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For [livejournal.com profile] renichifreak

“Hold still damn it!” the younger of the pair growled as his hands grasped the elder’s head firmly and moved it under the warm stream of water.

“It hurts,” the older man whined sounding pitiful at best.

“Of course it does.”


“Don’t whine at me. You’re the idiot who opened his eyes and got shampoo in them,” the younger man muttered.

“I had to see who you were. Last time I was showering and someone came in it was Sungyeol and he stole all of my clothes and my towel.” The pain in his eyes was beginning to lessen under the spray of the water as a combination of the spray and his tears rinsed his eyes.

“Dongwoo-hyung,” he could hear scolding in the younger man’s voice and knew that he would have likely been gifted with a lengthy lecture if the man had thought it appropriate. Instead he silently submitted to the tipping this way and that by the firm hands and the fingers that ran through his hair rinsing the rest of the offending substance from it. “There,” Myungsoo declared at last, releasing him at last and taking a step back.

Mindful of the water still pouring down on his head, Dongwoo took a step forward before opening his eyes. “Thank you,” he murmured as his eyes focused on the blurry image of the younger man.

“Just ask who it is next time hyung,” Myungsoo told him with an exasperated sigh.

“Probably a better idea,” Dongwoo agreed, looking sheepish. “Sorry about your shirt,” he said, gesturing to the now soaked piece of nightwear.

Myungsoo shrugged, “It will dry. Your eyes however, needed to be saved. Our manager would have killed us if they got damaged or something.” The concern lacing the other man’s voice was touching and he had to force himself to turn back to the wall to find where his body wash had run off to.

By the time Dongwoo was done cleansing himself, Myungsoo had brushed his teeth and was leaning against the closed door, with a soggy shirt in hand. “Are you finished yet?” he asked crossly.

“You didn’t have to stay,” Dongwoo pointed out lightly shutting off the water.

“Knowing you, you would have decided to wipe your eyes with your hands covered in your body wash, and I wasn’t going to be responsible for being the last one to see you before you destroyed yourself.”

It was a valid point, even if it was treating him like a child, but he couldn’t resist responding as he turned to shut off the water. “That and you like watching me touch myself,” he teased. It was a statement that would have made most of the members jaws drop to hear, but he knew it would ruffle Myungsoo’s feathers.

When he turned to look at the young man he saw a flash of irritation and then fluff as his towel hit him in the face. Thankfully he managed to catch it before it dropped to the damp ground. “I’m going to bed,” Myungsoo snapped. “I’m not sure if you are invited in our room or not.”

He didn’t wait for a response as he stormed from the room and Dongwoo swallowed. Hopefully their bedroom door wouldn’t be locked. If it was he wasn’t certain what he would do, although he could always crawl in Sungyeol’s bed. He did, after all, owe the young man for the previous week and waking him up by dripping water on his face seemed almost too good to pass up.

AN: For anyone wondering, Infinite has offically joined the cast of muses in my mind... Not to mention they have wormed their way into one of my universes and created their own already (in which I refuse to move past the planning stages). I'm still learning their characters but I'm completely in love with them. Now to find where the fanfiction community for this group is... (and I need an Infinite icon!)
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Coffee Mugs )

AN: Some days I worry about my muses.
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Waking Up with Fuzzy Pink Sweaters )

AN: So it is funny how easily this trio just comes to me.
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Because I am bored out of my little mind (is it possible to go crazy from listening to classical music being played in a resturaunt?) I'm going to take some drabble requests. This, unfortunately, is also code for my muses will not work on what I tell them too and I have newly naughty muses who are joining the fray... So here is what I need from you.

Morning Word: (could be something that you do, something that happens in the morning, ect.)
Group: (Choose from Super Junior, SS501, SHINee, Big Bang, DBSK (all 5 thank you very much), and Infinite (yes I write them now /dies))
Max Rating:
Universe: (Either one of my existing ones, real world, or something you would like to see)
Prompt: (a brief idea that I may or may not actually incorporate, depending on the muses...)

