kat_elric: (From the Soul to the Song)
Part One

Of Flesh Fur and Fang
Mating an Alpha
Part Two

“What is this?” Kangin asked, looking on the table filled with food with suspicion in his eyes. He hardly managed to make himself a sandwich and he hadn’t known that all the food before him was even hidden away in his home.

“We had a tradition,” Leeteuk replied, shifting nervously, “in my old pack that I really liked. Every time there was a new wolf added we would have a huge dinner for them. I thought since we were a new pack and we hadn’t really celebrated or anything yet we could do the same.” As he spoke his words gained in speed as if he was afraid Kangin would silence him. “I would have suggested taking you out but I didn’t know what you liked, so I just made a bit of everything.”

The Alpha glanced at the table one last time before looking towards the wolf standing beside it. Leeteuk’s stance was one of question and nerves but there was nothing in it indicating fear, something that pleased him more than he had thought it would. “This is fine,” he said at last; then he smiled, “It smells fantastic, and for the record I’m not all that picky.”

Leeteuk smiled as they settled into chairs at the opposite end of one another. The food spread before them really did smell delicious and Kangin’s stomach rumbled in approval. Automatically his fingers reached up and loosened his tie before sliding it from his neck altogether. He hung it from the back of his chair and unbuttoned the top button of his dress shirt before he realized that the other wolf was watching him intently. It was that gaze, flecked through with blue that caused him to undo two more buttons so that the fabric could fall open and reveal a teasing bit of flesh.

The new wolf in his home looked away but not before Kangin caught the flash of interest. He helped himself to generous portions of nearly all of the offerings and immediately dug in, knowing that Leeteuk wouldn’t eat until he did so. Flavor exploded in his mouth at the first bite and he sighed. He had never gone hungry, but his meals hadn’t always been anything remotely appetizing. In fact there had been several nights that he had simply run on four legs in order to hunt down his own dinner. Not the most appetizing to his human side but to his Beast, food was food.

“So,” he murmured after they had spent a few moments dining in silence. “Obviously you can cook.”

He watched as Leeteuk’s cheeks flushed red, and the other man pushed things around on his plate. “A bit. I,” he said hesitantly and then swallowed, “I cooked for my old pack. I was too young to leave my Alpha’s house and live on my own yet so I cooked for his family and any other wolves that were there at the time. It seemed only fair.”

“You are welcome to cook for me whenever you like,” Kangin rumbled, taking another large bite of the food. It was much better than anything he had ever managed to create for himself.

“You don’t cook?” Leeteuk asked.

The question, one of the first Leeteuk had ever directed at him, warmed him instantly. It filled him with pleasure that the other wolf was finally coming out of his shell enough to share with him and get curious in response.

“If it doesn’t have microwave directions or isn’t something I can take out of a box and put into the oven, then no, I don’t cook much. I had a lot of take out, and occasionally hunted for fresh meat,” he admitted as he picked up a piece of meat from his plate and tried not to stuff it rudely into his mouth.

“You just ate it raw?” Leeteuk asked looking a little green.

Puzzled, Kangin lowered his next bite from his mouth. Every werewolf pack should have hunted together. Even though Leeteuk was young he still should have experienced a few full moon hunts. The easiest way for a pack to burn off extra energy in the presence of a full moon was to run as a pack and let their instincts go a bit. He had never heard of a pack that hadn’t done it yet.

“I did,” he answered then followed with a question of his own. “You haven’t gone on a hunt during the full moon?”

Leeteuk shook his head and looked a little sad. “My Alpha said I was too young to handle it.”

Kangin narrowed his eyes. “What did you do during your change at the full moon?”

“I spent it in his basement,” Leeteuk admitted softly.

“A basement wouldn’t hold a changed werewolf, and your Beast would want to come out,” Kangin knew his voice was dangerously low, but he didn’t like where this was heading.

“The silver cages seemed to work pretty well.”

Nothing could have kept Kangin in his seat, and he stood with such force that his chair slid across the room and crashed into the wall behind him. “Did your Alpha keep all of his new wolves in cages?” he demanded, knowing he was using his power as an Alpha to demand an answer yet unable to help it.

The other wolf seemed to shrink in on himself under his anger, “Yes. Until we were a year old we had to stay in cages in the basement for the five days around the full moon.”

