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I really shouldn't do this because I have so much to do, but I'm going to do another drabble request post because I feel like writing some fluff and everything I'm supposed to be writing might not be very fluffy. lol

So here is what I need from you.

Group: (any)
Pairing: (any)
Song: (any song that you would like me to base it on/get the feeling from while writing)
Kiss type: (examples: First kiss, wake up kiss, morning kiss, ect.)
Universe: (Please limit to band fics or a universe that I have already created)
Any other ideas:

No limit on how many can request, but it is first come first written and I make no promises to be able to write all of your requests, especially if you are like number fifteen! lo
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First Kisses

“What are you doing?” Kibum asked him in only slightly accented English as he loomed over head.

“Practicing our dance,” Alexander answered in the same language, as his feet and arms continuing to move despite the face he was sprawled on his back on Kibum’s bedroom floor.

Kibum’s nose wrinkled as it always did when he was trying to figure out the proper phrasing of what he wanted to say in English. For a moment Alexander thought to take pity on him and switch to Korean, but it had been Kibum’s request that they practice English together in the first place that had got the man into the situation. Instead he continued to move his arms in the patterns for their latest song, careful not to bang his elbows against the floor.

“Why?” Kibum said finally, clearly not what he had originally wanted but close enough.

“I need to practice our choreography but I’m too tired to stand,” Alexander replied.

“You look like you are swim,” Kibum told him.

“Swimming,” Alexander corrected. “I look like I am swimming,” then he grinned, “No I don’t this would be swimming.” He started to flail his arms and legs on purpose using both to scoot himself across the floor while laughing in a way that would have made Kevin proud.

“You look silly,” Kibum managed, smiling as he said it.

Alexander figured that he was probably correct since he could feel that one of his pant legs was bunched up to his knee, the other down where it was supposed to be, his shirt was mostly gathered up under his armpits where his travels across the floor had shoved it, and he was pretty certain that one of his socks was only half on his foot. All in all Kibum was correct, so he stuck his tongue out as the man and wildly swung a leg out towards him.

It probably wasn’t his brightest move of the night, since his leg catching Kibum’s sent the other man sprawling on top of him with a grunt. He didn’t care what people though, it never felt good when someone’s elbow landed on his abdomen, and he wiggled in an effort to rearrange it. “You’re heavy,” he whined.

Kibum watched him for a moment, clearly not caring in the least that his elbow was probably ruining Alexander’s spleen before he narrowed his eyes and murmured, “약올리고 약올려 날 자꾸.”

Alexander’s face morphed to an expression of confusion as Kibum spoke one of the lines from their most recent song. “내가 그렇게-렇게 만만하니,” Alexander countered, singing the first line and then grinning. “Now say it in English,” he challenged.

Kibum looked at him for a long moment and then, before Alexander could really realize what happened, he leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth. Alexander barely had time to process what had happened before Kibum had broken the kiss. “You keep teasing me,” he said in English, his lips still close enough that they brushed Alexander’s with every carefully pronounced syllable.

“Am I that easy?” Alexander returned, translating the line he had spoken, still not certain what was happening.

“Yes,” Kibum purred, and kissed him again.

AN: Not a pairing I would typically write but still fun... No idea where this came from either. lol. Request your own kiss drabble here.
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Breathless Kisses

For [livejournal.com profile] snoorella

They will kiss first thing in the morning if they happen to be in bed together. It doesn’t happen often, since more times than not Zhou mi is doing his own thing, Kyuhyun is doing his and if they are resting at the same time, let alone in the same country, then they call it a great feat just to wish each other good morning through the phone. The best times are when Super Junior M promotions are in full swing and they are hopping from Chinese city to city like crazy men, but at least at the beginning of the day they can wake up in one bed together in a hotel room, smile at each other, and then kiss.

Often, even when near each other, they can’t wake up together so they settle for their morning bathroom kiss. It’s the kiss when Kyuhyun has just gotten out of the shower and Zhou mi is getting in. When they pass each other in the tight confines of the bathroom and Zhou mi’s hand always slides to Kyuhyun’s still damp waist as he pulls him close and kisses him deeply. The Chinese man always manages to get a handful of Kyuhyun’s ass, usually beneath the towel, before they are through and Kyuhyun is certain to get in a grope of his own, since fair is fair after all.

They don’t always ride in the same vehicle to whatever the schedule for the day is, but if they do, they kiss there too, or at least Zhou mi calls it a kiss. Their fingers will tangle together on the seat between them, and it is just as intimate or – if Kyuhyun’s thumb happens to do the slow unconscious rub against the back of Zhou mi’s hand – even more so then a kiss, so it counts too. Kyuhyun disagrees, but then again he calls Zhou mi a hopeless romantic and he is right.

