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Warning: The first scene earns the NC-17 rating. If sex bothers you, jump to the scene cut... otherwise, enjoy. ^^;

A Broken side story
Part Four

Onew felt as though his senses were on fire. He wasn’t completely innocent, he knew what arousal was and had even taken matters into his own hands a time or two, but never had he felt something quite like this. His body craved the touch of the two dragons, craved them in a way he had never felt before. Jonghyun pulled him closer and he took the invitation to press himself against the dragon.

Jonghyun’s body was already hard and waiting for him and he moaned lightly at the feel of it. Onew wanted something that he didn’t quite know what it was, but he knew he wanted them.

“What do you know of sex between men?” Jonghyun asked his voice rough. The dragon’s hands shifted lower on his body until they were gripping his hips and tugging him forward. Delicious friction rippled through his lower body and he canted his hips forward for more before he could stop himself.

He tried to focus on the question, a difficult feat with Jonghyun rocking slowly against his body and the heat of Key’s gaze on his back. Two men could clearly have intercourse with each other since he knew it was possible for a man to find pleasure without penetrating anything, yet for some reason he didn’t think that was what Jonghyun meant. His hands gripped the other man’s upper arms for support as he simply shook his head.

“I’ll have to tell you then,” Jonghyun growled, leaning forward and nipping at his neck in a way that made him moan. “I will first slip my fingers inside you here,” Jonghyun murmured and he felt a slight pressure over the rear seam of his pants. For reasons he couldn’t possibly name, he shuddered at the idea. “Then,” Jonghyun nipped the shell of his ear, “I will shove my cock inside you and take you while you take Key.”

Onew moaned. He had never thought to hear those words or have thoughts along that line but it sounded like such a desirable thing that he couldn’t say no to it. “Take off your pants,” Jonghyun instructed stepping back.

He had never been particularly shy of showing his body or seeing others, it was somewhat impossible to treat injuries and be frightened of seeing flesh, but he couldn’t say that anyone had ever seen him aroused. It seemed like such an intimate thing that he surprised himself when he tugged his pants and underwear down in one swift motion.

The move hadn’t been the brightest one he had ever made and he stumbled, the weight of his wings making it nearly impossible to catch himself, right into Jonghyun’s waiting arms. The dragon was smiling this time as he pulled them closer together and their flesh rubbed together without the barrier of clothing. Onew gasped, he had never felt anything like it.

“Relax,” Jonghyun murmured, running a hand over his shoulder and down his back beneath his wing until it ghosted over his ass.

“I can’t,” Onew garbled out, his hips jerking forward. “I need,” he wasn’t sure what exactly but he certainly hoped Jonghyun would know.

“I know,” the dragon purred and then captured his lips. The sensation of the kiss was astounding and sent tingles sliding through his body straight to his toes. A tongue lightly flirted with the seam of his lips and he parted them, allowing Jonghyun to deepen the kiss as he moaned helplessly at the sensation. He could drown in the press of their lips and he was certain he would happily do so without further thought.

Suddenly the kiss was ending and Jonghyun was spinning him around so quickly he was nearly dizzy. “Look,” Jonghyun husked into his ear. “Look at what you have done to Key.”

It took him a moment to find the other man but when he did he could do nothing but moan helplessly. Key was stretched out on his makeshift bed on the floor with his eyes closed and his face contorted in pleasure. Wings with all of the oranges and reds of a sunset were stretched out across the blankets, shifting restlessly as the dragon’s body moved. One of his hands was wrapped firmly around his cock, stroking it in time with the fingers that disappeared inside his own body. Onew had never seen something so arousing.

He gasped loudly at the sudden touch of Jonghyun’s fingers gliding over his own erection. They were slick and cool giving him the most wonderful sensation that was so different from his own touch. Onew pressed back into the dragon’s body, not caring for a moment about the hardness that shifted against him. He wanted them and clearly, they wanted him.

“He’s ready for you,” Jonghyun murmured. Abruptly the fingers pulled away from his body and a gentle hand shoved him forward.

Onew stumbled and then sunk to his knees in front of Key. The last time the man had touched him, powerful currents had run through his body bringing with it fantastic sensations. He would be lying if he said he didn’t want to feel them again. Onew’s hand reached out to touch Key’s thigh and both men moaned instantly at the contact. The hand caressing Key’s length sped up in its frantic desire to reach some sort of end.

“Fuck me,” Key moaned, pulling his fingers out from within himself and lifting his hips in offer.

Never before had Onew even dreamed of being able to do what he was about to, but somehow he knew exactly what Key meant. He shifted forward, guiding his cock with one hand to brush against Key’s entrance. Immediately, the pleasant electric shocks shot through his body enveloping him in pleasure. He was supposed to go slow, his brain had told him, to take care not to hurt Key, but before he could stop it his hips snapped forward, burying himself to the hilt in the dragon. Key screamed, a sound full of surprise and pleasure, and if he was feeling only half the sensations Onew was feeling, he knew why.