In Kangin’s fingers tightened and the metal chopsticks snapped in half. He had known the there were problems with the Alpha that Leeteuk had come from. Nothing justified ripping the pack bonds from a wolf, no matter what had happened, and that should have been enough of a telling fact for him. To make matters worse, Leeteuk, the one who had been so hurt by this other Alpha was now cowering across the room from him. It wasn’t the werewolf’s fault, but the action did little to calm his nerves. “I’ll be back later,” he growled.

He knew he wouldn’t be helping the other wolf by leaving, but he was afraid of what he would do if he didn’t. Tossing the remains of his chopsticks onto the table, he turned and stormed through the back door, careful to keep it from slamming behind him at the very least.


It wasn’t his fault, he knew that, even the Beast within him knew that, but it was hard not to blame himself. If he hadn’t opened his mouth then they could still be sitting together, happily eating. The feelings floating through their pack bond had been so warm and pleasant that he would have been content to sit there all evening, but now he could barely feel his Alpha. It was good, he supposed, since he didn’t think he would enjoy feeling the anger of the man.

He wasn’t stupid, but he hadn’t ever seen anything wrong with the cages. New wolves could be dangerous, that much he knew for a fact, and the fact that a cage might be necessary had made sense to him at the time. He had never thought differently of it, until now. It had occurred to him that afternoon when he had gone down to the basement to look for a freezer, that he might be spending the full moon somewhere else due to a lack of cages, but he had never thought to ask. How was it that living with this man for only a few weeks had left him questioning everything that had happened to him?

Slowly he rose from the table and began hunting through the cupboards for some containers to keep the food in. With Kangin’s departure his appetite seemed to have gone as well. Carefully he began to spoon the remains of the dinner into one container after another. Oddly enough, he felt tears prick at his eyes born of frustration. Nothing could go right for him, it seemed. A late night jog in the park had resulted in the attack that had turned him into what he was now. His preference in partners had resulted in beatings he never had imagined. Even his curiosity was beginning to cause problems for him. It couldn’t be too long before Kangin kicked him away too, he wouldn’t blame the man.

Leeteuk hated feeling sorry for himself, hated feeling this low, but there was little he could do about it. Even the Beast inside him was unnaturally quiet, not peaceful exactly, but still, as if afraid a wrong move would ruin everything. Carefully he snapped the lids on the containers and deposited them into the refrigerator for later consumption. Both of their plates were on the table still reasonably full with food. It would be a shame to let it all go to waste, and he couldn’t bring himself to let that happen. Taking the plastic wrap from the cupboard he covered both of them tightly and then deposited them into the refrigerator as well.

When everything was taken care of, he moved to the sink and began to prepare water for dish washing. There wasn’t really anything else he could think of to do with himself. Doing something productive was better than sitting in the living room staring at the wall. With any luck, Kangin would return in time and they would be able to go back to dinner as if they had never been interrupted. At the very least, he could hope.


Dress shoes, he soon discovered, were not made for running. That was something he may want to look into fixing, not that he thought he would have to do much running from the office that he worked in. Still it was fear for the expensive existence of his shoes that he slowed to a walk. It wouldn’t do to ruin them by running through the forest because he was upset, if he hadn’t already. Grumbling to himself about the shoes that looked good but weren’t practical, he sank down onto a log and pulled them off his feet, stuffing his socks deep within them for safe keeping.

They were still angry, he and his Beast, and rightly so. It was unthinkable to lock any werewolf in a cage, although he understood the need to when they were crazy or to dominate to properly control. Locking a new wolf away however, was something that should never be done. A cage would teach a new wolf nothing and it was a wonder that Leeteuk could control his Beast as well as he could.

The Alpha was lucky that Kangin had no idea where he lived. If he did there would be a visit paid that likely wouldn’t end very well for either of them. Not only did he have Leeteuk to be angry about, but possibly an unknown number of young wolves that were being mistreated. He wished he had pressed Leeteuk for details about his Change. Anything less than voluntary was forbidden by pack law, and he had his suspicions about which Leeteuk’s had been.

