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AN: Takes place after the events of Dragon Prince. It is not necessary to read that story to enjoy this drabble but things would certainly make more sense.

Sneaky Kisses
For [livejournal.com profile] renichifreak

It wasn’t cheating, he decided, to use the magic that was at his disposal to dodge his insistent guard. Even if he was technically borrowing his mate’s magic to cloak himself with the shimmering water technique that Youngsaeng had showed him a few years ago, it was still enough his for him to not feel too bad about it. Besides, the meeting that he was avoiding was a silly one, something about harvests and what not.

It wasn’t as though he didn’t find that important, he did, he simply didn’t know the first thing about it. Jungmin and Hyungjoon would be miffed at him for leaving them to deal with the Agricultural Masters by themselves but they would eventually get over it, not to mention that they would do a much better job than he ever could.

The King stifled a laugh as the guards ran through the courtyard frantically searching for him. He would let them know, in an hour or two, that he wasn’t kidnapped or anything. Until then he felt it was healthy for them to be just a touch frantic, it kept them on their toes after all.

Stealthily he crept from what was the public portion of the large castle to his own private quarters. Upon turning the corner into his garden, he saw his daughter Haneul, seated on the back of what she had deemed as her dragon. The little white dragon was no larger than a dog but seemed happy to carry the child wherever they went. The King might have worried more if the dragon had been able to fly, but Youngsaeng assured him that it would be a few years before Leeteuk’s wings were strong enough to do more than flap playfully.

Beside the dragon and it’s rider walked Yunho, captain of his personal guard, with a frown fixed on his face. “Where is the King? Leeteuk, you should be able to find him,” Yunho instructed softly.

The young dragon chirped softly and swung his head to look directly at where the King was standing. He had been afraid that the little one could see through the magic he was using and he made a gesture to the dragon. There was a moment where he wondered if he was going to be found out, then the dragon laid down where he stood with a soft noise.

On his back Haneul frowned, “It is not naptime,” she scolded her best friend. At six years of age she was talking up a storm recently, something that always warmed his heart to hear.

If Leeteuk answered her, he did so in her mind alone because she simply smiled and shrugged up at Yunho. “Leeteuk is sleepy, but he is sure that daddy is fine. Maybe he will show up in a few hours,” she offered as she climbed from the dragon and laid down on the warm stones beside him.

Yunho released a frustrated sigh and scanned the garden. “Well when your daddy shows up, I might have to give him a spanking,” he grumbled, to which Haneul giggled. “I have to go look for your daddy, I’ll send Uncle Yoochun along to look after you in a moment. Don’t move from this spot until he gets here.” Yunho ordered. He didn’t wait for an answer before he strode out of the garden at a brisk walk.

The little girl and her dragon exchanged a look, then at the same time they rose to their feet and took exactly ten steps to the right. Once again the settled onto the warm stones of the pathway and then dissolved into giggles. The King supposed that he was lucky that neither one felt the need to get up to more mischievous behavior.

Quietly he crept forward, until he was crouching in front of them, leaving the spell surrounding himself active. “Haneul,” he whispered, “where is your papa?”

Haneul didn’t seem surprised to hear his voice even though she couldn’t see him, and he figured that Leeteuk had very likely told her he was there. “Leeteuk says he is sunning on his rock up top,” she told him.

“Thanks baby. Be good for your Uncles alright,” he told her.

Her smile was lined with unspoken trouble, “I’m always good daddy.”

He reached out and ruffled her hair affectionately, “I know you are.” Then he rose and moved away from them, leaving the little girl leaning against the side of her dragon.

Youngsaeng would be up on the top of the highest tower if what Haneul had told him was true. The tower was made primarily from dark stone, and on days like this one when the sun was out and high in the sky, it would become a warm surface that the dragons loved to relax on, although the larger ones could hardly fit. When he reached the base of the tower, he thought about calling Youngsaeng to get him, but that would defeat the entire purpose since Youngsaeng was likely hiding here himself.

Instead he began to climb the many stairs on the inside of the tower. Every once in a while a door would appear beside the stairs and was an entrance to a room that could hold any number of things. By the time he reached the top of the tower, he had to pause for a moment to slow his breathing. Youngsaeng would probably hear his approach anyway, but there was no sense in giving the dragon an unfair advantage.