Onew pulled back and immediately rocked forward again, drowning them both in the delicious slide of flesh and magic. Key met him eagerly and didn’t offer any sounds of protest as Onew set a driving rhythm that had them both whimpering. He wouldn’t last long, not like this.

He was so lost in the sensation of Key’s body that he didn’t feel the first finger slip inside him and barely noticed the second. When Jonghyun slid into him only a minute later, it was with a delectable stretch that Onew groaned at. It was nothing compared to the electricity between himself and the dragon he was currently imbedded in, but it was a wonderful sensation nevertheless. Jonghyun’s hips surged forward, driving Onew into Key’s body and pulling moans from the three of them.

“Sit up,” Jonghyun growled, reaching past Onew’s body for Key’s arms. The dragon behind him held them still until Key had rocked up onto his feet and settled himself half on Onew’s lap. Instinctively, Onew wrapped his arms around the dragon and whimpered as the added contact of their skin increased the tingles in his body.

He was close, oh so close already and as Jonghyun began to shift behind him, forcing him to do the same into Kibum’s body, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Blue wings enclosed around them, trapping them in a sea of protection as they shifted together. Jonghyun’s breath was hot on the back of his neck, punctuated by grunts as he shifted and Key was writhing against his front, a moaning mess.

Onew leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of the nose he had damaged, letting his magic flow out as it wanted to. He could feel the sensations between them and he knew the moment that Key’s body convulsed that the dragon was finished. Wet warmth spread against his stomach and the dragon’s body clenched around his own. As if it was the thing that his body had been waiting for, Onew felt his own end reach him, enveloping him in heat and soothing cool at the same time. Static and softness. Rough and calm all at once.

He may have screamed, he didn’t know, couldn’t remember, but he could feel Jonghyun stiffen and pull his hips tight, feel the warmth filling him. Inside his mind, they settled, their bonds whole, complete, and strong. He took a moment to marvel at the feeling of both dragons inside his own mind and how simply right it felt, before he closed his eyes and let them wrap him in their protective embrace.


“Are we waiting for daddy, momma?” he asked, staring intently over the hill in the same direction his mother was gazing.

“No, baby,” she said softly, turning to face him. “Daddy isn’t coming, not anymore.”

Even at the young age of eight he understood the deep sorrow in his mother at the loss of her mate. It was something that all dragon-kind could understand and even being half he could feel that. “I’m sorry, momma,” he murmured reaching for her hand. He knew that he didn’t fully understand the implications of the loss of his father, but he needed to be strong for her.

“Oh, baby,” she pulled him close to her, tucking him against her body.

“Why are we waiting here?” he asked her curiously.

She released him, shifting and crouching in front of him so that she could look him in the eyes. “I have to leave you here, baby,” she told him and he could tell that she was trying not to cry. “I can’t protect you anymore.”

“It’s okay, Momma,” he tried to reassure her, reaching out to touch her cheek.

“I’m so sorry,” she murmured, a tear slipping down her cheek. “It’s not safe in this world for half dragons.”

“I love you, momma,” he said throwing his arms around her neck and hugging her tightly. He didn’t want to leave her, didn’t want to stay here in this place that he didn’t know, but he knew he had to be strong. Daddy would have reminded him that he needed to act like a grown-up for Momma. Daddy had always told him that. “I’ll be okay,” he said bravely.

“I know you will,” she agreed, carefully untangling his arms. “Listen very carefully to me,” she told him, holding his eyes. “I have to hide you, or you will never be safe. That means I need to bind your magic and your memories.”

“I won’t remember you?” he asked troubled by the idea.

“Oh, baby, you will eventually, but not until it is safe. Someday when it is safe for you I’ll come back and get you, when you see the wings of a dragon you will know it is safe and the spell will unravel,” she told him.

Already he could feel her magic curling around him, tickling his senses and wrapping him tight in black lines and symbols. She pulled away from him, rising and giving his hand a final squeeze before letting him go. “I love you baby. Remember that no matter what you feel, you will always be loved.”

He nodded, trying to be brave and not resist the compulsion of her magic. Magic couldn’t make him forget, not entirely he didn’t think, he had never heard of magic forcing someone to forget something they didn’t want to. Something stirred within him as he realized that his mother wouldn’t be able to complete this spell alone.

Even at his age he could feel the pull of Destiny on his senses, directing him and offering him a choice to make. Destiny wouldn’t lead him wrong. Every dragon knew that as easily as they knew how to breathe. It was easy for him to agree to whatever Destiny was edging him towards even if he didn’t fully understand it himself.