There you go. Go! Request! in the mean time I'm going to play games on facebook and try to drown out the bad classical with the kpop in my head...
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Warning: The first scene earns the NC-17 rating. If sex bothers you, jump to the scene cut... otherwise, enjoy. ^^;

A Broken side story
Part Four )

AN: And there you have it, the end of Hidden. I wanted to get this up before I got busy today so you all could read it. Thanks to the five of you who commented on the chapters! I really appreciated reading them! If you enjoyed this piece you may want to jump over and take a look at Broken. [livejournal.com profile] saanrio and I are working on co-writing a continuation of Onew/Key/Jonghyun's story once they get to their destination. So never fear there will be more of them! Let me know what you thought of this little four part journey...
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A Broken side story
Part Three )
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A Broken side story
Part Two )
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A Broken side story
Part One )
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A Love Greater Than Time
For [livejournal.com profile] xcrimsonxangelx
Set in the universe of Of Flesh, Fur, and Fang and Of Blood and Brooms

“I love you,” he whispered softly, still clearly audible to the other werewolf’s sharp hearing.

“I would hope so,” the man replied with a smile, tucking the last of the dishes away in their rightful place.

Hands settled at his hips, warm and comforting, drawing his body back into a solid form as soon as he had closed the door to the storage container for their dishware. “I really love you,” the man murmured nibbling at his ear gently.

“Kangin,” he said patiently, relaxing into the strong hold, “I know that. What brought on this declaration?”

“We’ve been together a long time,” the man said as if it was his way of explanation. A long time was an understatement of the century since they had been together for 362 years and 4 months by his count. “And we have been through a lot together.”

At the words his mind raced back over the years, over the countless battles they had weathered both inside and out. It raced back over the numerous additions to their pack, the joy in seeing its members find their own mates and the wonder when a precious few were able to produce children from that bond. He remembered the laughter of the pups playing through their house, the deep sorrow as a member of their pack was killed and her mate’s longing to follow her into death, the struggle to save him, and the peace of seeing him mated again.

He could remember the closely guarded secret of their race, and the point in time when science grew so advanced that they couldn’t hide what they were any longer. He remembered the genocide of their kind, the fight that had wiped out over half of their pack and left every wolf within changed; the fight for their simple survival against the fragile yet tenacious creatures that they almost all used to be. He remembered the pain, the fear, the joy, and the tears. He remembered that through it all, they had been together.

“We have,” he murmured, turning in the hold of the other man so that they could face each other, “and you know that I love you deeper than any words can express. You can feel it, so why this sudden train of thought?”

“I was just thinking,” the Alpha admitted.

“Dangerous thing that is,” the man quipped drawing a smile from the older wolf.

“What would I have done if I had lost you?”

“Gone on like you always have. You have the pack to protect,” Leeteuk replied, knowing that it was the truth.

“Siwon and his mate can take care of them,” he brushed off. “I’m old, and I’m tired.” The words brought back a fear that had begun bubbling at the back of Leeteuk’s mind as of late. He himself was ancient as far as human life spans went, living well over his share of years, but Kangin, although he had never said, had to be nearly double that. Most old wolves lost a part of themselves to their Beasts and he was surprised that Kangin hadn’t.

“Our pack is safe now, safer than they were before the Discovery,” he said firmly referring the common name for the time when humanity had discovered the existence of supernatural things as more than simply tale or myth. “It’s like the days back when I was born but with better technology.”

“Yes I do so enjoy running water,” Leeteuk said with a smile, an attempt to lighten the mood.

“I’m not quite that old,” Kangin grinned.

“Some civilizations did have running water fairly early on,” he countered. Kangin laughed and growled all at the same time, leaning in to steal a kiss.

“You know what I mean,” he rumbled against the other man’s lips.

