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A Broken side story
Part Three

“I missed having you like this,” Jonghyun murmured, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck. Despite Key’s wishes, his mate had forced him to turn so that his wound wasn’t pressed between them and in threat of further harm. While it did give him the rather pleasant feeling of Jonghyun’s body pressed tightly to his back, he hated not being able to look at the other man.

“I missed being like this,” Key agreed. “As much as I love you, if you ever suppress my wings again, I’ll kill you.”

A warm chuckle was pressed into his skin, followed by lips mouthing the very edge of his wing near where it connected to his back, a place that always made him shudder in pleasure. “That I can’t promise,” Jonghyun told him, his hands sliding down Key’s chest tracing the faint muscle there.

Key’s wings fluttered half in irritation half in pleasure before returning to their relaxed position. He was expecting it when the wings of his mate shifted and curled around them both, large enough to easily enclose them. His fingers reached out and traced random patterns on the membrane that was the color of the sea and he sighed again. Just being together like this, just as they were, was pleasant enough that they didn’t need to do anything further, despite being able to feel the arousal in Jonghyun’s body pressed against him.

“You think you are up for this?” Jonghyun asked, rocking his hips slightly.

It was enough to get his point across and Key chuckled. “I’m certainly up for something.”

“That was awful,” the man behind him joked with a laugh.

“You love it,” Key countered.

“You’re lucky dragons mate for life, otherwise you would have one hell of a time picking up someone with lame lines like that,” the man didn’t sound serious in the slightest, more playful then anything, but Key offered him an elbow to the gut anyway.

It started quietly at first, like a little tingle in back of his mind that something was off, but hardly enough to draw his attention from the hands and mouth roaming his body. If anything were to be threatening, he trusted his magic to warn him, to pick up on the immediate threat and let him react. That was, after all, how he had survived for so long on his own and how the knife had pierced his stomach instead of his heart as was the original intent.

The tugging on his senses didn’t lessen as he thought it would and he was just about to mention it to his mate when the sound of something shattering startled them both. Jonghyun spun, immediately releasing him and placing himself in front of his mate and the potential threat. The full span of his wings - larger than most of his kind - was an impressively instinctual display of threat, but it wasn’t what was the real weapon. Key could feel Jonghyun calling his magic, pulling it up and readying it for use at a moment’s notice. It bubbled within him waiting to be given shape and a purpose. His mate was horribly creative when it came to the use of his magic as a weapon and Key almost felt a half second of pity for whatever the threat was.

He was slower to turn, taking time not to stretch the skin over his stomach by jerking abruptly, but when he had done so fully he paused, just as Jonghyun had. “Onew?” he called, confused by the man who was standing on the path staring that them with empty eyes.

“Something isn’t right,” Jonghyun murmured.

Key hardly needed his mate to tell him that as he could see the spell encasing the young man as clearly as any dragon could. The threads were a deep green and pulsing as they swirled around the young man, a spell that neither of them had created, and one they had never seen before.

“What-” Key questioned, only managing to speak a word before he was cut off by the scream of the man up the hill.

Onew screamed, a pained sound that sounded neither human nor like anything he had ever heard and seemed to cut through to his very bones, rattling him. The man up on the hill collapsed to his knees, clutching his head as the dark green strands of magic pulsed around him and then exploded outwards.

The moment the spell had shattered, green wings tore from the back of the young man faster than anything Key had ever seen. Usually wings unfolded slowly from the dragon that was hiding them, much like stretching a limb after a long rest. These wings shot outward with a startling force and stayed fully extended, trembling as their owner continued to scream.

“He’s a half-dragon,” Jonghyun whispered, something they could both feel now, but had never been able to before. That had never happened to his knowledge, since one magic seemed to always be aware of another.

“He’s dying,” Key returned, knowing it was true the moment he said it. They could see the magic leaking from the young man, soaking into the ground around him in uncontrolled strands. Unbidden, flowers were springing into full bloom around Onew, given life by his magic and encouraged into growth.