When he was breathing normally, he eased open the door leading onto the roof of the tower. It swung open silently and he was thankful that the caretakers of this castle did such an excellent job with it. Youngsaeng was immediately visible on the roof, stretched out in a straight line from nose to tail tip. His wings where spread lazily open so that the warm sun could soak into the black surface. Dragons weren’t cold blooded like their lizard cousins and Youngsaeng could even control his own body temperature through his magic, but the King had yet to meet a dragon who didn’t like to lay in the sun like a giant lazy cat.

As quietly as he could, he crept to the side of his mate. A single touch would be all that it would take to alert Youngsaeng to his presence and he debated on just where to touch the dragon. Eventually he settled on the soft skin where the dragon’s wing joined the rest of his body. It was the only space that he had been able to find that wasn’t covered in the protective scales that served as armor for the dragon and it seemed to be one of his most sensitive areas.

With a wicked smile on his face, he reached out and stroked his fingers over the area. The reaction was an immediate purr and the dragon’s wings shuddered. Encouraged he repeated the action and wasn’t surprised in the slightest when he felt a tug on the back of his clothing. Youngsaeng was easily strong enough to lift him any number of ways and he did so now by simply holding the King’s clothing between his sharp teeth.

Gently he was set down in front of the dragon and Youngsaeng offered him a lazy look. ‘Only a crazy man tries to arouse a dragon,’ he purred.

“Or a man who loves the wings on his dragon mate,” the King returned.

A pleased rumble flowed through the dragon, ‘Your disguise needs some work, my love.’

The King grinned and let the illusion hiding him fall away. “It fooled my guards, but clearly not our children.”

‘Good,’ Youngsaeng’s voice in his mind carried a hint of pride, ‘I would hope they could see through something as simple as that.’

Humming in agreement, the King stepped forward and ran his fingers over the smooth scales along Youngsaeng’s large head. “Yes,” he agreed and then kissed the end of the dragons muzzle softly. “Now are you going to change for me, or are we finally going to figure out how to make love like this?”

Youngsaeng chuckled warmly. ‘No matter how much you want me in this form, my love, that would never work.’ Before he had even spoken, Youngsaeng’s shape was already shifting and shrinking, scales giving away to soft human skin.

It only took a moment or two before Youngsaeng was standing before the King in his nude human form. “Better?” he asked, offering his mate a grin.

“A bit,” the King returned stepping forward and wrapping an arm around Youngsaeng’s waist to tug him close. “I am rather fond of your wings though.”

“I know,” Youngsaeng grinned running his hands down the King’s back. “Someday I’ll leave them out for you while we make love. You would love that wouldn’t you?”

The King’s eyes were sparkling with mischief. “I love every part of you equally.”

“I’m sure you do,” Youngsaeng agreed leaning forward and pecking his mate lightly on the lips.

“You can do better than that,” the King challenged, dropping his other hand to Youngsaeng’s ass and squeezing lightly.

“So I can,” the dragon agree, as he leaned back in. He kissed his mate, long and deep, forcing his tongue past willing lips and rocking his hips into the King’s equally eager ones. “Hyunjoong,” he murmured against his mate’s lips.

“They are looking for me,” the man told him. “It won’t take them long to come looking here, where you normally are.”

“Well then let’s make it difficult for them shall we?” Youngsaeng said with a grin. He lifted a hand and held it out towards the door the King had entered through as he kissed the man again. When they broke apart this time, the King looked towards the doorway and saw it sealed closed with ice so thick he couldn’t see through it.

“That should hold them for a while,” he said with mirth in his voice.

“Mm,” Hyunjoong agreed. “Now if only you could make us a nice bed.”

“I’ll work on that,” Youngsaeng replied with false sincerity as he pulled the King down onto the warm stone.

“You do that,” Hyunjoong ordered, then lost himself in the kiss of his mate.

AN: What do I do when gas prices are shooting through the roof, teachers pay (my pay in the future) is getting hacked to bits, and I'm in a grumpy mood? I write fluffy request fics that is what.

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