“Momma,” he called looking at her. He didn’t think he was supposed to tell her that he was feeling the push of Destiny but he wanted her to know it was alright.

“I know, baby,” she told him with tears in her eyes. “You are going to do great things.”

“I love you,” he told her, feeling that he needed to say it as his magic rose and joined hers. Green overlaid black, guided by the older magic but equally as powerful in its task. He watched her as the magic twisted around him, tightening in a small sphere until it was brushing against his skin. Then with a last push it settled in his skin itself and everything seemed to just fade away.

He blinked his eyes in the evening twilight. “Do you need a place to stay, Lady?” he asked her politely.

Tears slid from the corners of her eyes and he felt bad for making her cry. “No, thank you, little one. I was just passing through. I’m so sorry that one as small as you is left out here alone.”

“I’m okay,” he tried to tell her, reassuringly. “I have the house and the garden,” he gestured at both. “And I can make things that make the people in village feel better.”

“That is good,” she told him. “You be careful now and don’t talk to strangers.”

She was beautiful, he decided, standing there with her auburn hair shinning in the fading sunlight. He felt immediately drawn to her in a way he had never been any of the villagers that had come to see him. Without really meaning to he stepped forward for a hug. Her arms welcomed him warmly and he pressed against her plain travel clothing that seemed odd on her body. A lady as pretty as she was should be dressed in all the finery of the nobles, not the plain clothing of the travelers.

She hugged him lightly and then stepped back, releasing him. “Thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to meet you, Onew.”

The name seemed strange coming from her lips but he felt that it was his. It seemed silly to have forgotten his own name and he smiled at her. “If you come here again, you could visit me.”

“I would love to do that,” she told him honestly. “Take care of yourself,” she whispered. “May the Earth under your feet hold firm, may the Water of the spring refresh you, may the Air in your lungs fill you with hope, may the Fire of your heart keep you warm, and may the Life in all that is around you keep you true.”

The farewell seem strange yet so important that he nodded solemnly and told her, “and to you as well.”

She smiled at that and offered him a small wave before turning and walking down the small path down the hill. He watched her go, standing there in his front yard long after the sun had set and he couldn’t see her figure any longer.


He awoke with tears rolling down his cheeks and the sound of someone softly crooning to him. Clenching his eyes shut, he wormed his way closer to the warm body in front of him and felt the one behind him shift as well, remaining pressed close to him. They would hold him, he knew, while he cried out what the dream had made him feel. They didn’t pressure him to speak, simply held him and produced strange, inhuman noises that seemed to calm him.

When his tears had run their course, he pressed his cheek to the smooth skin of Jonghyun’s chest and simply breathed the dragon in. Key was laying against his back resting on one of his wings. Oddly enough it wasn’t uncomfortable in the least to have the dragon there. Pleasant tingles were spreading through him from the contact but unlike earlier they weren’t arousing in any way. Sighing, he enjoyed the sensation of both of them pressed against him. He felt safe in their arms.

“I dreamt of my mom,” he said softly, not because he felt that he had to, but because he wanted to share it with them. For reasons he couldn’t name Onew didn’t want there to be any secrets between the three of them.

“We know,” Key murmured. “We saw it, too.”

“You can see my dreams?” Onew asked. From the limited knowledge that he had regained he didn’t think that was something normal. “How?”

“Through our bond,” Jonghyun told him.

“I didn’t know that was possible,” Onew muttered.

“We didn’t either. It may have something to do with the fact that we began our bond by putting your memories and magic back where they belonged, but we aren’t certain. I have never heard of a dragon being able to see into the dreams of their mate,” Key informed him.

“What do mates usually share through their bond?” Onew asked curiously.

“Magic, obviously,” Key answered immediately.

“After that it becomes a little different for every bond. Some dragons can simply have a sense of where their mate is. Some know exactly what their mate is feeling. Some can even know their mate so fully that they share thoughts and ideas, although that is rare. Most dragons can communicate in some form through their bond,” Jonghyun explained.

Onew nodded, knowing that the dragon would feel the movement against his chest. He closed his eyes and felt within himself for the dragons. They were there, both of them different and very quiet at the moment, but there. “You don’t feel the same,” he commented.

“I wouldn’t imagine we did,” Key agreed with a grin that he pressed into Onew’s wing.

“Why does Key make me tingle?” Onew asked before he could stop the words from escaping his mouth. Jonghyun chuckled.

“Do you not have any of your instincts about your magic?” Key grumbled against his back.

“Some,” Onew admitted, blushing. He probably could have figured it out if he had thought about it long enough, but he enjoyed being able to ask them questions. Maybe it was because he had been alone for so long.