Uncontrolled magic didn’t exist, at least not in dragons. From the moment they were born they simply knew how to use their magic, knew what would be hurtful to them or helpful. They could feel the bounds of it, deep but not inexhaustible, and knew never to push past it. Even a half-dragon possessed this knowledge, or at least Key had never heard of one who didn’t. The magic in this half-dragon seemed completely out of control and he had no idea which would happen first: the destruction of the half-dragon as his own magic tore him apart or the death of him as it expanded itself beyond what he could possibly do. Either way, he knew Onew would not survive the night.

Then, between one breath and the next, Key knew why they were there. There was a Choice for him, presented by Destiny. No dragon ever ignored Destiny but they were permitted, if they chose, to say no. Few ever did. Key hadn’t yet. Not when it had urged him into a life of solitude, or when it had brought Jonghyun to his front door, but this was one instance where he desperately wished he had the courage to do so. “Damn it all to hell,” he hissed, pushing on one of Jonghyun’s wings and forcing it to fold.

“Kibum?” Jonghyun called, tucking his wings close to his body at the push. His voice was questioning but Key knew he was able to feel the knowledge of what was happening through their mate bond.

Key hated this Choice, and for a moment hated Destiny itself. He walked out of the pool slowly, knowing that the magic wouldn’t exhaust itself in Onew before he reached him. With every step he reasoned with himself, to what end he wasn’t sure. He enjoyed things the way they were. The last thing he wanted was for more complications then he already had, but at the same time he knew what rejection would mean. He would be directly responsible for the death and destruction of one of their kind, half-dragon or not.

As he approached the trembling half-dragon, Onew’s magic lashed at him. The touch of it wasn’t painful in its intent but it sent warm electricity through Key’s body that made him gasp and stumble backwards for a moment. Leave it to Destiny to give him the one half-dragon in a thousand whose magic reacted pleasantly with his own, as if Destiny itself was trying to sweeten the deal. He ignored the touch of it as well as he could and moved forward again.

The magic continued lashing at him, teasing him as he moved, and he did his best to shut it out. That couldn’t affect his decision. He couldn’t let it force him to choose one way or another. Accepting this was something that would change everything and something he must fully acknowledge one way or another. Jonghyun had already made his choice, he could feel the knowledge of that, and now it was his turn.

He stopped just in front of Onew and dropped to a knee, his wings flared out behind him. Destiny demanded the choice be made now, one way or another. With a deep breath and an extended hand, Kibum gave Destiny its answer. Yes.


He shifted, feeling the ache of his muscles protesting any movement. It felt as though he had independently worked out every single muscle of his body, but he knew with certainty he hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary before heading to bed. The day had been spent gardening and relaxing with the men that were staying with him, and then they had gone to bed as they usually did.

Moment by moment he recalled his evening. Lying down on the makeshift pallet that he had assumed as his sleeping place after giving Key the more comfortable bed had been all he had done. Or had it? When he pressed deeper and thought about it, he remembered rising and going out for water, odd to him since he had water in his house. For whatever reason he remembered heading down to the spring behind his house and images of what he had seen there filled his mind.

Onew gasped and jerked up right from the spot where he had been laying at the memory of the bright wings that he had seen. There was a startled cry to his left and then a curse. He whirled to see Key glaring at him and clutching his nose. Blood was dripping slowly between his fingers as he fixed him with one of the deadliest looks Onew had ever seen him give.

“What happened?” Onew asked puzzled, moving forward to look at it.

“Stop fucking moving!” Key growled, and then glared past him, “I told you we should have forced them away.”

Jonghyun’s warm laugh flowed from behind him and he felt the touch of the man’s hands on his body. The sensation was strange and something he had never felt before, as if he had extra limbs he hadn’t been aware of. There was a gentle pressure and he flexed new muscles under the guidance of those hands.

“He’s fine, he just has to get used to them. Remember the first time you extended your wings?” Jonghyun chuckled.

“You weren’t there,” Key hissed. “I was a toddler and I didn’t break anyone’s fucking nose!”

“No, you overbalanced and fell flat on your face,” he could hear a smile in Jonghyun’s voice.

“Shut up,” Key snapped, rising to his feet and moving to the cupboard where he began looking for something to stop the flow of blood.

