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Of Seasons and Spots
Thirteen: Tidings

“What is that?” Minho asked as he set his lips against Jinki’s neck and pressed a kiss there before nipping at his skin.

“A card, I think,” the witch told him, turning the stuffed envelope in his hands. It had been dropped off by Jessica in the early hours of the morning when she had arrived with a load of stuff for Key. Despite the events that had occurred to him less than twenty four hours ago, Key was too stubborn to let that dissuade him when Jonghyun invited him to live with him. Jessica, who had been awake for reasons that she wouldn’t discuss, had been agreeable when Key had texted her to bring over some of his things that he would need right away. Shortly after she had arrived, everyone else had cleared the room leaving Minho and Jinki alone again.

“I’m not so far from humanity that I don’t know what a card looks like,” the vampire told him with a chuckle.

Jinki elbowed him gently at the teasing and slid open the flap of the envelope. From within it, he pulled out a card with a pastel depiction of a forest covered in snow across the front of it. Inside was the elegant scroll that he recognized as his mother’s. “Jinki,” he began reading despite the fact that Minho could probably see the separate fibers of the paper let alone the actual words. “I hope that this card finds you well and taken care of. My Coven was worried for you as we had seen a lot of darkness surrounding your current present, but we also notice some bright spots of light. We are uncertain what meaning the reading has for the future as we have never seen this particular combination before, but we hope that you are well.

I met a man a few months ago and we are taking things slow, but it appears as though something may come of it. Sometime, if you are feeling up to it, I would like to you meet him. I think you would like him, and he would like to meet you, too. Bring Key with you when you visit.

I miss you both. Love, your mother. P.S. I feel as though something huge has happened to you recently. I hope it was good!”

“You haven’t told your mother?” Minho asked him softly as he silently scanned over her words again.

“No,” Jinki replied. “I couldn’t figure out how to tell my friends let alone my mother.”

“That you are with a man?” Minho quipped.

“If only it were that easy. Somehow, I don’t think they will quite understand the bloodier part of our relationship.”

Minho grunted his agreement, and slipped chilled fingers beneath the hem of Jinki’s shirt. His fangs slid into the witch’s skin, barely noticeable flashes of pain amongst the curl of desire. ‘Don’t take too long to tell her, love,’ Minho spoke into his mind, the words carrying with them a wealth of emotion. ‘You now number your days in centuries, but she still does in years.’

“I know,” Jinki agreed. With a sigh he closed his eyes and relaxed back against the vampire that was taking shallow, lazy sips of blood from his neck. “If I went to visit, would you come with me?”

‘Of course,’ Minho agreed instantly and Jinki could feel the faint echoes of happiness that the question produced. ‘You are mine, and I yours. I will go anywhere you would like.’

“Thank you,” Jinki whispered, enjoying the roaming hands that slid low on his stomach and teased with the promise of going lower.

‘Come to bed with me,’ Minho urged.

It wasn’t until he heard those words that Jinki realized just how tired he was. As arousing as it was to have the vampire’s teeth in his neck and hands moving over his skin, he felt drained from everything that had happened that night. He doubted very much that he would be awake for more than a few moments after his body hit the mattress. Still, it sounded like an incredibly pleasant idea. “I’d love to.”

A quick swipe of Minho’s tongue closed the bite marks on his neck, before he scooped Jinki into his arms. It was a testament to how tired Jinki really was, since he didn’t protest the motion. Carefully the vampire carried him to their bed and laid him there, taking the card from his hand to place it upon the side table.

AN: I know it has been ages since I have updated and I feel really bad about it. I don't enjoy writing any less than I always have it has just been a few crazy months. I'm hoping to jump back into this now and get rolling again because I miss sharing my stories and I miss hearing from my readers!
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Of Fae and Forest )

AN: Good news is that I am not dead!! I know some of you have been wating for the rest of the drama of 'Of Seasons and Spots'. I haven't abandoned that story... I intended to finish it by posting a chapter a day until Christmas... Unfortunate I fell sick for the week before Christmas and then the holidays hit and things went crazy. I still fully intend to finish it (hopefully soon)! In the mean time [livejournal.com profile] saanrio pretty much dared my NU'EST muses to come out and play and this was the result. This is set in the same universe as OFFF (as noted by the title) but they won't appear to be players for a few more books or so... ^^;
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Twelve - Sled )