“Magic,” Jonghyun said, smoothing a hand over his side slowly, “reacts differently with other magic. Usually the magic of two individuals reacts fairly neutrally, like ours. There really isn’t a reaction one way or another. On the very rare occasion you will find someone whose magic actually reacts to yours positively or negatively. Negative reactions cause pain in both of the users and they typically can’t stand to be in a room together, let alone touch. Positive reactions cause a very pleasant reaction in both parties. I’ve heard it feels differently for everyone when a positive reaction is created.”

“I feel tingles when Key touches me,” Onew told him.

“I know. I can feel an echo of them from both of you but nothing like the real thing. It’s something special you two share,” Jonghyun told him.

“I’m sorry,” Onew instantly felt guilty. He didn’t have any sort of right to intrude on what they had, let alone form something special with one of them.

Key snorted. “Don’t be. He got off on watching us experience that reaction. He likes it just as much as we do.”

Red dusted over Onew’s cheeks and he shifted, hiding his face against Jonghyun’s chest. He already knew that Key’s touch wouldn’t always be that arousing, since it wasn’t now, but he figured he would nearly always crave the brush of the other dragon’s magic on his skin. Key briefly feathered light kisses over the strong muscle of one of Onew’s wings. Oddly enough that touch too only made him feel more content and loved.

They laid in silence for a long time, simply enjoying each other before Onew found his voice again. “Do you think my mother is still alive?” he whispered.

“I don’t know,” Jonghyun answered honestly.

“She was probably trying to protect you from someone that was hunting you. Chances are it didn’t end well for her,” Key told him.

“Kibum!” Jonghyun scolded sharply.

Strangely enough, Onew wasn’t upset with the dragon for stating the truth, no matter how much it might pain him to hear it. “No, Key is probably right.”

“I’m sorry, Jinki,” Jonghyun murmured, pulling him closer.

He felt comforted in a way by the two of them that he never really had before. “Thank you,” Onew whispered. He reached back, searching blindly for one of Key’s hands. When he found it he tangled their fingers together and settled their joined hands on his bare hip, pulling Key closer to his body. “Jonghyun,” he said softly. “You sing don’t you?” He had no idea how he had come upon the information that he had but he knew it was true.

“I do, sometimes,” Jonghyun sounded genuinely surprised that he knew that.

Onew smiled. “Will you sing for us?”

One of Jonghyun’s hands guided his face up so the dragon could capture his lips for a gentle kiss. When they broke apart, Jonghyun searched his eyes for a long moment and then smiled gently. Warmth filled Onew at the pleased feelings flowing from the dragon to him. Jonghyun was completely content and happy at the moment and it made Onew happy to know that he had contributed to that. “Sure,” Jonghyun agreed.

He tucked Onew against his chest once more so that when his voice began to sing the melody of a song that few knew, Onew could feel the vibrations from beneath his ear. Key pressed a kiss between his wings and sighed happily. A moment later the voice of the other dragon joined his mate’s. Onew didn’t know the words but he could almost feel the melody, enough that he felt confident to hum along with them.

It took one song blending into the next before he realized what he was feeling. He had never felt this wanted before yet it wasn’t just his body that they wanted. They wanted every part of him and were content to stay just where they were with him. For the first time that he could remember, there was somewhere that he truly belonged.


“He’s going to exhaust himself,” Key grumbled from his spot beneath the tree in the front lawn.

“Let him play,” Jonghyun replied, smiling fondly as he watched the half dragon. “He’ll stop before he hurts himself.” Key grunted and shifted until his head was resting on Jonghyun’s shoulder. The larger dragon extended his wing, curling it protectively around Key and holding him close with it.

“It’s nice,” Key mumbled, seeking out one of Jonghyun’s hands and tangling their fingers together.

Jonghyun understood completely the contentment flowing from his mate. They were newly mated to a third person, a feat almost unheard of, and relatively safe for the moment. Joy was filtering down the bond from Onew at the new discoveries in himself, wonder at the warmth of the sun on his wings and pleasure at his ability to heal and bring new life to plants that he had previously been struggling to keep alive.

When they had finally gotten up and around for the day, they had taken Onew out to the hill to show him the ring of flowers that his magic had produced. The half dragon had been stunned at the display and then had immediately begun tending to the beautiful creations, most of which he declared were valuable for one thing or another. Onew was a gifted healer without the aid of his magic and Jonghyun couldn’t wait to see what he could do with it. Any lingering pain from Key’s wound had vanished, healed by Onew’s magic when they had sealed their bond. Even the scar had faded so that it was a barely noticeable blemish on his skin.

He hadn’t seen the sort of enthusiasm for life that Onew was showing for a long time. Most of the time the dragons he had known had acted much more sophisticated and too concerned with Destiny and the like to enjoy what they had. Onew, however, didn’t seem all that upset that he had been forced into solitude by Destiny and then drawn out of it again by the same. Even Key, who like most dragons followed the call of Destiny in his life, held onto a bit of resentment at the exile he had faced before Jonghyun had entered his life.