His feet carried him through the forest to a small trickling stream. It was one of the features of the land that had drawn him to the property in the first place. The sound of the bubbling water had always seemed to bring him peace, a strange thing for a creature that generally did not like water. For a while he walked along it, letting it sooth them both as he tried to make their anger drain away.

They were well away from the house when he remembered that he had his cell phone in his pocket. Slowly he fished it out, dreading what he knew he should do. He didn’t exactly mind talking to the man he knew he needed to call, but he knew that he should have reported long ago and would likely be scolded for not doing so. Still this was more important than any desire to avoid trouble and he pulled it out and dialed his first contact.

There were only two rings before a smooth voice answered, ‘Kangin.’

He had no idea how the Alpha always seemed to exert his power even over the phone, but it always made him feel small. “TOP,” he responded in greeting. The man didn’t reply and Kangin couldn’t help but blurting out why he had called and more. “I’m an Alpha now. I found a wolf that was badly hurt and had his pack bonds ripped from him. I think his Alpha is abusing his power.”

There was a long moment where anyone else would have wondered if the man was listening. ‘I was wondering when you would call to tell me you had a pack now,’ he said smoothly. ‘As for your wolf, I will be over to speak with him myself.’ The click happened before he had a chance to say anything.

It was just like the man who was an Alpha over every other wolf in all of Asia to do whatever he would like and leave everyone powerless to resist. There was also no telling how close to Kangin’s house he actually was, even though he had never given him the address. The man had an uncanny ability to simply know things. He knew TOP wouldn’t hurt Leeteuk, but he couldn’t begin to think about what the man’s reaction to another wolf would be. That thought turned him back towards his house at a much faster pace then he would have otherwise taken.


The front door creaked open as he was wiping down the table. His sensitive hearing was easily able to pick it up and his heart lifted at the sound. He hadn’t expected Kangin back for a few hours yet, knowing just how long the man’s temper tended to rage. That he was back so soon made him nearly excited and he smiled to himself at the childish feelings.

Studiously he finished wiping the table and hung the rag to dry before moving towards the living room to great his Alpha. He had barely stepped into the room when he was hit by a wave of power that was all wrong. There was no way that whoever was in their house could be Kangin and that made him instantly defensive. The Beast within him rose to the surface, angry at the intrusion, just as he felt another wave of power wash over him and drive him to his knees.

Never had he felt anything like it. In some aspects it was just like when his Alpha had given him and irresistible command, but much stronger. It demanded submission and his Beast whimpered and recoiled from it. Sinking even lower, Leeteuk pressed his face to the hard wood floor. He was ready to roll onto his back if that would just make the pressure stop when it suddenly vanished as if it had never been.

Gentle fingers touched his head and he found himself hungry for the touch. “You have been badly damaged,” a smooth voice told him gently. “So badly that you don’t even know who I am. You can’t feel it properly.” He had felt something that much he knew, but his vocal cords didn’t seem to work. The fingers continued to work through his hair and he felt his wildly beating heart beginning to slow.

He had nearly relaxed beneath the man when the sound of shattering glass exploded from the direction of the kitchen. “TOP, if you so much as lay a hand on him!” he heard Kangin’s voice growl with threat.

“You will do what?” the other man asked, not ceasing the movement of his hand.

“He is mine,” Kangin growled dangerously. Leeteuk felt power wash over him again, hot with anger and this time from his Alpha. The power filled him with his Alpha’s anger and stirred his Beast once more.

He pulled his head from the seeking fingers of the other man, but he was nearly certain the man let him do so. No sooner had he broken the contact, Kangin was there, forcing himself into the impossibly small space between them. “By all rights I should take him,” the man said calmly as if he was hardly bothered that there was an angry werewolf centimeters from him.

“He is mine,” Kangin growled again. “I will kill you if you try.”

The man laughed then, rising slowly as if he was bored. “You wouldn’t succeed and even if you did, you could never hold all that I do. Relax, Kangin, before you damage him further.”

Leeteuk felt as all of the anger seemed to flood out of his Alpha in an instant. “Leeteuk,” he murmured softly.

“I’m alright,” he managed to croak, shocked by the sound of his own voice. He lifted his head and found his Alpha watching him with concern all over his face. “You don’t scare me.”

“Liar,” Kangin whispered, and gentle hands helped him to rise. Before he had even found his feet properly, the other man was pulling him close, tucking him in tightly to his body. “He won’t take you. I won’t let him.”