AN: There you all have it! Three chapters and I'm still behind... *head desk* For those of you that may have forgotten, or simply never read the first time around, Heechul was doing a Sharing with Hankyung. It is a process where the vampire shows whomever they are connected with their memories. They can't control the exact memory but they can direct the process. For example Heechul wanted to show Hankyung memories of Zico and that is what it brought up.
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Nine - Gifts )

AN: Well that didn't go the way I intended... Thanks muses! I'm going to try to get more of these done today... I'm so behind. T.T
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Bells )

AN: Well that had nothing to do with the word that was supposed to be the prompt... ^^;;;
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Evergreen )

AN: The words that are the title are supposed to be the guiding prompts but I seem to be having an increasingly hard time using them to guide the story. The muses want to do their own thing. No one is complaining yet though! lolol
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Of Seasons and Spots
Five )
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Of Seasons and Spots
Icicles )

AN: And this is where everyone needs to have read the previous stories to really get the exchange. I guess you could go with it, and I'm willing to answer any questions you have if you are not sure what is going on, but really it is better, I think, if you just read the previous two! How this went from just fun holiday times to something serious... I have no idea...
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Of Seasons and Spots
Two: Mistletoe )

AN: I don't know where my muses are going with this.... lololol
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AN: 25 of you (last I check) voted and your voice has been heard. The majority of you chose my Of Flesh, Fur, and Fang universe so here we go! I promised to write in the universe but I never promised who! Enjoy this little bit of fun that will last for the next 24 or so days!

[If you have not read the beginning of this you can find it here. For now you are alright to not have read it if you want to dive in, but you will get more out of it if you read that first.]

Of Seasons and Spots
Together )

AN: So there you have it! For my old readers, this begins a few months after Of Blood and Brooms, and we will be seeing some old friends and adventures from that. For any new readers welcome! This looks like it could be a trip. I swear I intended to do some silly little drabbles for 25 days and then the muses said "PLOT" so here we are... Comments are love?
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I realized today that I haven't written anything to be posted since August.... *breaks down in tears*. Last year I did 25 days of writing and I'm thinking I'm going to do the same thing again this year. I already decided I'm doing one set in my Space universe, but I'm thinking maybe I can manage another universe. So I'll let you guys decided what kind of universe you would like! Vote in the poll below to let me know! (and feel free to leave comments)! Anyone can vote even if you are a silent reader! (I'm not sure how many people I actually have hanging around anymore lolol)

[Poll #1882434]
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I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

Read more... )

AN: So my muses are totally writers blocked and this is what they come up with?! I quit...


Aug. 8th, 2012 06:09 pm
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For: [livejournal.com profile] renichifreak
Song prompt: Within Temptation - Somewhere

Somewhere )

AN: Boy is it good to be writing again. I don't think I realized how much I had missed it until I picked it back up. This was supposed to be much shorter but the muses did not want to be reigned in. So it turned into this. It could have gone much much longer, but I am going to let it be right here. Let me know what you think.

Hey guys

Aug. 8th, 2012 12:14 pm
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I'm not dead I swear! (although I have no idea how many of you are still holding on after such a long dry spell). I know it has been forever since I have written much of anything, but the muses have somewhat vanished on me... Some of them ran due to crazy job situations or just life in general and the others ran due to the strange circumstances I found myself in. I need them back! Partly because I have a competition I am in that I need to write for, but also because I love to write and don't want to stop doing that.

So you know what time it is! Prompts always encourage them out of their holes. And this time I'm not going to give you any constraints on what you can do! Just tell me a few things. You all know my niches that I write the best in but feel free to go outside those!

Max Rating:
Song: (that I can listen to while I write)

Looking forward to writing again!


May. 29th, 2012 10:21 pm
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Mine )

AN: Well this was inspired by this photo. The muses would not let it go until I wrote something and since I live to please the muses...
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Mint and Lilac )


AN: This happened before they broke free and at the time of this little piece they were both 13. I will be adding their birth dates to the Masterlist because it's gets tiresome to try and work in stating them without being obvious about it every time lol. I figure if anyone wants to know they can do the math.
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Episode One )

AN: Well needless to say this was inspired by Big Bang's Fantastic Baby MV. It really was something that I watched and said... "dang that looks like it is almost straight from my Flesh, Fur, and Fang universe!" I mean really did anyone else see Seungri in that and thing Vampire Master? I certainly did. Anyway I'm certain you noticed that this says Episode one. I will be doing little snippets on these characters every now and again when inspiration strikes. I don't promise to write another thing using them (although I'm fairly certain it will happen) but even if I do I have no idea when it will be. I hope you enjoyed this!

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