yaoi ahead.

Word Count: 4,386

Italics indicate flashback/memories

Breeze One: Zephyr's Love )

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