“Okay,” Leeteuk agreed hesitantly, fitting his arms around the bigger man. Somehow he didn’t think Kangin would be able to do a thing to stop the other werewolf, if he wanted to take him, but he couldn’t say that.

“Why doesn’t he go make us some coffee,” the other man suggested and Kangin rumbled with displeasure.

“Coffee, or tea?” Leeteuk asked him shakily, not wanting an argument to start on his behalf.

“Tea,” Kangin growled, releasing him abruptly.

It was harder than he had thought it would be to pull away, but he did so, shuffling back into the kitchen to prepare the drinks. His body worked automatically while his mind was elsewhere. Inside him the Beast was restless yet quiet. He had never been in the presence of any werewolf as strongly dominate as the one in their house now and he had no idea who the man was. The only thing that he did know was that he didn’t want to leave. He hadn’t even been with Kangin for a full month, yet this place felt like his home.

Carefully he prepared their drinks, loading cups of tea and coffee onto a tray to carry out into the living room. Thankfully the wolves had sat silently in his absence, their guest looking around the room curiously from the arm chair and Kangin brooding on the couch. He served their guest first, the right thing to do it seemed, and then his Alpha who pulled him down onto the couch immediately afterward.

“You could have just called,” Kangin growled at the man, clutching at his tea cup hard enough that Leeteuk worried for its safety.

“I could have,” the man agreed, staring at a painting on the far wall that Leeteuk had never really taken the time to look at. “But it has been a while since I have seen you.”

That Kangin knew the man, Leeteuk had gathered, but he wasn’t certain how and his Alpha seemed too concerned with making certain his ownership wasn’t challenged that he didn’t think he would be getting any answers without asking questions of his own. “Who are you, if I may ask?” he said softly.

The wolf turned to look at him curiously and he dropped his eyes immediately. He didn’t even want to chance another dominance confrontation like the last one. “Interesting. Perhaps he isn’t quite as broken as I thought,” the man said smoothly.

“Of course he isn’t,” Kangin snapped. Then, his tone gentling, “His name is TOP and he is the Alpha that is above all of the Alphas in Asia. He keeps order among us and enforces the law.”

Leeteuk knew the man was important but he had never guessed he was to that extent. The young man looked to be in his mid twenties and with his dark hair and mysterious eyes, more like a star then a man with power. “Are you in trouble for taking me in?” The last thing he wanted would be for Kangin to be reprimanded for saving him.

“No,” Kangin’s tone was soothing and his arm warm around Leeteuk’s body. “You are not at fault for any of this and you haven’t done anything wrong.”

“I have some questions,” TOP asked calmly sipping at his coffee, “about your former Alpha.”

Leeteuk swallowed thickly but nodded. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know,” he offered hoping to keep the man from ordering him into telling anything.

“Only what you are comfortable with,” the man replied gently. “If you don’t mind why don’t you start with how you were Changed.”

Nodding, Leeteuk did as he was asked, staring into his tea as he related his tale of running through the park and being jumped by a dog larger than anything he had ever seen before. Encouraged by the guest in their home he continued to talk, telling them both about his early months, the cages, and what had happened to him. Kangin’s arm was warm around him the entire time and when he began to shake with the remembered pain and fear of his tale, his Alpha pulled him onto his lap, into the protective circle of his arms. Somehow he managed to finish telling the guest in their home everything right up to his appearance that night and the entire process was only made easier by being surrounded by an Alpha that he knew loved him.


“Are you alright?” Kangin asked him sometime after the other werewolf had taken his leave.

“Yes,” he replied softly, shifting and burying his face in the strong chest of his Alpha. Shortly after the man had left, they had shifted to lie on the couch, Kangin on his back and Leeteuk cradled against him. The man’s hands moved over his body, creating a steady warmth that was slowly building heat within him.

“I’m sorry, Leeteuk. I should have been here when he arrived,” Kangin sounded truly upset that he hadn’t been.

“It’s alright,” Leeteuk told him honestly. “It made me realize the differences in the men I have known as Alpha. No matter how angry you are, there is always tenderness in your power. I like that.”

“I can’t promise you that I won’t give you orders,” Kangin said after a moment.