It took Onew a moment to rationalize what they had been talking about. Jonghyun’s hands slid over his body, leaving a tremble in their wake. It felt as though the man’s hands were sliding over his arms yet different. Then as if an image cut through the confusion, Onew realized with startling clarity that he had wings. His muscles jerked in surprise almost flaring the new appendages wide again but strong hands held them firm.

“Careful,” Jonghyun cautioned. “Stretch them gently.” Then the restriction of his hands was removed and Onew was free to extend his wings. The movement felt wonderful, as if he had been sitting for so long that he had forgotten he could walk only to discover it again.

“Can I fly?” he whispered.

“Maybe,” Jonghyun said with a chuckle. “Your wings are average in size so you could probably fly for short periods of time if you wanted to.” Onew nodded, carefully shifting and flexing to test his range of movement.

“I could teach you if you wanted,” Jonghyun said almost shyly. Slowly Onew folded his wings, pulling them in tight to his body before turning to look at the man that had been sitting behind him.

“I would like that,” he said honestly. “You have wings don’t you?” Onew nibbled on his lower lip, a bad habit he had developed when he was nervous. “Could I see them?”

Key scoffed. “You sound like you are asking if you can see his cock. Dragons don’t care if people see their wings.”

Jonghyun frowned. “Don’t be so crass, Key. None of this is his fault.”

“Really because he seems to be completely oblivious to what his body is telling him,” Key snapped.

Onew wasn’t certain where the anger in the young man was coming from and he slowly turned to look at the man. Key was standing near the sink with his head tipped back and a wad of bandages pressed beneath his nose. “Don’t do it like that,” Onew said in a rush, rising and moving to him. He had dealt with enough bloody noses to know that would only hurt things. “Here, let me,” he reached out to take the fabric from him and Key flinched away.

“Don’t touch me,” he hissed, shifting away.

Shocked, Onew froze where he was. He had never experienced this sort of hostility from anyone, especially not someone that he had been trying to help. Yet somehow he knew that wasn’t entirely true. A memory flashed across his mind of a young boy in a village square saying the same to him, the hurt that had ached deep in his chest and the midnight black wings that had encased him in their protective care.

He stumbled backwards and gasped when something warm and strong pressed against his back. “Shh, Key didn’t mean anything by it. He just gets bitchy sometimes and he is trying very hard to take things slow for you.” A careful kiss accompanied the words, pressed to the back of his neck. It should have felt strange, especially since he had puzzled out that Key and Jonghyun were more than just friends, but it simply sent tingles zinging through his senses.

“What do you remember from last night? Think back on it, Onew,” Jonghyun instructed gently, his breath warm against the shell of Onew’s ear.

Onew closed his eyes and tried to relax into the calm he felt flowing from the man behind him. He remembered seeing their wings in the shimmering moon light, remembered how right they looked on the men, how it made them look whole and complete. He remembered the feeling of something shattering within him, literally imploding in his mind, and pain so great that he had been unable to do anything but scream. He remembered his wings tearing through his skin, a pain-filled release that made his body shudder at the faint, lingering tingles. He remembered feeling as though he was falling apart, like pieces of his body were just melting away. He remembered Key.

Key had extended his hand and spoken to him, words that he didn’t know but at the same time knew more intimately than any other language in the world. He had answered in kind, his lips producing sounds that they never had before and Jonghyun had joined them, had taken his other hand and held it fast. At the words they exchanged, symbols had surrounded them in layers of green, blue, and red, pulsing with their life and their magic.

He remembered the feel of them, the touch of their hands, the taste of their magic, the warmth of their existence. He remembered them reaching within him, to a place he had only just discovered, and carefully putting everything back where it belonged. He remembered the care. He remembered the determination. He remembered the love.

“Onew?” Jonghyun whispered softly, not rushing, simply questioning.

“Jinki,” he heard his own lips whispering. “My name is Jinki, and I’m your mate.”


“I didn’t know that dragons could have more than one mate,” Onew said softly.