“I do,” Leeteuk replied honestly. “And when you are ready to go swimming, you know I will be right there beside you.”

“I know.” Any werewolf overhearing their conversation would know instantly what it was that they were referring too. Werewolves could not simply die of old age, the magic in their blood healed them too quickly for that. They could, however, both be killed and commit suicide since no werewolf could float and most could not swim. A silver bullet to the head would work just as well, but few wolves chose to end it in that way. “I could never be responsible for your death.”

“And so here we are, 200 years later, having the same old conversation,” Leeteuk told him. “Go make something useful of yourself, after all you are Alpha over a fairly large domain. I’m sure there is someone who has trouble you can sort out.”

“Bleh,” he grimaced, “It’s all fights over territory and mates with these pups. It gets tiring.”

“Yes your life has been oh so boring since the humans fled,” Leeteuk said dryly reminding him of the moment nearly 50 years ago when the humans who could not beat all things supernatural had fled to the cities built in the sky to leave those they called ‘beasts’ to rule the earth. That had suited the species left behind just fine and by mutual agreement they had stripped down several of the humans more massive cities to something more reminiscent of a time nearly 500 years before. “Now you know how I feel doing your house work day after day.”

“I told you we could hire someone else for that,” Kangin said with a wince.

Leeteuk shooed him away, “I enjoy it. Now go do something productive and let me clean my kitchen. I need to get ready for dinner tomorrow the Inner Pack is coming over.”

“Then by all means I will take my leave,” Kangin grinned and held up his hands in defeat.

“Good. You might as well go help Zhou mi. I heard he was going to try his Quieter influence on a dragon again, and you know how well that went last time,” Leeteuk informed him.

Kangin chuckled, “About as well as it did when he tried to Quiet a Fae for the first time. I might just do that.” Leeteuk could see the bunching of muscle in Kangin’s upper body as he rolled his shoulders. The excitement at the prospect of a fight was bubbling through their bond, and Leeteuk shook his head as he moved back to the counter. A bored wolf was one who thought of silly things like going for a final late night swim and Kangin tended to be more bored then most.

He could hear his mate bounding out of the house, and unlike hundreds of years ago, he didn’t worry for his return. The worst that could happen would be the death of them and after all their time of living, that didn’t seem altogether that bad. After all, no matter what sort of trouble the Alpha got up too, he could feel, as steady as the first day he felt it, the deep pulse of love and that made everything alright.

AN: Well when I said I wanted the muses to wake up, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind... I guess this is what happens when you have characters that are nearly immortal... interesting... lol
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So I was thinking for a while about going on Hiatus because I'm fairly busy and there are many projects that I need to finish and little time to do so... however you all know me. I just can't stay away. I was looking back over some of my stuff and grinning because all of my readers make me smile. ^_^

So, like I always tend to do, we are going to have a request post to add to my workload. lol. Ok really my muses just need to come crawling out of hiding and I'm hoping to encourage them, but there is a catch!

If you have ever requested anything from me you may NOT request anything for this particular one. I'm hoping to draw a few more of those silent readers out into the open. lol. So if you have never asked for anything from me, here is your chance!

What I need:

Group: the sky is the limit on this....
Max rating:
Word: any word you want...

Well that is a little random... ah well lets see what we can come up with!
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Of Blood and Brooms
Chapter Seventeen )


AN: And so this comes to an end. I'm somewhat sad to see it end as I have loved this little universe. I already am feeling the urge to write in it again so I highly doubt that this will be it.... However I am hoping that my next large project will be something that some of you have been waiting for a very long time for. Here is hopping that the muses will fully cooperate with me on that. I hope everyone enjoyed the end of this story!


Sep. 30th, 2011 11:58 pm
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“Who are you?” Donghae asked staring at the foot of the bed and the young woman that had suddenly appeared there from seemingly nowhere.