“And I can’t promise you that I won’t give you a heart attack,” Leeteuk agreed smiling to himself.

Kangin growled suddenly, one of playful mirth and before he could do a thing about it he found himself looking up at the man hovering over him. “You gave me a massive one tonight. I would have fought for you.”

“I know,” Leeteuk agreed looking up at the wolf. His Alpha’s eyes were ringed with gold, never a good sign for a werewolf, but one that didn’t bother him near as much as it should have. “You wouldn’t have won.”

“Doesn’t matter. I would have died trying to defend you,” Kangin admitted and he could feel that it was more than true. For the first time in his life the press of another werewolf on top of him didn’t bring any sort of anxiety in his mind and he sighed, taking pleasure in the feeling. “I still want you,” Kangin reminded him, his voice taking on a deeper tone, continuing before Leeteuk could answer, “but not tonight.”

Relieved, Leeteuk nodded. “How about some dinner instead? I saved it and I can warm it up.” He offered.

Kangin nodded but made no effort to move, and instead smirked as Leeteuk had to wiggle himself free from the couch cushions and his Alpha. Despite the slightly awkward moment, he smiled at the lingering warmth of his Alpha’s touch and the promise of the man waiting to be fed by him, in more ways than one.


He had been foolish to at one point of his life think that he knew what sexual tension was. The last boyfriend he had, had seemed to ooze it when they were together, but it was nothing like what Kangin and he shared. He knew leaving the man’s offer unanswered was only making it worse, but a part of him was still worried at the implications of what it might mean. A part of him was still afraid to be hurt for the affections he held, however it wouldn’t be long, he knew, until his instincts over ruled that part of him.

They had taken to doing most things separately, just so something didn’t happen that they would both regret. Little things like Leeteuk showering while Kangin was at work – a measure put into place after a panting and obviously aroused Alpha had walked in on him and ordered him out the window before something unwanted happened – had become a daily part of his existence. As much as he missed things like sleeping beside his Alpha, he also didn’t want to try the man’s patience any more then he already had.

That should have been more than enough reason to not walk around the house in his boxers let alone answer the door in them, but he never had been quite coherent just after waking.

“Good morning, Leeteuk,” their mail lady greeted him, a bit early this morning but still smiling and carrying her heavy bag of mail.

“Morning,” he returned, stifling a yawn.

“I have your mail here and a package,” she extended the bundle to him and he accepted it gratefully. “Do you have any plans this weekend?”

“Cleaning, mostly,” he replied, flipping through the envelopes. He enjoyed his conversations with their mail carrier and her harmless flirtations always made him smile. One day he would tell her they could never work out, but there wasn’t any need to this morning.

“Do you always clean like that?” he could feel her eyes dragging over his body. “If so I might have to invite you over to clean my place.”

A blush dusted his cheeks as he became highly aware of his lack of clothing. “Um, no, usually I wear some unattractive sweats and a tee shirt.”

“I bet you would make them look good,” she responded.

Leeteuk was about to answer when he felt the wave of anger from across the room. “Thanks,” he said forcing a laugh. “I have to go, I have breakfast on,” he quickly lied.

“Oh, I have the rest of my route to get to,” she replied, laughing shyly.

“Have a good day.”

“You, too,” he barely waited long enough for the words to leave her mouth before he closed the door and slammed his back against it. He had been just in time because Kangin was there, his eyes shining golden and his breathing heavy.

“Move,” he growled, the word just short of an order.

“Why, so you can kill her for talking to me?” Leeteuk snapped.

“Yes! She wanted you,” Kangin, he decided, was irrationally angry.

“I talk to her every morning, Kangin,” he snapped crossly. As much as he enjoyed their interactions this was becoming too much. “It’s my fault for showing up in my underwear. I would have been a bit hurt if she didn’t find me attractive.”

Kangin growled something unintelligible and then buried his nose in Leeteuk’s neck. “I can’t keep doing this,” the Alpha murmured against his skin. “I need an answer one way or the other. Soon.”

He could understand where the man was coming from. The tension hanging between then was becoming palpable, almost more than he could bear. He couldn’t imagine what the Alpha was feeling, being more dominate and having posed the question for his answering. Leeteuk could answer either way and his place in the pack would remain. Kangin wouldn’t kick him out for refusing him, that much he knew now, but the sexual currents would end, dried up a like a dead stream. He didn’t know if he would be able to stand that. As much as what being a mate would mean scared him, he was more frightened of the idea of being nothing but another pack member to Kangin.