Kissing during hair and makeup is not only dangerous, it is also rather impractical. They tried it once, when every kiss was still new and Kyuhyun was pretty sure he would have tried to maul Zhou mi on stage if he had though he could get away with it. All they had done was spread lip gloss everywhere, which they had to take more time to wash off and then come up with something to tell their stylists when they needed more, because the truth just wouldn’t cut it – Kyuhyun was not going to ever explain to anyone that they would find some of the gloss from his lips somewhere beneath the fabric below Zhou mi’s belt.

Once had been more than enough for them to decide that that had been a bad idea, but it had never stopped them from trying for a kiss when they were on camera. Zhou mi secretly thought there must be a competition going on that he didn’t know about, because every time Kyuhyun leaned close and whispered in his ear – which counted as a kiss as far as they were both concerned due to the amount of tingles it sent down his spine – he would then look over and grin at Eunhyuk. After which Eunhyuk would drink from his water bottle and pass it to Donghae who would drink after him – a kiss in its own right – and then grin right back at Kyuhyun.

Really, if Kyuhyun was honest with himself, most days he would love to grab Zhou mi and kiss him hot and long right there on stage in front of all the fans and all the cameras. He’s certain that half of the fans would die from heart attacks and the other half would die from horror, because although they mostly like to pretend it would be nice if their favorite idols were gay, they would be appalled to find out that they were. So he doesn’t, because as hard as it is, he likes his job and Zhou mi likes his too.

The only exception, which isn’t really an exception since there are no cameras and they are hidden back stage, is at their concerts. It’s when their blood is high on adrenaline and depending on how the night is going, Zhou mi will sometimes get a look in his eyes that Kyuhyun would love to kill him for because it takes so long for them to sneak off for just a kiss. Kyuhyun makes sure that he gets a nice handful of one of his favorite parts of Zhou mi in retaliation, and then they break off, returning to the stage.

It’s nothing like the fanfictions he has read in the past. There is hardly enough time for them to change outfits most of the time, and the moments where they have more moments, they are spent catching their breath and reviewing what is next, not sneaking off to a room somewhere backstage for a quick bang.

Yet by far, Kyuhyun’s favorite kisses are when they return home for the night from whatever promotions they have been doing for the day. Zhou mi will always tug him into the nearest closet, or bathroom if that isn’t available, anywhere for them to have privacy, and kiss him until he is breathless and panting. A minute or two is all it takes, and then they will separate, going to wash up and get into bed.

The last kiss of the day always happens when they have fallen into bed. If they aren’t together, then they kiss through the phone, usually through text message, although it is never something obvious, but they both know and that is all that matters. If they do happen to be together, then they will share soft kiss, slower and slower, until they are just too tired to move anymore. Kyuhyun fell asleep kissing Zhou mi’s lips once, and woke up kissing his elbow and he is fairly certain it was one of the best times of his life.

Only very rarely, when they are willing to chance total exhaustion, do they kiss with their entire bodies. Then Zhou mi’s limbs will slid with Kyuhyun’s until they have no idea whose is whose anymore and everything becomes one long kiss that is more a sharing of air then kissing.

They know that one day their kisses will probably end or at least change, they aren’t naive enough to imagine this is forever. Possibly someday they will both be sharing kisses all day with a pretty woman that they have fallen in love with. Maybe Zhou mi will kiss his daughter good night, and Kyuhyun will kiss his son good morning. Someday, perhaps, their kisses will be nothing more than a memory, but they both think that they might be alright with that.

It isn’t as though the kisses don’t have meaning to them now, they do. Each kiss speaks of friendship, companionship, and maybe more. Possibly more importantly then that, if their kisses mean nothing else to anyone in the future, at least here and now they are something that is theirs and theirs alone. Something that makes Kyuhyun open his eyes in the morning so he can teasingly arch into Zhou mi’s touch and mouth in the bathroom after his shower. Something that makes Zhou mi want to go on stage, just so he can see that look in Kyuhyun eyes and know that the other man wants what he does almost as much if not more.

Somewhere, in their heart of hearts, both men know that one day they will look back on these days full of their kisses and if nothing else will remember one thing, when everything else in their lives was forcing them to breathe in any number of things, Zhou mi and Kyuhyun could always leave each other irrevocably breathless.

AN: Not exactly what I had in mind at first but it works... I think... lol. Hope you liked it dear! Request your own kiss drabble here.

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