“Why do you think his mother wanted to hide him?” Key murmured. The question was a valid one since it was unlike a dragon to abandon their child in any form, let alone the one that Onew had been left in. “He isn’t particularly dangerous.”

Jonghyun nodded his head in silent agreement with that observation. Even when Onew’s magic had been out of control all it had done was grown a garden of flowers. If either of their magic had gone out of control it would have created destruction on a very likely deadly scale. It seemed as though Onew’s magic was the exact opposite of anything destructive and not altogether that desirable for anyone craving power. Or was it?

He wasn’t stupid, he knew of those that collected half dragons and the occasional dragon in order to steal their magic from them. Most did it for a sense of power and strength to do as they pleased but what if they wanted something other than power? The stripping of magic was excruciatingly painful and left scars far deeper then the physical ones he had seen. Some, he knew, found a perverse sort of pleasure in inflicting that pain as they stole the magic of the dragon for themselves. Onew, with as innocent as he seemed, would be a unique sort of pleasure that a twisted person would love.

Yet, Jonghyun knew there had to be more than that. “Jonghyun?” Key asked softly, knowing that he was trying to puzzle something out but not certain what it was.

Jonghyun didn’t answer so as not to interrupt his own train of thought. Any person that was stealing the magic of a half dragon would then have that magic to use as their own until it was exhausted. Onew’s magic was so tied to Life in a way that he had never seen before that it likely wouldn’t be very useful to someone else for any other element.

“Onew,” he whispered as the answer hit him. Any person that got their hands on Onew would have access to the element of Life and, in essence, their own temporary fountain of youth. Onew’s magic didn’t make him undesirable to those that would hunt him, it made him the ultimate prize. At the realization, he had to fight the urge to jump and rush Onew back inside the house. “He’s a fountain of youth and Life,” Jonghyun hissed, sharing his realization with his mate.

“What?” Key asked.

“Think about it, Key. Have you ever seen any dragon so in touch with the element of Life? If he wanted to, he could probably leave flowers growing wherever he walked.”

“No,” Key admitted.

“A dragon with that sort of attachment to Life could use it to keep themselves eternally youthful and alive for as long as they could. Dragons wouldn’t do that because it goes against our nature, but something else, say a witch, would love the chance to try. Onew is the ultimate prize,” Jonghyun explained.

“How would they even know that?” Key asked. It was difficult for dragons to tell what element another was inclined to without brushing against their magic, let alone something like a hunter that had no magic of their own.

“Think back to when you were a kid, Key,” Jonghyun urged. “Remember how many fires you started when you were just learning about your magic? Onew probably left trails of Life wherever he went either because he wanted to or because it just happened. If a hunter saw that they would know where his affinity lay.”

“So to protect him his mother binds his magic and leaves him here alone. When the hunter comes looking, all it finds is a little boy with no magic and no parents. Even watching him for years wouldn’t reveal anything different. It’s so unheard of to bind the magic of a dragon or even a half dragon that they wouldn’t think that it was a possibility,” Key continued.

“It would be the only option his mother would have, the only thing that would keep him safe. A hunter may even chance trying to penetrate a dragon settlement for a prize like Onew.”

“Jonghyun,” Key hissed, clutching his arm tightly. “If I was a hunter and a prize like Onew had been out there, I would stay where the trail suddenly stopped, or at least leave someone here, just in case. I wouldn’t want to chance it getting through my fingers.”

Jonghyun nodded in agreement, fixing his gaze intently on the young half dragon still in his garden. At either the feelings coming from them or the feeling of eyes on him, Onew looked up and frowned at what he saw. Carefully stepping over the rows of plants the young man made his way to them.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, sinking down onto his knees in front of the pair.

“I need you to think, Onew. Is there anyone in the village who keeps coming to see you pretty regularly?” Jonghyun asked, trying to keep his voice neutral.

“A few,” Onew replied immediately, his brow wrinkling in confusion.

“Were there patterns with any of them?” Jonghyun pressed.

“I don’t know. Why?” Worry was beginning to creep into Onew’s voice.

“I have a hunch, Onew. I need to know for certain,” Jonghyun told him firmly.

“I have a book in the house where I write everything down, do you want me to go get it?” he asked gesturing towards the building.

“Please,” Jonghyun requested.

“Do you think?” Key whispered as the half dragon moved off to do as he was asked.

“Yeah,” Jonghyun breathed. He tried to slow the pounding of his own heart while he waited.