She, dressed in the sheer bright fabrics that he associated with a desert people straight out of the movies, inclined her head as if she was pondering the best way to answer. “You could call me a genie of sorts, I suppose,” she replied finally. Her voice was soft, musical even, and it soothed him without him really realizing why.

The young man sent a sideways glance at the glass sitting on the small table beside the bed. He didn’t think that Leeteuk would have spiked it with anything, but there was hardly another explanation for the apparition that had appeared in front of him. Hotel security wasn’t as good at that of their apartment, but he highly doubted that a young woman would be able to sneak all the way to the fifteenth floor and into his room without anyone having noticed. Logic dictated that he was either drunk or dreaming and he found that he didn’t much care which.

“I get a wish then?” he asked, grinning. He might as well stretch this as far as he could.

“Yes,” she replied, shifting and crossing one leg over the other daintily, causing the flowing lavender material to shift around her. “You have one wish you may make.”

“Just one? I thought the rule was three?” he grumbled. Even his imagination was giving him the short end of the stick.

She sighed, and he wondered if she heard that complaint a lot. “Do you see a lamp? Three wishes is for those bound to lamp. One wish is for those of us that choose from need.” That sounded needlessly cryptic even for his imagination, and he would rather not think too hard on it. He nodded his understanding and she smiled, possibly relieved that she didn’t have to elaborate. “What is your wish? What would you change?”

There were so many things he could wish for, so much that he wanted. He could wish for life for his father, although he was fairly certain that was in the genie’s big book of Impossible Three. He could wish for a wife, a woman to spoil and to hold him in the dark of the night. He could wish for health abundant for his fellow members, for bodies so healthy that they wouldn’t know what to do with it. He could wish for an end to the lawsuits or for that matter a freak fire to consume certain key people and things. So many thoughts flitted across his mind, but the one on his heart was so much simpler than any other.

“I wish to go back to the time before this was a job, before I got paid, and before I started hating being on stage,” he whispered.

The smile of the young woman was sad as she gazed upon him. “As with all good things, it will come to an end,” she told him gently.

He nodded, remembering the movies and book, how a wish or request could go badly. Donghae thought momentarily about retracting the request but her hand was already reaching out, fingers brushing gently against his forehead. “Enjoy your wish,” she murmured, and his eyes fluttered shut as the softness of the bed faded beneath him.

For a few hours, Lee Donghae lost himself in a lighter time, a time where the stage was still new and every moment was exciting. He relished the excited flutter of his heart, the crack of his voice, the tremble of his limbs, the screams of the fans. The moments with the members of his group, with all thirteen there, going over the steps one more time before they went on, retracting their moves because they wanted to be perfect, not because someone said they had to be. He breathed in the scent of the stage, the lights, the drying paint and sweat as if it were the first time again. Every moment he savored as the music started and he moved with a joy long gone, sang with a heart that had melted away.

Each moment he took and stored within himself so that when his eyes opened to the cold hotel room and he felt the weariness of his body, he had something to get him through, something to help him last. He could hear the echoes of her words fading with the sharpness of the feelings, ‘What is your wish?’

At one point in his life he had thought he would always be able to say he wouldn’t wish for a thing, that he had everything that he had dreamed of. He didn’t know when that had changed to the deepest wish of his being, the answer that he could never speak.

“What would you change?”


AN: This came to me as I was driving home and Airplanes by B.O.B. came on my ipod. Immediately I thought of Super Junior as I have more and more while listening to that song lately. It just seems like that song could easily be the cry of their hearts. In a way I suppose this is my response to the recent performances that they have been giving. Even the most unobservant fan can see that their hearts are not in it right now and it is just so sad...
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So I was chatting online with one of my friends and we started talking about accents and words that we use because we live in different parts of the world. From there we decided to do a voice meme thing and she found one that seemed sort of fun. So I did it... *dies of embarissment* All the pics in this vid are ones that I took because I was too lazy to get my webcam hooked up and I wanted to give you all something to look at while listening to me go on and on lol....

