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Of Energy )


AN: Well this is the only one I am going to be posting tonight. May I just say that SME pisses me off more and more day by day and LJ does the same.... ggggrrrrrrrrrr.... Guess who is getting a Dreamwidth up and running just in case this thing goes anymore to crap...
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Of Hugs )

AN: And the second one for the night. This was just so cute to me.
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Of Stars )


AN: I enjoyed this one in its conception but I'm not sure if I like it quite as much now. Ah well...
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Of Cacao )


AN: So after taking a long hot shower (that does wonders for stuffed sinuses) I remembered that I had this on here ready to go. I know I'm way behind (I blame my family who is all congregating for the holidays) but I will write every one of these! I am so determined to do this! I have two more done that I need to edit still and will post tomorrow and hopefully I can finish some more after that. Thanks for sticking with me those of you who have!
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JaeHo Advent Drabble Masterlist
(because I feel the need to make masterlists for everything...)

Rating: PG - Pg-13
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yunho
Universe: Reality (after the split)
Note: Written for the JaeHo-Detox Advent Challenge.

1. Sunshine
Summary: It is a bit irrational to be jealous of the sun, Yunho knows, but how can he help it when it's rays get to kiss Jaejoong when he can't?

2. Snow
Summary: The snow brings back so many memories for him, but that still doesn’t give Yunho good reason to leave a snowball outside his door…

3. Present
Summary: Yunho is convinced that a present should be personalize and his gift for Jaejoong is no exception.

4. Blanket
Summary: Yunho may not be able to be with him, but the blanket he gave him can always make Jaejoong feel like he is wrapped in his love.

5. Candle
Summary: The candle light illuminates the path his lips should follow.

6. Children
Summary: Jaejoong has never liked them all the much, but Yunho thinks children are the cutest things.

7. Snowman
Summary: No one builds snowmen like Jaejoong does.

8. Skiing
Summary: Nothing completes a day on the slopes like a secret rendezvous in the warming hut.

9. Holiday
Summary: They have a tradition of decorating together every year and Yunho is determined that not even a lawsuit can change that.

10/ Cacao
Summary: No one makes hot cocoa like Jaejoong can.
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Jaejoong/Yunho Advent Drabbles 1-5

Note: These were written for the JaeHo-Detox Advent Challenge and are all set in present times assuming the split of the group is in place.

Sunshine )

Snow )

Present )

Blanket )

Candle )


AN: Well you can call me sentimental but I simply have to believe that there are no hard feelings between the group and that they somehow have by now found a way to talk to one another. No one can convince me that HoMin didn't know the lawsuit was coming or didn't get their say in it. Those boys went through too much together to turn on one another. I believe that someday we will see TVXQ together as one. 'Always keep the faith.' *climbs off soapbox* Hehe I hoped you enjoyed these.
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Of Holidays )


AN: Yay I'm caught up again! And I'm back to my OTP! I mean... I don't have an OTP... what is this silliness... Comments are loved!
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Of Skiing )


AN: I have actually never been downhill skiing and I think I spent more time on the ground then actually on my skis when I went cross country last time (don't ask me how that happened... ^^;) so I totally understand Sungkyu's hesitation here...
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Of Snowmen )


AN: And I'm still a day behind and probably will be all the way into the weekend unless something shocking happens... *sigh* At least I'm still writing these. Oh and excuse me muses... enough with the WooGyu! They aren't even my OTP! Share the spotlight a little!
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Of Children )


AN: Sorry this is a day late, but yesterday was long exhausting day so I didn't get to write this until this morning. I'm hopping to get today's done as well so that you get a double dose today and I get back on track. I hope you enjoyed this. ^_^
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Of Candles )


AN: Really muses you can't just write a simple drabble without adding in all these subtle points? Come on!
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Of Blankets )


AN: I decided that I needed to slow it down and touch on some basics for anyone who might be new to this universe. Those of you that are familiar with it know all about Beasts and the great variety they come in. Sungkyu's isn't exactly as viscous as some but it does have its little quirks (apparently one of which is a dislike of blankets). For anyone who may not have picked up on it yet, these are not written in any chronological order and will likely continue to not be. So just keep that in mind as you are reading. ^_^
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Of Presents )


AN: So a few notes here. First this particular drabble takes place before L is part of the pack and therefore before he is mated to Sungyeol. Secondly Sungjong is a very young looking very old vampires. Does anyone else feel like he is slighlty insane? (what in the world to my muses come up with...)
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Of Snow )

Advent Drabble Masterlist

AN: There, back on schedule. Reviews make me a happy author. ^_^
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Parts: 9/25
Rating: G - R
Pairings: Hoya/Dongwoo, Myungsoo/Sungyeol, Myungsoo/Sungjong, Sungkyu/Woohyun, Chansung/Suzy (more to be added as they appear)
Fandoms: Infinite, Epik High, GNA, 2PM, Miss A
Genre: AU, supernatural, romance, action/adventure
Universe: Of Flesh Fur and Fang
Series Summary: Sometimes being someone who can occasionally get very furry and run on four legs instead of two isn't all that easy. Other times it is as simple as breathing...

Note: These are not written in any sort of chronological order and tend to jump around in the universe. Please be mindful of that.

One: Of Sunshine [PG-13]
Two: Of Snow [PG-13]
Three: Of Presents [PG-13]
Four: Of Blankets [PG]
Five: Of Candles [PG-13]
Six: Of Children [PG-13]
Seven: Of Snowmen [PG-13]
Eight: Of Skiing [PG]
Nine: Of Holidays [PG]
Ten: Of Cacao [PG]
Eleven: Of Stars [PG-13]
Twelve: Of Hugs [PG]

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