“There is one,” Onew mused flipping the pages of the book that was laying in his arms as he ambled back out to him. “He visits every couple of months to get some vegetables and occasionally cold medicine for his children.” He glanced up and a fond smile spread across his face. “He always brings me the best pastries to try. You’ll have to try them when he comes again, they are amazing!”

“Onew,” Jonghyun snapped surging to his feet, his wings flaring out behind him in agitation. He grasped the half dragon’s arm firmly in his hand in order to gain his full attention. “The pastries, did they have a filling that doesn’t taste like any fruit you know? Kind of sweet and sour at the same time, yet creamy?”

“Yes,” Onew answered in confusion. “You have had them?”

“Yes,” Jonghyun replied, his eyes flashing in anger, “Right before the hunter tried to put a knife through Key’s body.”


As much as he didn’t want to leave the place that he had known as his home for over thirteen years, he couldn’t bear for anything to happen to the two dragons that had been added to his life, or worse for them to leave without him. He understood the fear that Jonghyun was feeling as if it was his own. He didn’t want anyone getting anywhere close to Key again with the intention to harm him. Jonghyun was convinced there was someone coming for him and although he didn’t share the same opinion, he couldn’t argue with the dragon’s logic.

“He is our mate,” Key hissed, “By law that makes him like a dragon! He can’t be hunted!”

“Neither can dragons,” Jonghyun countered, “but that doesn’t stop anyone. Not only will they come for Onew they will find us to sweeten the deal.”

“Filthy humans, breaking their own laws,” the dragon growled his wings fluttering in agitation. Onew glanced up and was surprised to see tiny sparks dancing around Key. He prayed that they wouldn’t burn the house down in their agitation.

“Of course they do,” Jonghyun snapped. “They only care for what helps them.”

Carefully Onew folded another packet from a piece of paper and dropped a small pinch of seeds inside. When it was sealed he carefully wrote what they were, not that he would likely need the key to tell him that information anyway. He wanted to counter the pair, to tell them that there was good in humans, he had seen it, but he didn’t want to start any unnecessary argument.

“Besides,” Jonghyun continued. “A hunter could always claim that they didn’t know Onew was our mate. Three mated dragons are so rare that most humans don’t even know it is possible. They couldn’t tell the difference.”

“So then, what?” Key growled, “We spend the rest of our lives running?”

“No,” Jonghyun’s voice was filled with a ferocity that made Onew pause in his task. “We go somewhere where they can tell the humans once and for all that Onew is ours, so no one can contest it.”

“We would have to go to the Highlord himself for that kind of statement to be heard,” Key said in disbelief.

“Then we go to the Highlord,” Jonghyun replied firmly.

“You’re kidding.”

“I will do anything to protect him, won’t you?” Jonghyun challenged. “He is ours and no one will challenge that. I’ll go as high as I need to, to prove it.”

“The Highlord wouldn’t be able to tell, either,” Key muttered. “He is just human and look at what he lets pass already. He would likely take Onew for himself.”

Jonghyun frowned at that and Onew shuddered. He didn’t completely understand exactly what Jonghyun had told him about his magic being desirable, but he figured much of his lack of understanding was due to the lack of memories that had returned. His mother had made certain that he was secluded from the world so he knew there were a lot of things that he didn’t know, one of them being how exactly someone could steal someone else’s magic. It wasn’t an item that was simply left laying around for the taking and Jonghyun hadn’t been willing to elaborate when he had asked.

They stared each other down for what seemed like an eternity, both Jonghyun and Key unwilling to look away as if they could find the answer in each other’s eyes. “There is a dragon,” Jonghyun said slowly as if he wasn’t quite certain he wanted to bring it up. “Han Geng.”

Key’s eyes widened. “You can’t mean that,” he whispered.

“He is blood contracted with a sorcerer,” Jonghyun elaborated. “He would be able to see our bond and so would the sorcerer he works with. They could recognize us as mates.”

“What if they decided to do something else with us?” Key asked.

“We won’t tell them how special Onew is and we will try our best to cover his magic. It shouldn’t be hard for you to blend your magic with his most of the time so they won’t notice so much.”

“And if they do?” Key challenged.

“Then they do. We can protect him,” Jonghyun’s voice was confident. “Besides, Han Geng was known for his unquestionable honor. I don’t think he would hurt Onew.”

“It’s a risk,” Key said glancing at him. Onew flushed like a child caught eavesdropping and focused back on the seeds he was packing away.

There was a moment of silence and then Jonghyun’s voice came from beside him. “I’m sorry we are talking about you as if you are not here and treating you like a child.”

“It’s okay,” Onew told him, carefully tucking the packet in the waterproof box in front of him. “I am a child in a lot of things,” he admitted. “I don’t understand half of what you are talking about and I didn’t even know what sex was, not really.” His cheeks colored lightly at the memory of how he gained that knowledge.