It was all Key could do not to snap at the half-dragon now perched upon one of the kitchen chairs. Jonghyun, sensing his irritation, sent him a look and then roughly snapped the bones of his nose back into place. Key shouted a choice insult in the language of the dragons and took a step backward. It would be a simple thing for Onew to fix the damage he had done, even instinctually he would be able to do it with his magic since he was clearly gifted with the magic of life, of health, but he didn’t dare risk it. It was hard enough not to jump the man and seal their bond as it was, but to feel their magic brush together would shatter his control.

“Technically,” he heard Jonghyun telling Onew, “A dragon could have an infinite number of mates. Most dragons would never try for more than one. Some dragons don’t even get the privilege of having one mate let alone multiple.”

“I think,” Onew said hesitantly, “I can feel you both in my head. Like what you are feeling.”

“That is our new mate bond. After we finish the process of becoming mates then you will probably be able to feel us even better then you can now. Your dragon parent should have told you about some things and the rest is simply stuff you should know,” Jonghyun told him. Key could tell that the man was trying his best to resist touching Onew now that he didn’t need to and he knew it wasn’t any easier on his mate.

“I don’t know,” Onew admitted, “everything is so fuzzy.”

“Well, don’t force it,” Key snapped. “I’m not putting you back together again.”

“I know you both did something to me, but I don’t understand what,” Onew admitted.

“There was a spell of some sort on you,” Jonghyun explained. “Something made it shatter and when it did so your magic went wild.”

Onew’s brow furrowed as he clearly tried to recall memories. “My mother put it there,” he muttered as if he was slowly discovering the knowledge. “To keep me safe and hide me from even myself. It was supposed to unravel slowly I think.”

“Probably one thread at a time,” Jonghyun nodded. “For some reason it shattered. Dragons just know how to control their magic, it’s something we are born with, but you didn’t.”

“I’m only half,” Onew said meekly.

Jonghyun smiled reassuringly. “It doesn’t matter; you still have the instincts of a full dragon. We helped to push your memories and your magic back where they belong. They should both return slowly over the next couple of days, but to do what we did, we had to form a mate bond with you, or at least the start of one.”


“Yes. What we did only started the bond between us,” Jonghyun explained.

“How do we finish it?” Onew asked curiously.

“We will need to-”

“Sex, you idiot!” Key snapped, fed up with the gentleness of his mate. “We have to fuck each other senseless but apparently you can’t even feel that!”

“Key,” Jonghyun warned, sending him a disproving look. He knew his mate understood but at the same time he could never understand fully what it was like to even be in the room with Onew. Key’s body craved the half dragon so desperately that he ached with it. He didn’t want to think what it could mean that Onew wasn’t feeling the same thing.

He couldn’t stay in the room with them any longer. Let Jonghyun play babysitter to the clueless little half dragon, he couldn’t be in here. With a grunt he turned and stormed through the door, thankful, at least, that Jonghyun would have an understanding of the situation through their bond. As he opened the door and stepped outside before closing it softly behind him, he grumbled under his breath. The early morning air brought with it no relief.


“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Jonghyun tried to reassure the young man sitting at the table. It tugged at his heart to see the crestfallen look on Onew’s face and he longed to do anything to wipe it away.

“I have,” Onew mumbled. “I intruded on what you two have. I’m sorry.”

“No!” Jonghyun said fiercely, rising and moving abruptly to the space in front of Onew. “You are not an intruder. We chose this. We chose you and you chose us. It never would have worked if we didn’t. I wouldn’t want you as I do if we didn’t.”

“But Key-”

“No,” the dragon dropped to his knees in front of the young man. “Key wants this too much. He didn’t leave because he was angry. He was just too worked up. Onew, what do you know of sex?”

This close to the young man he couldn’t resist reaching out and settling his hands on Onew’s knees. At the touch something within him sighed. He knew they couldn’t wait much longer to seal the bond, their instincts simply wouldn’t allow it. Yet he wanted to take all the time he could to prepare Onew for what was to come, especially since the young man was currently turning a bright red at the mention of the word.

“I have seen it once,” he mumbled.

“You have?” Jonghyun was surprised by that.

“Yes. I was gathering in the woods one day, I observed a stag mounting a doe.”

Jonghyun chuckled. “Onew, animals do it for reproductive purposes; we do it for pleasure with only the occasional intention to reproduce.”

