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Of Cacao

“Did you know that Cocoa come from the Cacao plant?” Alexander asked from the kitchen. “It produces these little beans that we use for chocolate flavoring and things like hot chocolate.”

“Does he know that no one cares?” Hoya mumbled into Dongwoo’s ear, nipping it lightly right afterwards.

“Be nice,” Dongwoo told him, stifling a giggle. “He can probably hear you.”

“I can,” Alexander confirmed, although he hardly sounded offended, “and I will have you know that it probably isn’t a good idea to offend the person who is cooking for you.”

“You are making hot chocolate. Hardly something dangerous,” Hoya returned, raising his voice to easily be heard. His hands drifted over the legs of his mate that were stretched across his lap, absently petting them.

“You never know what I could put in this pot,” Alexander warned.

“Hey Dongwoo,” Hoya whispered into his ear, “What do you say we forgo the hot cocoa for something else hot?”

“Here?” Dongwoo squeaked, his cheeks flushing brightly.

“Yes right here. I took you for the first time in that guest room. I say we relive it,” Hoya purred, nibbling at his neck.

“But there is hot chocolate,” Dongwoo protested weakly.

“You can drink it off my body,” Hoya offered. There wasn’t a chance Dongwoo could resist an offer like that, certainly not when his body clearly liked the idea.

“Okay,” he agreed, and wasn’t surprised in the least when Hoya launched himself from the couch and simply picked him up. Dongwoo squeaked and clutched at his mate despite the fact that he knew he wouldn’t be dropped.

As they entered the guest room and closed the door behind them they heard Alexander mumble, “What am I going to do with all this hot chocolate?”


AN: So after taking a long hot shower (that does wonders for stuffed sinuses) I remembered that I had this on here ready to go. I know I'm way behind (I blame my family who is all congregating for the holidays) but I will write every one of these! I am so determined to do this! I have two more done that I need to edit still and will post tomorrow and hopefully I can finish some more after that. Thanks for sticking with me those of you who have!
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