“You’re not a child,” Jonghyun countered. “You understand a lot of things that I never will. You have a real gift for Life, Onew, not many can call that their own.”

Onew turned to look at the dragon that was crouched beside him, his blue wings slightly spread for balance. “Destiny brought us together. It wouldn’t do that just for us to run off and get killed or worse. You trust this Han Geng, whoever he is. I can feel that much. So I trust him, too. We will go to see him,” Onew said with a finality that no one would question. “Besides, it’s been a long time since I have traveled. It could be fun.”

“I love you,” Jonghyun murmured, leaning forward and giving him a gentle kiss. Onew felt that it was much too early in their knowledge of each other for that to be true but he couldn’t deny that he felt the same.

“Then we will leave as soon as you are packed,” Key agreed with a nod.


“We should burn this place to the ground,” he heard Key mutter as he picked up the last bag they were taking with them. He knew the dragon was right, that perhaps any hunter that would be after them could find them from the contents inside, but he couldn’t bear to burn it down. People came to him for help, would continue to come after he had gone, and he had to provide everything he could for them. He couldn’t bring himself to do any less.

On the table were a line of jars and pouches, each one had a note attached detailing exactly what the contents of each were and how they were used. Beneath that he had written exactly how each was made and the exact location of the necessary ingredients on his shelves or in his garden. He hoped that whoever found them after he had left would take up what he had left for the people of the village.

Anything that could be poisonous if ingested directly he had removed from his garden and the circle of flowers he had grown accidentally. Some of them he had packed to take with him in a small pouch tucked beneath the supplies that he thought they might need on the road. He didn’t know if he would have time to make anything while they were traveling so he had brought the basics with him: ointment for small cuts and wounds, cream for burns, a potion to ease sleep, a cream to pull the soreness from muscles, several roles of clean bandaging, and a few other odds and ends thrown in.

The medicine they were bringing was precious but not as much as the box he carefully carried in his owns arms. Within its protective seal were small packets of every seed he had ever grown in his garden. It had pained him to use his magic to accelerate the growth of some of each type of his plants so that they would go to seed and he could collect them, but it needed to be done. He could never carry all the plants with him in their growing state, but this way he would be able to replant his garden wherever they settled.

“Do we have everything?” Jonghyun asked him. Onew took one last look around the house before he slipped the box into a small satchel and nodded. Key had strapped the bag with most of their supplies diagonally across his back and Jonghyun had agreed to carry a blanket in a similar position even though he assured Onew that they wouldn’t need it.

“Then one last thing,” Jonghyun murmured, stepping closer. “Your wings are beautiful, but we have to put them away.” His own wings as well as Key’s were already hidden, and the red marks declaring that he had them as well, beneath his shirt. Onew hated the idea of forcing his wings away again when he was only just discovering what it felt like to have them. Still, he knew it wouldn’t be safe to leave them out.

His eyes slid shut as he focused and pulled them back within himself. The process wasn’t a difficult one, and it was completely painless, yet it left him feeling cramped the moment he was finished. He knew that in just a few hours he would likely be very uncomfortable. “I’m sorry, Jinki,” Jonghyun murmured, feathering kisses over the red marks he knew ran down his back where his wings extended. The press of his lips made his pulse flutter.

“Knock it off,” Key grumbled with a sense of humor in his voice. “We need to get moving if we want to get anywhere before the sun comes up.”

“You’re just jealous,” Jonghyun teased, pulling away enough that Onew could fit a shirt over his head without restriction.

Key snorted. “Not of you. Onew and I have our own thing going,” Key sidled up to Onew and slipped his arm around the young man’s shoulder. “Don’t we, Jinki?” he asked leaning in to nibble at Onew’s neck. Electricity shot through his body at the touch, stirring it with arousal.

“What was that about not having time?” Jonghyun joked, pulling Key from him.

“I can’t help it if he tastes delicious,” Key replied with a grin.

“I’ll take this one outside before he does something embarrassing,” Jonghyun called, before shoving Key out the front door and closing it behind them.

They were giving him a moment, he knew, a moment to stay goodbye to his home and what he was leaving behind. He looked around the room, remembering the moments he had spent here and he realized immediately that the best moments had been spent with the two dragons waiting for him outside. This wasn’t his home anymore without them and anywhere they went now would be just as much a home as long as they were there.

Onew didn’t take any more than a moment to make certain he had everything he wanted before shouldering his satchel and heading out the door. Jonghyun and Key were waiting for him, leaning against the house and sharing a deep kiss between them. They had to know that he was there, since they were better at the whole idea of feeling their mate than he was, but they took their time enjoying one another before they broke apart.

“Let’s go,” Jonghyun declared, each of them reaching for one of his hands. Onew felt something like a child as he took their hands, then immediately less so when Key tugged him in for a deep kiss that was anything but childish.

