Feb. 11th, 2011

kat_elric: (hehe hey guys - Aladin)
There are a few things I have to work on that I really need to focus on darn it! Muses work with me! You play nicely and then we can do what you want.... please? I'll give you cookies?

Has anyone else gotten comments recently that are completely spam? I keep reporting and deleting them but they keep showing up for all sorts of things (like a Russian one for an apartment in Petersberg). I have no idea where they are coming from but I really would wish they would stop. The comments of my readers are important to me and the random spam thing is irritating...

I also just watched the 5Dolls MV... I love CO-ED and I'm excited for 5Dolls, but I'm not sure how I feel about Jay being back in my Kpop (he guest stars in their new video). I think it would be different if what happened didn't feel so wrong to me... I mean maybe it is just me, but after seeing the reactions of 2PM to his leaving and all the emotion and what not I'm not so sure. And if whatever you have done is bad enough that you have to leave your company (and the company lets you go) the why the heck do you just pop back up in the country to do it all over again? Maybe it is just me but I wouldn't mind if he did stuff in America, I just feel like he has lost the privilege of being in Kpop.

Now that I have said my peace, off to get something done! (I hope....)

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