“I know that,” Onew snapped, his cheeks coloring further. “There have been men and women alike that have come to me for different things of a sexual nature.”

“Really?” this just seemed to get better and better. “Like what?”

“There was a man who wanted a potion that would stiffen a portion of his body and keep it that way for a length of time, long enough to bed a woman,” Onew blurted. The young man was beautiful in his shyness and Jonghyun couldn’t have stopped his hands from sliding further up his legs if he had wanted to.

“Mm,” Jonghyun hummed, his thumbs shifting restlessly over the fabric. “Neither Key nor I need those sort of things. What else?”

“T-There was a woman who wanted something to ease the way of penetration,” Onew muttered.

“Did you make it for her?”

“Yes,” he whispered gazing at Jonghyun’s hands as if he was transfixed.

“Do you have any left?”


“Get it for me,” Jonghyun instructed, pulling his hands away. It took Onew a moment before he rose from the chair and moved to do as he had been asked. Jonghyun watched him with hungry eyes the entire time he moved. He had thought he could wait, that he could take the time he needed to explain to Onew what needed to happen and work the man up to it. Now he knew that he would be lucky if he could properly prepare Onew before claiming him.

Slowly he rose, pulling his shirt over his head and casting it aside as he did so. With a sigh he released his hold on his wings, enjoying the sensation of them extending from his back until they were fully formed. He didn’t think he could fully extend them in here, there simply wasn’t the space for it, but folded as they were he could manage. Onew finished his rummaging in the cupboard and turned to face him, whatever he had been going to say clearly dying on his lips.

“Your wings,” he breathed. “They look like water.”

Jonghyun nodded. “Key says they remind him of the sea. You can touch them if you want to,” he hoped it didn’t sound too much like a plea.

Onew nodded and set the small jar carefully on the table before circling around him. “They look so strong,” he murmured.

“I like to fly,” Jonghyun told him, trying his best not to fidget. The first touch of Onew’s fingers grazed the spot where the skin of his wing met the skin of his back and he couldn’t have held back the moan if he had wanted to.

“Did I hurt you?” Onew gasped, pulling his fingers away abruptly.

“No,” Key’s voice sounded from the doorway. “Suck on that spot and he’ll become a wanton whore.” A shudder drifted through his body at the memory of the night Key had brought him to completion by doing little else than what he had stated.

“I can’t,” Onew mumbled.

“You can, I’ll show you,” Key said firmly.

Jonghyun expected to feel his lover pressed against his body, doing just what he had said to him, but instead he heard a needy cry of surprise and arousal fall past Onew’s lips. He turned just in time to see Key pull away violently, trembling as he gazed at Onew with such hunger. “Shit,” he mumbled. “I can’t.”

“It’s okay, Key,” Jonghyun told him, taking in the sight of his mates. “He wants this, too.”

“Please,” Onew whimpered, reaching for him.

“Shh,” Jonghyun murmured grabbing his arm lightly and stepping closer. “I’ll take care of you.”

Part Four

AN: *whistles innocently* Kind of a mean cliff hanger I know...I really enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Hopefully you aren't all screeching about me killing your OTP... The next chapter wraps everything up nicely and we find out a bit more about Onew and what is going on. It will be up on Sunday (or possibly earlier since I am open to bribery by comments, lol)!

Date: 2011-11-04 04:24 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] takagackthyde.livejournal.com

onew's a dragon?!?! well i kinda knew something was up with him. and dude he has two mates. damn i bet the next chapter will be amazing.

keep up the great work ^//w//^

Date: 2011-11-04 06:14 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] kat-elric.livejournal.com

Onew is a half-dragon, dragon mother but human father. Hehe I never can just make things normal in my stories, that would be boring after all!

Thanks, I'll try. ^_^

Date: 2011-11-04 05:41 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] saanrio.livejournal.com
LOL... How did I just know you were going to cut it here?

Even though I know this story already, I've been enjoying just reading it as you post.

Commentcommentcommentcomment.. not what you were looking for, right? lol

Date: 2011-11-04 06:15 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] kat-elric.livejournal.com
lol cause you know me. ^_^

I've actually been enjoying reading it as I post which is strange for me, but exciting.

hehe not exactly...