“I always like to start a journey out on a good note,” Key said with a grin as he licked his lips.

Jonghyun just laughed. “Let’s go. We need to put some distance between us and this place.”

Onew nodded and let them lead him, one on either side, up the hill and towards the forest beyond. It was the start of their journey into something largely unknown to him, but he couldn’t even bring himself to feel nervous. They would care for him and whatever lay ahead of them, the three of them would face it together.

Just over the hill there was a small mewling from the bush and Onew smiled. “Come on, Cat,” he called to the creature. “I’m done with being hidden.”

AN: And there you have it, the end of Hidden. I wanted to get this up before I got busy today so you all could read it. Thanks to the five of you who commented on the chapters! I really appreciated reading them! If you enjoyed this piece you may want to jump over and take a look at Broken. [livejournal.com profile] saanrio and I are working on co-writing a continuation of Onew/Key/Jonghyun's story once they get to their destination. So never fear there will be more of them! Let me know what you thought of this little four part journey...

Date: 2011-11-06 02:29 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] chulhyeol.livejournal.com

Date: 2011-11-06 02:38 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] chulhyeol.livejournal.com
lol I'm back~
I wanted to comment with a gif, but I'm still looking for an accurate one (and I wanna be the first one to comment), so I decided to comment with words first XD

Right now, this is me:


btw, good luck on you and [livejournal.com profile] saanrio's collab fic!


remember that I'm always here to support you!

Date: 2011-11-08 02:01 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] stripysockz.livejournal.com
*squeals happily* this is so FLAWLESS!

Sunset-coloured wings suits Key so well, and I love how that ties in with his link to the element of fire! Does Jonghyun have a link to water, I wonder...

That whole first scene was so well written, probably because it actually meant something - the last line where the bond settles, as well as the repetition of Jonghyun surrounding them with his wings, was just beautiful! However, it was also really hot /shot

That dream sequence was heartbreaking! I really hope that Onew's mother is still alive somewhere and that they do find her someday, I can't even imagine how difficult that parting must have been for her, especially if her human mate already got killed trying to protect Onew. The blessing that she left him with was amazing though, so poetic!

“Why does Key make me tingle?” *giggles* awww Jinki why so cute?! The fact that Jonghyun's left out does seem a bit unfair, but the dynamics of the whole relationship still just work, it fills me with so many happy feelings to read! And when Onew asked him to sing awww that was just so perfect, I LOVED how he just knew that! So perfect <3

At first I was like oh nooo because surely advertising to the humans that a half-dragon of such powers exists would be counter-productive?! BUT I am now super excited to see how the story develops when they reach Han Geng and the other characters, I read Broken last week and it was AMAZING so I'm really looking forward to more of the verse!

I am so glad that you got an "I love you" in there. It just wouldn't have been right without one, and it's totally fitting that it came from Jonghyun too! He's such a romantic ^_^

Aww I love the way Onew leaves instructions for the villagers, he's just so lovely!!! I loved seeing the beginnings of teasing between all three of them as well, it just shows how comfortable they already feel with each other.

CAT!!! See your muses are subconsciously telling you that there's more to Cat than meets the eye and giving you a chance to develop that!

I can't believe so few people read this verse, because it's absolutely amazing! I swear like 90% of your writing is composed of pure joy, and this was no exception, I literally had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this chapter! Mucho love for you m'dear, I can't wait to see what you'll treat us to next! ^_^

Date: 2011-11-08 03:22 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] curionenene.livejournal.com
omggggggggggg /eyes sparkle... i love thissssssssss

yes, yes, continuation please! =D

Date: 2011-11-09 05:28 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] veisness.livejournal.com
O: This is amazing!
I love how Onew is such an... innocent little child-like kid, and he's just absolutely adorable! xD Key's all (ugh i can't stand you) in the beginning, and then OMG THIS IS JUST TOO CUTE <3

Haha and I loved when Jonghyun was saying "the most his powers did was leave flowers all over the place" or something of the sort. XD That was ridiculously funny for me. >_> but yessss :3 can't wait for the cowritten version :>

Date: 2011-11-09 11:00 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] amatsukishi.livejournal.com
sorry i haven't commented on part 3!

But to sum it up!
Wow!!! Dubu's powers is so cool!
Now my imagination is running wild! Ahahaha!!!

“May the Earth under your feet hold firm, may the Water of the spring refresh you, may the Air in your lungs fill you with hope, may the Fire of your heart keep you warm, and may the Life in all that is around you keep you true.”

if key is fire and jjong is water and onew is life then who is air??? hehe :D or im just over-thinking it! ahaha :D

it was a well written masterpiece and i hope your collab with be equally a great success.

is anticipating the cameo of onjongkey on your collab. ^_^

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