Aug. 25th, 2011

kat_elric: (Is the oven on?)
*sings and dances* My computer is back! My computer is back!

For those of you who don't follow me on twitter, I had to call Dell almost 2 weeks ago about some repairs on my laptop. The screen was flickering and the headphone jack would no longer properly transmit sound. They sent out a tech guy with the parts to my house and the man took apart my computer replaced the parts, put it all back together, and found that it wouldn't turn on. After working with it for 2 hours he called Dell and they said I would have to ship it in (the tech guy at my house told me he was almost certain that the mother board they sent for him to put in was dead and that was why it wasn't turning on). So I had to wait for a box and ship it away so they could fix it and now it is home! It even got a new keyboard along with everything else. I hadn't asked for it but they probably saw that it was so well used that they might as well replace it.

Grand total for all the hassle on my computer: $0

I love having a warentee on this thing. ^_^

Of course this means that the whole next chapter (which I may be finished with) is all written in a notebook and now needs to be translated into type, lol. That should be fun!

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