Here is the orginal script I followed:

"Your name and username.

Where you’re from.

Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

What do you call gym shoes?

What do you call your grandparents?

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Choose a book and read a passage to it.

Do you think you have an accent?

Be a wizard or a vampire?

Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?"
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Of Blood and Brooms
Chapter 16 )

Chapter Seventeen


AN: So here it is! The second to last chapter! I hope all of you are still enjoying it as much as I am. One more chapter and we are done. The good news is that I have it already written and off to the betas! (or it will be shortly... ^^;)

Come join me at google + if you have an account! I'm in need of friends! But let me know that you are a reader so I can add you to my circle for some exclusive preview content. Here (I think)
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Title: In the Prince’s Garden
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat_elric
Team: AU
Rating: R
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Heechul/Hangeng (other side pairings will occur or be hinted at)
Summary: The Prince of the land is a spoiled selfish brat concerned only with his own wellbeing and pleasure. Yet the one thing the prince wants, he can never have – his first and favorite Petal as his personal lover. However if something isn’t done fast none of it will matter as there won’t be a kingdom left for the Prince to rule over.
Author's Note: Thanks to my two wonderful betas who read through this for me. Also thanks for all the support from the team! You guys are great!
Prompt Used: T-ara - Wae Ireoni

In the Prince’s Garden )

Part Two
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Part 2 )

AN: This was originally written for team AU for kpopolymfics (which my team won. Go us!) Unfortunately I think only 2 people voted on it and the votes were so so for it. Still I decided to share it here since I am suspicious that most of you never made it over there. I hope you enjoyed this!
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So I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] saanrio and have decided to work on the periodically when the mood strikes me. So to that end this post will be updated with them whenever I get the chance to do so. Enjoy!

Step 1: Write down the names of 10 characters.

Step 2: Write a fic of [at least] twenty five words for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. DO NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

Characters/Prompts )

Drabbles )
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Of Blood and Brooms
Chapter 15 )

Chapter Sixteen


AN: Sorry that it has been so long since I have posted a chapter! Most of that is to blame on muses that didn't want any part of the battle scenes... Thank you all for sticking with me. I only think there are a few more chapters before this will be considered done so hang in there! I can't tell you all how much I appreciate your patience. I don't get any messages or e-mails demanding that I update or complaining that I haven't and I really appreciate that!

On a slightly different note, I have recently discovered Google+. I like it much better then facebook already! I plan to use it as a way to communicate with and follow my friends and what not but I would also love to use it as a way to communicate with my readers. If you happen to have a google+ account you can find me over there listed as Katharina Wine. Feel free to drop me a line and add me to any circle you like. If I realize that you are one of my readers I will add you to the 'readers' circle where I will be sharing sneak peaks and news about my writing.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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*sings and dances* My computer is back! My computer is back!

For those of you who don't follow me on twitter, I had to call Dell almost 2 weeks ago about some repairs on my laptop. The screen was flickering and the headphone jack would no longer properly transmit sound. They sent out a tech guy with the parts to my house and the man took apart my computer replaced the parts, put it all back together, and found that it wouldn't turn on. After working with it for 2 hours he called Dell and they said I would have to ship it in (the tech guy at my house told me he was almost certain that the mother board they sent for him to put in was dead and that was why it wasn't turning on). So I had to wait for a box and ship it away so they could fix it and now it is home! It even got a new keyboard along with everything else. I hadn't asked for it but they probably saw that it was so well used that they might as well replace it.

Grand total for all the hassle on my computer: $0

I love having a warentee on this thing. ^_^

Of course this means that the whole next chapter (which I may be finished with) is all written in a notebook and now needs to be translated into type, lol. That should be fun!
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Of Blood and Brooms
Chapter Fourteen )

Chapter Fifteen


AN: See the battle has started! *ducks from the potential of angry readers*

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