Nov. 23rd, 2011

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For [ profile] renichifreak

“Hold still damn it!” the younger of the pair growled as his hands grasped the elder’s head firmly and moved it under the warm stream of water.

“It hurts,” the older man whined sounding pitiful at best.

“Of course it does.”


“Don’t whine at me. You’re the idiot who opened his eyes and got shampoo in them,” the younger man muttered.

“I had to see who you were. Last time I was showering and someone came in it was Sungyeol and he stole all of my clothes and my towel.” The pain in his eyes was beginning to lessen under the spray of the water as a combination of the spray and his tears rinsed his eyes.

“Dongwoo-hyung,” he could hear scolding in the younger man’s voice and knew that he would have likely been gifted with a lengthy lecture if the man had thought it appropriate. Instead he silently submitted to the tipping this way and that by the firm hands and the fingers that ran through his hair rinsing the rest of the offending substance from it. “There,” Myungsoo declared at last, releasing him at last and taking a step back.

Mindful of the water still pouring down on his head, Dongwoo took a step forward before opening his eyes. “Thank you,” he murmured as his eyes focused on the blurry image of the younger man.

“Just ask who it is next time hyung,” Myungsoo told him with an exasperated sigh.

“Probably a better idea,” Dongwoo agreed, looking sheepish. “Sorry about your shirt,” he said, gesturing to the now soaked piece of nightwear.

Myungsoo shrugged, “It will dry. Your eyes however, needed to be saved. Our manager would have killed us if they got damaged or something.” The concern lacing the other man’s voice was touching and he had to force himself to turn back to the wall to find where his body wash had run off to.

By the time Dongwoo was done cleansing himself, Myungsoo had brushed his teeth and was leaning against the closed door, with a soggy shirt in hand. “Are you finished yet?” he asked crossly.

“You didn’t have to stay,” Dongwoo pointed out lightly shutting off the water.

“Knowing you, you would have decided to wipe your eyes with your hands covered in your body wash, and I wasn’t going to be responsible for being the last one to see you before you destroyed yourself.”

It was a valid point, even if it was treating him like a child, but he couldn’t resist responding as he turned to shut off the water. “That and you like watching me touch myself,” he teased. It was a statement that would have made most of the members jaws drop to hear, but he knew it would ruffle Myungsoo’s feathers.

When he turned to look at the young man he saw a flash of irritation and then fluff as his towel hit him in the face. Thankfully he managed to catch it before it dropped to the damp ground. “I’m going to bed,” Myungsoo snapped. “I’m not sure if you are invited in our room or not.”

He didn’t wait for a response as he stormed from the room and Dongwoo swallowed. Hopefully their bedroom door wouldn’t be locked. If it was he wasn’t certain what he would do, although he could always crawl in Sungyeol’s bed. He did, after all, owe the young man for the previous week and waking him up by dripping water on his face seemed almost too good to pass up.

AN: For anyone wondering, Infinite has offically joined the cast of muses in my mind... Not to mention they have wormed their way into one of my universes and created their own already (in which I refuse to move past the planning stages). I'm still learning their characters but I'm completely in love with them. Now to find where the fanfiction community for this group is... (and I need an Infinite icon!)
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So I am dilegently at work to edit and release the first book of From the Soul to the Song as a complete file (it's been so long does anyone even remember that story any more, or care? ^^;). During the editing process I have decided that I would like to include a few extra deleted scenes to say thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me this far. To that end I am looking for ideas. Was their something that wasn't written or simply just got cut short that you would like to read about? If so let me know in a comment here and I will be adding it to my list of potential extra sceens.

In other news I have the notes all laid out for the second book and that will be my next project *glares at muses to get them on board*

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