“Yes,” he blurted before he could stop himself.

Kangin froze against him, instantly still. “Leeteuk,” he said as if talking pained him. He pulled back so that Leeteuk could see his golden eyes. “If you agree you know what that means? You know I will claim you? You know this close to the full moon it will probably hurt?”

Leeteuk understood all of that better than he thought he would have been able to. It had to take a great deal of control for his Alpha to be giving him a second chance, another opportunity to say no, but he didn’t want to say no. “I know,” he murmured, dropping the mail to the floor. They could pick it up later. “Make me your mate.” The rumbling growl from Kangin’s throat was powerful, as were the lips that descended on his.


It was a wonder, he knew, that they managed to make it too Kangin’s bedroom at all. The man could have easily claimed right there on the floor and he wouldn’t have protested in the slightest. Still he was thankful for the soft mattress that cradled his spine as the other man loomed over him.

“Leeteuk,” Kangin panted, sliding their bodies together and pulling a moan from him. His boxers, apparently without his knowledge, had been removed sometime between the living room and the bedroom. “Leeteuk, I’m sorry.” There was sorrow in the man’s voice even as his hands tilted Leeteuk’s hips up.

Leeteuk wasn’t a virgin, but this felt like his first time all over again, the nervousness wracking through him. This time however, there would be no loving hands easing his body into it. He could still tell Kangin to stop and he knew somehow that the man would, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He wanted this, wanted this man, and even though it would hurt him, he wanted Kangin for his own, something that would belong to him.

Hurt it did, enough to draw a pained cry from his throat. Above him, Kangin paused for a moment, nibbling on his neck and quivering for as long as he could then he was shifting again. There was so much pain that he wasn’t certain he could find pleasure in it, nearly enough to make him want it all to stop. Then his Beast was there, surging to the forefront of his mind and taking the pain from him. This was part of a first mating, it understood, especially for a couple as broken as they had been.

They wanted this, still wanted this, and he found his hands rising to pull Kangin closer, encourage him to move faster. He wasn’t certain when his cries had changed from ones of pain to ones of pleasure, but he moaned for the man above him, relishing at last in their connection. Their coupling was the most animalistic thing that he had ever done, but it was theirs and to him that was all that mattered.


“I’m so sorry,” Kangin murmured again, kissing the drying tear trails on his cheeks gently.

“If you say that again you will be,” Leeteuk promised, closing his eyes and wiggling closer to the wolf. His whole body ached, but that would fade with time he knew.

“Leeteuk, I hurt you,” he whispered.

“It’s alright.”

“No, it isn’t!” Kangin argued.

“Damn it, Kangin,” Leeteuk snarled, surging up from the bed and then whirling to face the man. A flash of pain protested his movements as his not yet healed body shifted. “It is a part of a first mating.”

There was blood on the sheets from one or both of them, he wasn’t certain which, but he knew Kangin was sporting some nasty gashes on his back as a product of Leeteuk’s nails. “No, that is a part of rape,” he said bitterly.

“You think you raped me?” Leeteuk muttered in disbelief.

Kangin couldn’t look at him. “I am your Alpha. You couldn’t have refused me.”

“You listen to me,” Leeteuk snarled, grabbing Kangin’s chin and forcing his head up. It was a dangerous thing, forcing an Alpha to look at him, but something he needed to do. “I have been raped,” he hissed, “and I will never let that happen again. I will die before it does.”

Kangin’s eyes were filled with sorrow. “They did rape you when they severed the pack bonds,” he whispered.

“And how dare you bring something like that into our bed after our joining,” Leeteuk snarled, angry and hurt all at once at the memory.

“Leeteuk,” Kangin murmured, rising and pulling him close. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” he paused then tried again, “All I knew is that I hurt you and I never wanted to do that.”

“I know,” Leeteuk whispered. He could feel worry sharp and clear through their bond that seemed different now. Underlying it was something new, something different that he had never felt before. He couldn’t be certain but he thought it might be love. “Please believe me, Kangin, I wanted you. You didn’t force me. I wanted it as much as you. You have to know that.”

