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Of Snow

“I wish it would snow,” he lamented staring out the window, his head resting on his folded arms.

“You’ll get to see snow in less than two weeks,” Myungsoo reminded him as he dried off a dish and set it into the cupboard.

“I know but I want to see it now.”

“No,” the other wolf corrected, reaching for another plate, “all you want to do is dump a handful of snow down Sungkyu’s shirt and then roll over and show him your belly when he tries to kill you.”

“One of these days Sungyeol, submissive or not someone is going to take a bite out of you. Then you are going to feel awful because I’ll have to kill someone all because you couldn’t curb your impulses,” Myungsoo scolded. Sungyeol frowned but didn’t argue the point.

Setting the towel on the counter Myungsoo moved behind his mate and squeezed his shoulders lightly. “Why don’t you let me dump the snow down Sungkyu’s shirt for you? If it came to a fight, I could probably take him.”

The smile Sungyeol’s reflection offered him was bright. “You probably could. You should challenge him.”

“I’m rather content as sixth thank you very much my troublemaker,” he said ruffling the other wolf’s hair as he pulled away and moved to their bedroom.

Sungyeol heaved a heavy sigh and frowned out the window. “I still want snow.”

“Remember when you came to us and hadn’t ever seen snow?” Myungsoo called from their room. His voice carried clearly through their apartment, easily audible to the improved hearing of the man.

“Yeah,” he muttered darkly. “I remember how you dominated me into sleeping the whole way up the mountain side.”

“You wouldn’t get in the truck. You left me no choice and I’m not sure you are using that word right, Sungyeol,” Myungsoo corrected.

“I don’t like riding in something I can’t control,” Sungyeol grumbled. “And you are supposed to be instinct driven to protecting me and making me happy.”

“You rolled around in the snow up the mountain for five hours that afternoon. Don’t even pretend that I didn’t make you happy,” he replied dryly.

“And then you had your wicked way with me,” Sungyeol added with a grin.

“Again,” Myungsoo pointed out, “I made you happy.”

“I want snow,” Sungyeol whined, unable to argue that particular point any further.

“I am not taking a four hour drive up the mountain with you passed out beside me, you can wait. Besides I’m fairly sure we won’t have any time for snow tonight,” Myungsoo’s voice was nearer now and Sungyeol turned his head to look for the other wolf.

His mate was leaning in the doorway of their bedroom with his arms crossed over his bare chest. Sweatpants hung low off one hip, a teasing show of flesh. “I finished our chores. That was my half of the deal, now you keep yours.”

Grinning Sungyeol spun on the stool that he had been sitting on and slipped to his feet, snow forgotten. “Shall I get the length of silk?”

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AN: There, back on schedule. Reviews make me a happy author. ^_^
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