Jan. 12th, 2011

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Ok trusty friends list and any of you silent stalkers of mine out there. I need your help. I am looking for anyone who lives in or knows/can speak the language of Malaysia. At this point I will take anything I can find so any help you can give me would be great. Now let me explain.

The school that my father works in and that I have been subbing in has recently had a student move from Malaysia. The problem is that he doesn't speak a word of English, and I mean nothing. They cannot even explain the concept of a locker to him because there is no communication there. Since I am the only person on the whole campus that has any clue about Asian language (apparently even the Asian American students there don't know their Asian languages), my dad has asked me to see what I can do. So at this point I have no idea what I should expect tomorrow or if I can do anything, but if someone doesn't communicate with this student he will just end up brushed through the system until he learns the language or maybe even longer. I refuse to see that happen (not that I have any clue what he does speak).

So that is why I am asking all of you. If there is anyone who lives there and could give me some insight that would be great. If there is anyone who could actually give me language help I would be in your debt for a long time!

So please if you know anyone, help me get in touch with them.

Thanks guys.

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