Date: 2011-11-04 06:23 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] stripysockz.livejournal.com
*tackles you with love and cookies*

Honestly I was half expecting this seeing as you put Onew/? in the replay post and there are no other characters in sight, and you didn't kill any OTP you just... expanded it lol. Any screeching going on here is the good kind!

I love th image of JongKey in the water with Jonghyun's wings surrounding them - it's just such a pretty image! Blue wings suit him, I wonder what colour Key's are...

The bit with Key arguing with himself over destiny was one of my favourite parts of this chapter, it was so intense, and then the simplicity of the "Yes." at the end was just perfect. Not to mention there was backstory in that section! You know I'm a sucker for backstory ^_^

Hmm so I wonder if seeing the other two dragons was what prompted the spell on Onew to unravel? Or maybe it was just Destiny trying to bring them all together lol. The description of the bonding ritual is absolutely beautiful, and I LOVE that he seems to just remember after that that he's Jinki, like it's his dragon name or idek it just fitted SO WELL!

Awww Key, I can totally just imagine him dealing with all his frustrations through bitchiness! He seems to be more affected by Onew than Jonghyun, is that just because their magicks interact oddly together? And awk Onew's so innocent in this verse, it's adorable! I want to hug them all.

That was a very mean cliffhanger! Tsk tsk. But I don't even care because that was my favourite chapter of all so far and I love you for it very much ^_^ And bribery you say?!?! *gets out the cookies* hehe this is totally foolproof.

Date: 2011-11-07 01:42 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] kat-elric.livejournal.com
ooh love and cookies!

lol yeah... not so secret ninja plans. I'm glad you enjoyed the expansion... the muses will... eventually. ^^;

Key's wings you find out about in the next chapter.

I so thought of having that argument be the end of the second part but that would have made for a short third part so I scratched it.

Both, I'm going to go with both. Thanks. You know I love the duality of names. Jinki is his real name...

*snicker* Key deals like that so well doesn't he. Hmm I think it is a bit their magic and a bit Key. He just reacts a extremely to just about everything.

lol yes I know it was mean but the next chapter has all of the good moments in it. ^_^ Cookies!

Date: 2011-11-05 12:07 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] ezri-sun.livejournal.com
I had a feeling that something within Onew was awakening in him at the last part! But I really didn't think that things would turn out this way and now they have to complete the bond! You left us at a horrible spot and I really want to read more!

Date: 2011-11-07 01:44 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] kat-elric.livejournal.com
You're feeling was correct. ^_^ I always do enjoy knowing that I have surprised someone with the way things turn out. Hehe I knew this was a mean place to leave you all but I had to leave it off some where. The good news is that the next part is up so you can enjoy it. ^_^

Date: 2011-11-07 01:49 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] ezri-sun.livejournal.com
LOL, I begged for 10min breather at work today (needed one anyways as people were starting to drive me insane...). I really want to write a good response, so you'll likely have a comment tomorrow as I'm slowly re-reading the whole thing now :P (Means, I've really, really liked it!)

Date: 2011-11-05 02:37 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] chulhyeol.livejournal.com
At first, when I saw that Onew was a half dragon and that he was now JongKey's mate, I was like:


Then, when I read about the skin wings sucking part, I went:


lol Thank you for sharing!


Date: 2011-11-07 01:44 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] kat-elric.livejournal.com
lol oh the faces of Minho! Much loved.

You are welcome! Thank you for commenting.

Date: 2011-11-06 11:54 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] mafuyuchains.livejournal.com
ngl I am a bit disappointed that you broke the special bond between jongkey. I love the way you described their bond, it seemed so intimate, so elite. They seemed so possessive and protective over each other that for me it was hard to understand how it could work with another person in the middle.
You have a beautiful style of writing but I'm sad to say I've lost interest now.

Date: 2011-11-07 01:48 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] kat-elric.livejournal.com
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the description of their bond. They do have something special between them, but it was necessary to shift that if they wanted to save Onew's life. It isn't so much that Onew is in the middle, it is just that he is now a part of it.

Thank you but I am sorry to hear that you have lost interest in the heart of the story because of the change in the relationships within.

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