There was a long moment in which the man simply held him silently. Then, “I know, I can feel it from you now. I’m sorry, I was just so afraid. You were so broken when I found you. Leeteuk, I never want to see you like that again.”

“Jungsu,” he whispered softly.


“My name. It’s Jungsu.” He had never told his name to anyone, not after he had been changed. It was a part of himself that he thought would never live again, a human part of him, but with Kangin it seemed appropriate for him to know.

“Jungsu,” Kangin purred, what could only be love running through their bond strongly. “Then I suppose it is only fair that I tell you the name I was born with. Youngwoon.”

“I like it,” Leeteuk agreed. “It suits you.”

Sighing, Kangin pulled Leeteuk impossibly closer. “Next time someone decides to seal a mate bond, let’s advise them not to do it the day of the full moon. Any other time all month and I would have been able to take some time with you.”

“I’m okay, really,” Leeteuk tried to reassure him again.

“I promise, tomorrow when we have calmed, I’ll show you what mating should be,” Kangin murmured.

“I’d like that,” he agreed, then his mouth twisted into a smile, “as long as you promise me that every now and again you will throw me down and claim me like you just did.”

“Leeteuk!” Kangin exclaimed, shocked.

“I’m hardly human, Youngwoon,” he scolded, “and the rough claiming I found kinda hot.”

Several expressions flashed across the man’s face and he felt a mix of emotion before it settled on exasperated. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Right now, I could use a long hot shower, or better yet, a bath,” he replied, tightening his arms around the man’s neck in order to make his point clear.

Laughing, Kangin scooped him up in his arms and lifted him from the bed. “Your wish is my command.”


“Are you sure?” Leeteuk asked hesitantly, despite having explained to the wolf that being locked in a cage is not what a good Alpha should do, he didn’t seem to quite believe it.

“I’m sure. You have better control of your Beast then a lot of werewolves I have met,” Kangin tried to reassure him.

“What do I do?” he asked, shifting nervously.

“Just follow your instincts, they will come naturally to you.” Slowly he slipped the robe from his body, the only thing they had worn back into the forest incase a neighbor had seen then. He felt Leeteuk’s eyes watching him, felt the other werewolf’s hunger for him as he revealed his skin and he sent the man a challenging look.

“Youngwoon, I don’t think-” Leeteuk began and the sound of his given name was nearly his undoing.

A firm hand on Leeteuk’s arm pulled the man’s still fabric covered body flush with his own. “I plan to spend the night running and hunting with my pack, and then tomorrow showing my mate all the pleasures his body can hold.”

“I would like that,” Leeteuk’s voice was trembling.

“Then take off that robe so we can run together.” As soon as he released the other man, his fingers quickly did as they had been told. The baring of his mate’s body made him want, but he stifled it, focusing instead on the call of the moon. She sang to him and his Beast bidding them to run free and his answer to her rose up from his throat in song. It was one he had sung a hundred times, a ballad to the moon, but on this night it was joined by another voice, lighter and sweeter than his own. Together they sang and as they did so their bodies changed.

When at last their song had ended, it did so from the throats of a pair of full grown werewolves. He could feel the energy it had produced singing from the very soul of the wolf beside him. White fur shimmered in the moon light, crossed with the still pink healing skin that would likely never allow fur to sprout there again. He whined lightly, saddened by it and the wolf turned to look at him.

It would be strange to explain to a human the perfect mix of man and Beast that occurred when in this form, but they understood one another. Without words being spoken his mate leaned over and licked his muzzle gently, affectionately, and waited patiently for him to move. Driven by the feelings flowing between them, he yipped once, a sharp sound of eagerness, and surged forward into the forest, the sorrow forgotten. He could feel his mate right on his heels and as he ran he scented the wind looking for something to hunt. In this night he would truly show his new pack mate what it meant to be a werewolf. In turn he knew the man would constantly show him what it meant to have something even more important than pack, what it meant to have a mate.

AN: Here is the second and final part to this little thing. I really liked how this turned out and it was nice to finally be able to tell their story. If you enjoyed reading this and haven't read the story that spawned it you can find it here.

Also there are only two days left Please jump over here and check out my post and help us out!
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